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a kylux pyromaniac boyfriends au playlist (based on this post) 

1. Acid Rain - Lorn 2. Run - AWOLNATION 3. One Way Or Another - Until the Ribbon Breaks 4. Travva (feat. Linda) - Jutro 5. Oxbow B - Lorn 6. As the Rush Comes (Gabriel & Dresden Chillout Mix) - Motorcycle 7. Life in the Vivid Dream - Grimes 8. Buzzcut Season - Lorde 9. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes - The Platters

listen [here]

What’s going on?

First Danielle posted a story on IG about jogging in England. Right after that we find out Louis is in Ibiza. So did he just dump her there before heading to Ibiza? Is Danielle with him? It doesn’t seem like it. But I can be wrong.

Then RBB re-appeared with green and blue stickers and Little Mix preformed “Secret Love Song” with blue and green lights on stage. I mean… COMMON!!! 

I mean, e v e r y b o d y in the industry, spescially Little Mix knows about green and blue, Harry and Louis. They ALL know people (read Larries) will tie those colors to Harry and Louis. Little Mix KNOWS that “Secret Love Song” is believed by the Larries to be about Larry. Are they messing with our minds using those colors? Using RBB? 

I’m so confused…I just want everything to be over with…