But fratboy!michael would beg you to come to frat parties even though he absolutely despises them-just so he had an excuse for you to stay the night in his room and cuddle because you would be way too tired to walk back to your own dorm and you complained that your headaches were only curable with michael’s arms wrapped comfortingly around your waist, but what he didn’t know was that you only endured the annoyance of those damn parties just to be with michael and eventually you’d both catch on to each other’s motives and everytime there was a frat party you’d come over and spend the night in his room talking until 7 in the morning sharing a jack daniels between the two of you and stealing not-so-chaste kisses through the night bY e

embers of our fire
desire of life
the one who seems forgotten
stuck between a life of nothing

we were two beside none
one beside love
a dove and a crow
the words you thought nothing of

we were, but always
transcended beyond galaxies
he who thought
one who fought

we were insanity
a memory
the mistaken trouble
only but never
two men who couldn’t find ever

—  at any time
words by dominic riccitello

25672) Bella, there is hardly any high school left but I care about you and you deserve to be comfortable with yourself. You are beautiful and it pains me to see you going through this. I wouldn’t notice except for going through my own ednos hell. We have several classes together, and if you ever want to talk or just know that somebody notices and cares, please find me. If it’s too late find me on Facebook. -S. W.