i remember right before my neighbours moved in all these rumours were spreading about these so called criminals and tbh the only crime they’ve committed is playing the same 2000s r&b mix everyday for the past 10 years

shiitrashe-mushroom asked:

if you had wings they would b made of the mixed blue/pink chuck e cheese cotton candy but not covered with plastic bags. instead they would b covered in a film of transparent blockbuster vhs sleeves

im gonna answer this one seperately because i lov how specific it is.Like it is chuck e cheese cotton candy not some regular old carnival cotton candy its gotta be chuck e cheese

You can’t go anywhere right now without hearing Little Mix’s track called Black Magic so its quite refreshing to hear someone taking it into a new zone with Slybeats turning the track into an 90′s slow jam that I didn’t really think the original high energy pop track could become. Girl bands were a big thing back in the 90′s so it makes sense to see what the biggest girl band in the world right would sound like if they were from that era and its safe to say that they’d probably be doing just as well as they are now - Jakk