dear fwb,

you ask me for updates for the weekend while i’m out of town, 

you hold me close when you know i’ve had a bad day,

you don’t expect anything of me when i come over,

you cuddle and kiss me and just watch Netflix with me,

and you comment about how i look happy while you hold me in your arms,

i like what we have,

i want to keep it as it is,

no expectations, no titles, just you and me, cuddling and kissing,


your friend

Dear B,

When I first met you, I didn’t think much of you. You were a quiet, angry man who didn’t seem very happy. You were always fighting with her, and life just seemed to be getting you down. You’d go to work. You’d come home.

Then you lost your job. I’m friends with her, so I saw you more. It was her birthday, and you were teasing me nonchalantly. You smiled, it was a cute smile. My heart fluttered, but I’m with him, that’s not supposed to happen.

I don’t know what happened next. Over time my feelings changed. You were no longer that angry man who didn’t seem very happy. You were a sweet man, who cares for his kids, and is unhappy that your ex keeps them away most of the time. Your children make my weekends when they are with you. They are kind and happy and playful.

She went a way for a month, I didn’t see you. I thought this was great, my feelings began to disappear. She came home, I saw you again, they came back.

I want so badly to not feel this way. But I also want to be with you. That hour we were together, just you and me, just talking, I felt like I KNEW you, like really knew you. It made me want you more, and for goodness sake I hate this. I can’t be with you, I’ve only ever accidentally touched your hand.

I want him to leave, I want to make him want to leave, so I can be with you. But I can’t.


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