Satanick’s Shame Box™ Translations

Satanick: *sigh* It couldn’t be that my magnificence is becoming dependent on roachykins, could it…? *

Satanick: Maybe I’ll confine him so no one aside from my brilliance can contact him? Yyyeah, okay, but like… Licorice would probably get in the way…
Satanick: Have I really gotten in this deep? No, this is already going terribly…
Satanick: Soon enough I’ll get soft and go down the “pure love” route…
Satanick: …….

Satanick: And I’ve been thinking about these things for about 10 hours now, of course, but…
Satanick: Well, I wasn’t expecting that this was possible, but…
Satanick: I’m convinced…
Satanick: I’ve realized…

The Persuader Becomes the Persuaded **

Satanick: Weeell…how…unexpected… for my greatness…ahaha…
Satanick: Ahaaa..
Satanick: …….
Satanick: To think that this pain, that I haven’t felt in so long, was caused by that roach…Ahaha…
Satanick: For my superiorness, this… This… I….


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because nothing screams “FASHION!” like rhinestones on your boots

Trying his best to remain as calm as he could, Johnny couldn’t help the warm feeling that was spreading over his body and making him a little weaker. Needy and unable to help where he was in that moment – outside, with randoms around – it was a bold move to head out of the house during his heat. But he was craving the box of Oreos he had in his hand, and all he needed to get home. But he could smell an Alpha and knew that they could smell his slick. “Fuck..” he whimpered.

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What is Frank's PSN account name ?


So, in order to like, stay functional with my mental health and shit, I’ve let some things get really bad. Like my room. And maybe a little my car, but mostly my room. I’m going to level up and take care of that tonight, finally. Afterwards, I’ll hang up my new clock, even though someone stole my hammer and all I can find are screwdrivers.

Carly Rae, give me strength.

#HIDEWEEK - Day 03 [ ♠ ] Autumn   



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Don’t worry about Johnson, Shitty is there for him. Shitty is there for you, too. Shitty is there for everyone. He’s There.

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I don’t have a choice. Look, Dean, you’re leaving – right? And I gotta stay here in this craphole of a world. Alone.  — Sam  |  3.09