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Modern Elise

Scientist working on anti-venoms to help make the world a “better place.” Or well that’s what she tells you, honestly those that are close to Elise know that in the inside that’s not why she’s collecting Venomous animals.

Modern Elise is 5'11" roughly, but with the amount of coffee she drinks she doesn’t know if she’s shrunk.

Her last name is Rachné, a name absolutely given to herself.

She works from 7am to about 5 am, and then just drinks 20000000 cups of coffee. If she leaves the house it’s a miracle.

Her lab is situated in the basement of her home, and it is littered with flowers that she buys from the cute Red Head flower girl, that she hasn’t asked the name of yet BUT REALLY WANTS TO.

Goes to scientific conventions to meet up with Viktor and Jayce. Jayce @mercury-hammercannon and Elise have a wild weekend in which they have a drinking contest every time. Elise always wins. Jayce got close one time, before he passed out in hot wings. Elise absolutely holds it over his head.

She has a PhD, and goes by Dr. Rachné.

It’s rumored that she had mob connections @justicar–syndra , but these rumors are, ahem, unconfirmed.

She’s 35, but says she’s 29.