Little needs to be said to convince anyone of the quality of a song when it involves both 6LACK and BANKS, but let’s attempt to wax poetic over In Between, anyway. It’s a bonus delicacy off of an anniversary re-release of the ATL artist’s debut album, Free 6LACK. In Between is one of three new track, and its combination of 6LACK’s R&B/hip hop with BANKS’ trademark smoky seductive vocals is nothing short of divine. In Betwee’s moody broiling R&B oozes dark brooding, lusty aching vibes. Snag the bonus track from iTunes, here.

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dingo_music 블락비 무슨 일이야??? 어디 가는 거야???
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dingo_music Block B, what’s happening??? Where are you going???
11/21 (Tues) at 8PM Please check the Facebook <Dingo Music> page! ⠀⠀
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anonymous asked:

have you watched the b@man musical????? its like the lego batman movie but with more swearing. i just watched it and !! its so good!!!

I have not??? I’ll have to check it out bc I loved the lego batman movie!

icedplumbs  asked:

Sugar cookie , Ash , Smoke , Lace for Riven :)

Sugar cookie - What reminds you of your childhood?

“R&B music. When i listen to it i always remember the times when my dad came back home from big tours and played his songs until i fell asleep or whenever i asked him. Or the times he took me to his concerts. My childhood was full of music and artistic vibes.”

Ash - Is there something or someone from your past that you miss?

“I miss my childhood friend Jonathan. We used to spend pretty much all day together back in Brazil. Unfortunately he moved away to another city when he was 12 and I’ve never heard from him again. He always said he wanted to be a successful doctor, so i hope he’s saving someone’s life somewhere.”

Smoke - Have you ever taken any drugs?

“No! I’ve never smoked either. I’m not a big fan of it. I always try to keep away from people who do it, honestly.”

Lace - What would you name your child if you were to have one?

“If it was a boy, i would name him after my grandfather, Francis. If it was a girl, it would be Alessandra.”

thank you so much for asking ♡ 


DaeJae Feels..😙
❣ In the early video.. He looks so HOTTIE & MANLY! when concentrating & being serious.😍 But, see how he turns into a “CUTIE” when giggling & laughing. OMG! He’s so soft. Especially when laughing together with YJae!😭❤
* There’s BTOB next to them & keep ‘teasing’ them. That’s WHY, he looks to the left side a few times & smiles.😄
B.A.P at MUSIC CORE “5 Minutes Delay” 2016.11.12
📷 Source© Nana Jung | Vimeo
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