Recently, I’ve started working on this project called “On The Road”, which is basically a new series of digital illustrations inspired by two people I feel a deep connection with: Jack Kerouac and Tom Rosenthal.

The final prompt/boost came with the latest music videos made by Tom Rosenthal (especially “Watermelon” and “Run for those hills, babe”). What I’m trying to do is translate that kind of nature and genuine aesthetic into a series of simple illustrations, applicable on different design products like pillows, tote bags or phone cases.

The project consists in 9 different landscape illustrations and will be uploaded in 3 steps.

All that nice stuff (and more) is now available on my Society6 store!
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Ryo Takemasa 武政 諒 (Japanese, b. 1981, based Tokyo, Japan) - 1: Squet magazine cover, April 2015  2: Squet magazine cover , January 2016  3: Squet magazine cover, Feb. 2016  4-7: Cities In Seasons, 2015  8: Kenpo News magazine cover, April, 2014  9: Squet magazine cover, April 2014  10: NON magazine cover, December 2015  Digital Arts