Brothers Conflict - Gestures of Affection

Masaomi – head ruffles and little gifts like bags of candy and little bouquets

Ukyo – quick little hand squeezes and nice dinners, subtle but romantic

Kaname – hand-written poetry in calligraphy and nicknames

Hikaru – hand holding on walks, just staying up late, talking into the night

Tsubaki – flashy dates and kisses to the back of the neck

Azusa – cuddling and quiet talks

Natsume – watching movies and a kiss to the forehead, long text conversations

Louis – playing with each other hair, surprise flowers and pieces of jewelry

Subaru – a surprise hug from behind, straightforward compliments

Iori – picnics on the roof under the stars, sitting together just reading

Yusuke – shoulders brushing as you run errands together, those comfortable silences where no one feels the need to talk

Fuuto – dedicated songs and expensive gifts

Wataru – big hugs that last forever and words of affection

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Azusa getting jealous that his brothers keep steal s/o away from him when he decides to introduce them to the family. Thanks !

Here you go! (:

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Azusa had a tight grip on your hand as the two of you were making your way to the living room where all of his brothers were waiting. “Are you sure you want to meet them, (Y/n)? They can be a bit… Much-”

“So, this is the cute girl you’ve been keeping all to yourself! I can’t believe you would do such a thing to your own twin. I’m Tsubaki by the way.” He slung an arm over your shoulder causing you and Azusa to stiffen. I sweat drop made an appearance on your forehead.

“It’s nice to finally meet you Asahina-san.” Tsubaki broke you away from Azusa and led you to everyone else. Who was just as eager to meet you. Azusa had to push the urge down not to just rip Tsubaki away from you, but he trusted you. He just didn’t trust Tsubaki with you… Or Kaname..

Speaking of, Kaname’s lips had already made contact with your hand. Azusa started to make his way over to rip Kaname away, but Wataru had already beat him to that. He had you bent to his height as he wrapped his little arms around your neck in an excited hug. Masaomi bent down to you and Wataru to help you stand back up while shaking your hand. Hikaru made his way over and embraced you a little too closely for Azusa’s liking, Ukyo put his hand on the small of your back to get you away from Hikaru, Louis started messing with you hair, and once Natsume started making his way to you, Azusa couldn’t take it anymore.

“Alright! That’s enough! (Y/n), come with me.” Azusa forcefully grabbed your hand and walked quickly up the stairs with you to take you to his room. Once the door shut behind you, Azusa wrapped a strong arm around your waist and buried his other hand in your hair pushing your face to his chest.

“Damn… They are so irritating.” His arms wrapped around you even tighter.

“Azusa… Are you okay?” You started to rub his back which got him to relax quite a bit. 

“The next time I see any of their hands on you, I don’t think I’ll be able to control myself.” You smiled lightly and kissed his chest which made him look at you.

“There is no need to get jealous. YOU are my boyfriend and YOU are the only person I ever want to be with.” And that was all he needed to hear.