i showed someone a picture of you and i today and couldn’t help but stare at your face just a little too long. you are so very beautiful but you were even more incredibly breathtaking when we were together. when they say love is blind, they’re fucking right. bc you saw so many evil and terrible things in yourself but when i looked at you i saw my first love and the person who taught me so so much. someone so strong and smart and good with ppl. our bodies meshed so well and your body truly was made to fit mine. there never will be a day that i don’t still think that. miss you.

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#12 "I think we need to talk" with Cal please?

“Y/N? Let me in. We need to talk, baby.” Calum’s light voice muffled through the door. 

“No, Calum. You can’t see me right now.” You managed to say without any hiccups or a burst of tears.

“Come on. I know you look beautiful. Let me see you.”

You sighed heavily, wading your way to open the door, cracking it open just enough so he could see your right eye and your veil thrown over your shoulder.

“I know what you’re gonna say. Shut up.” You sniffed, opening up the door all the way and letting him in.  

Calum stepped in, his eyes went straight for your dress, then your face and your hair. He almost starting crying with you but he then remembered why he came knocking on your dressing room in the first place.

He closed the door behind you two, “Talk to me.”

“I can’t…. do this Calum. I didn’t want a big wedding, I don’t want all of this.” You motioned to your almost blinding white wedding dress the women of your family convinced you to go with.

“I just wanted it to be us. Just us. And the baby.” You placed your hand on your lower stomach, your crying not growing any weaker.

“Hey look at me,” Calum smiled, placing his warm hand against your wet cheek and wiping your tears with his thumb as they fell through your eyes.

“Do you wanna ditch?” 

You looked at him wide eyed, turning your head slightly in confusion, “What? Calum no, we paid all this money and flew all these people out here for the wedding–”

He cut you off, “Do you wanna ditch and go to the ice cream parlor down the street?”

You looked at him dumbfounded, speechless that he’d even suggest that. Of course you wanted to ditch but you couldn’t. Both of you had been planning the wedding for months.

“Baby, Y/N. How about we get some air, go get some ice cream and we can come back and get fucking married.” Calum beamed, his smile shined brighter than the sun through the room. 

You nodded in agreement, finally feeling at ease all day and took his hand before slipping out of the back door of the church. 


BREAKFAST DATE   I    July 18, 2016

 Sunday night I dispatched a message to Bernard asking if we could have breakfast  Monday morning (July 18) at around 9:00 a.m, he agreed since days before he’s been sending me messages stating that he misses me so much. this was the first time we’ve had an actual contact to each other after our “breaky” thing. counting the days without him is hard. I get paranoid sometimes but still managed to stay sane and focused more on my own activities. I’ve accomplished a lot of things and thank God for giving me strength and capability to grasp easily on the environment without my number one support system. It’s hard really but I had to. we had our mini breakfast at the nearest Mcdo branch in my location and we talked about our relationship. he didn’t say a word upon seeing me, we just hugged and smile at each other. while pigging out on our breakfast he can’t help but hug me and give me pieces of sweet forehead and cheek kisses. I’m glad we’re both okay. 

To meet my love in Manila by Ryan G. Martinez - GoFundMe

My name is Ryan and it is my dream to go to the Philippines. Here’s why:

A few years ago I met a wonderful woman on Tumblr. We connected through my poetry and her art. And fast forward to now, we have been in a long distance relationship for almost 3 years. The crazy part is that we haven’t even met in person yet!

Now, the hard part is that I currently work two part time jobs in education that only pay me enough to cover bills and necessary living expenses. Those who know me know that I don’t like asking people for help or money, but I figured that this time it’s worth a shot. To finally meet the woman I’m in love with, I don’t mind asking for help, knowing I may not receive anything. But I have to try.

If you can donate to the cause of love, your generosity will not go unappreciated and I promise to pay it forward whenever I can.


Thank you for your time.