this is the first letter I am writing to you. we just started dating and you’re all I think about. it scares me but it feels so good to love again. i am scared you’ll get bored and leave or you’ll find someone better. I’m also scared that you won’t understand my random sadness and breakdowns. you say you’ll work on it but it’s hard. how could you possibly understand anyway? it’s impossible, it seems.

-b (im falling so fast for you)


It’s been three months. Three months of us liking each other and not doing anything about it. Three months of me trying to reach out to you and three months of you not putting in effort. I must ask you: why? I know you like me. And you know that. And you know I like you. Why won’t you just give me something to work with? Anything would do! It hurts that we’re not together and hurts that you’re not willing to close the gap between us. I feel stupid crying over you but I know I’m only crying because I care for once, about somebody. I care about you. I’ve finally let my heart lead me and in three months, my heart has let me get hurt by you. I need closure from you, B. I don’t want to regret loving you.

Yours for the past three month,