i know team cap had the best of intentions but i cant stop equating them to cops who refuse to wear body cams bc they feel like theyre above the law

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This relates to a fandom discussion from way back... 5 movies/TV shows that were *terrible* but you watched anyway, because you loved an actor that was in it. (Example: Bed of Roses because I love Christian Slater!)

Okay, Jason Dohring is going to steal most of these slots, because he has crap taste in roles.  

  1. The Deep Below for Jason Dohring.  Nothing can possibly compare to the awfulness of this film.  Read the Wikipedia page for an explanation of why it was so utterly horrible.  JD’s acting was as good as ever, but without even the resemblance of a plot, what’s the point?
  2. The Messengers - Utter garbage.  JD’s casting was announced months early, so I sat through an entire season of bad, wooden, acting for  maybe five minutes total Dohring footage stretched over 3-4 episodes.  I actually get angry thinking about it.
  3. G.I. Joe for like five seconds of Joseph Gordon Levitt - went through a phase where I watched everything he made.  
  4. The Roommate - For Leighton Meester
  5. When in Rome - KBell

Thanks for the question!

psa that i don’t portray the pinky thing like he’s a brony (ugh) but that instead it’s another thing, like the giant MUM tattoo on his chest (duh), that’s got to do with some tragic childhood thing and issues letting go™


SCANDAL; TV Asahi’s DREAM FESTIVAL 2016・DAY1 - 2016.10.22 @ the Yoyogi National Gymnasium

With the heat left behind by T.M.R, the second to hit the stage were SCANDAL. As the Beastie Boys'「Ch-Check It Out」played at the SE, the girls rode on the rhythm to enter the stage in a poppy manner. But, once RINA (Dr/Vo)’s snare was hit and a ‘Ta-da!’ sound was made, in no time at all, there is no doubt that this is a rock band. They were equipped with strong persuasive and attraction abilities.

At the opening number,「Taiyou Scandalous」, after telling everyone to,「Let’s all sing together okay!」, the 3 of them, who are HARUNA (Vo/G), MAMI (G/Vo), and TOMOMI (B/Vo), livened it up with themselves at the vocals. The girls captivated the venue as a crisp and great ensemble. At a scene in between songs, at parts where some in the audience called out to the members, the girls answered happily,「Thank you so much for calling our names!」

The strength and attractiveness they displayed in their presence as a girls band shone, in the three’s harmoney during the mid-tempo tune,「Yoake no Ryuuseigun」, and in the up-tempo,「Shoujo S」, where the 3 in front were perfectly in sync with their cute (dance) steps. At the same time, while (the songs are) poppy, it’s also a little sad; But I think SCANDAL, who wants to bring energy to their listeners, has managed to do that properly in their songs. Fans within the venue also jumped and clapped alongside their songs, song after song, and it was all livened up.

Once again, HARUNA tells us the fact that this day = 22nd October, is the band’s 8th year anniversary since their major debut. Huge cheers erupted, and as it was,「A rare opportunity」, their debut song,「DOLL」was played. With its thick sound in contrast to their dainty vocals, it was clear that they’ve been equipped with something that is firm and 'SCANDAL-like’, from then till now.

The last number was,「Image」. Never once using the stages, that’s on the left and right of the center stage even once, it was a live that felt like we were at a live house from start to finish. We can see the pride and self-respect SCANDAL’s got as a rock band, through such a graceful stage that they had.

Original article by Spice / e-plus HERE, translation by fyscandalband.