• Asahi:Now that we're graduating I wanted to tell you how kind you are, Suga. You're thoughtful and you're always such a delight to have around. I'm gonna miss you.
  • Suga:Thanks, Asahi, that's nice.
  • Tsukishima:Goodbye, Sugawara. I have enjoyed parts of our time together.
  • Suga:[bursts into sobs hugs him] Oh God, Tsukishima!
  • Tsukishima:
  • Asahi:[tearful] That was really something.
Embers - Crollalanza - Haikyuu!! [Archive of Our Own]
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Title: Embers
Relationships: DaiSuga, AsaDaiSuga
Characters: Sugawara Koushi, Sawamura Daichi, Azumane Asahi.
Word Count: 6.8k
Rating and Warnings: Teen and up, kissing, tickling, sexual tension, thighs chilli sauce, Suga being a minx.
A/N: Here’s the OT3. I hope you enjoy!

Summary:  To Suga it was as if the air had thickened, a fug hanging between him and Daichi on one side and Asahi on the other. Not cold, or a wall of ice, but warm smoke that with luck or the right wind would wisp away. He reached across to squeeze Asahi’s hand, heartened when he squeezed back. “Have we put you off for life?”
“Want another kiss?” Suga murmured, and smiled.

“Whose idea was this?” Suga said, crossly slapping his hand on his arm to squash a midge.

Daichi, from his position on the ground, where he was currently sorting through the tent pegs, didn’t look up.

“Who is the stupid dumbass that thought a camping trip at this time of year would be a good thing?” Suga exclaimed.

“That would be you,” Daichi replied, trying to keep his voice even.


“’A camping trip’,” Daichi mimicked – grossly adding a higher pitched tone to his voice. “’It would be so cool, Daichi’  you said. ‘Just the three of us.’”

Picking up the pillow, he’d just fished out from the boot of the car, Suga threw it, scowling when Daichi ducked.

“That the best you can do!” Daichi taunted.

“Is that a challenge, Sawamura?” Suga seethed, his voice a low pitched rumble. “You really want to take me on?”

“Uh… guys, I found the cups. Shall I make us some coffee?”

Suga, still glaring at Daichi, blinked. Daichi blinked back, his lips twitching just a little. They both looked over to Asahi, holding a kettle in one hand and three mismatched mugs in the other.

“Coffee,” he repeated, and flicked his eyes towards Suga. “If we light the cooking stove, it will keep the bugs away.”

“That’s the best idea I’ve heard all afternoon,” Suga replied, giving him a smile.

“The best all day,” Daichi agreed.

“All week!” Suga countered.


“Guys!” Asahi raised his hands. “It’s just coffee.”

But suggested by you just as we’re getting frazzled.

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First installment of Chibistories… Haikyuu!! x Days Crossover: Shrimpy meets Shrimpy

Gosh… I spent my day drawing this little story I dreamed about… I got so excited when watching Seiseki in Days cause it reminded me so much of Karasuno in Haikyuu!! I just wanted to indulge in a world where these two teams meet, so they’re meeting up at an All Sports Meet cause I said so lol. But I just love these two smol shrimps… they would be buddies.

I apologize for the fuzzy look… I’ve tried to fix it but can’t figure it out… so please click on the image for the better resolution 人(_ _*)
Haikyuu!! Asylum Au (Part One)

First Wing / Seikuskama Asylum

Asylum Patients-

Hinata Shoyou _ At a young age he believed he could fly, making a habit of climbing onto any tall thing he could find and jumping off in an attempt to take flight. Besides this, he is very nice and enthusiastic, often making friends with other patients and staff.

Yamaguchi Tadashi _ Yamaguchi had always had low self esteem and confidence, growing to dislike himself. Although, it wasn’t until his bullies locked him in a closet for a large amount of time that he had realized he had developed a large amount of hate towards his appearance. Whenever he sees a reflection of himself he becomes destructive, doing anything in his power to have his reflection wiped from his reality, usually ending up hurting himself or others around him. Yamaguchi is usually silent, only talking when he has too.

Tanaka Ryuunosuke _ An overly aggressive and destructive person, Tanaka destroys anything in his sight that looks even remotely fragile. He has never tried to hurt people but will often lock onto anything breakable, such as their personal possessions. He is nice overall, but can get easily angered by small things.

Nishinoya Yuu _ Nishinoya is Schizophrenic, as he hears the voices and sees the people of his imagination or past that made large impacts on his life. He is known to lash out at these imaginary people, often hurting people and himself on accident. He can be easily agitated but is usually playful, making friends with Tanaka. The two are pranking buddies, often playing pranks on the Counselor.

 Oikawa Tooru _ Also Schizophrenic, but he has a slightly different case. He hears his own voice in his head, over and over. Often his voice is encouraging and narcissistic, but can be cruel to Oikawa. The voice is known to turn against Oikawa, trying to convince him of things such as telling him he isn’t good enough or insulting him. This causes Oikawa to emotionally breakdown, screaming and crying at nothing. When Oikawa is having a good day, he can be very social and nice.

Asylum Staff-


Sawamaura Daichi _ The Main Guard of Seikuskama Asylum, he is in charge of half the Staff of the place, as well as respected by barely all of the Staff and Patients. He is a nice yet strict man, but only when he has to be. He is hardly seen loosing his temper, preferring to do breathing exercises when agitated.

Iwaizumi Hajime _ Daichi’s second in command, he makes up for what the Main Guard doesn’t usually use. He isn’t forceful, but can be strict and rough with his words. He isn’t necessarily mean, just slightly short tempered. He is also quite popular among Staff and Patients. 

Tsukishima Kei _ A cell guard. He is usually quiet, not preferring to talk until he has to or wants to say a comment on something. He is the stoic smartass type, his comments usually rude or somewhat snarky, although he somehow manages to get along with half the Patients and Staff.

* Doctors and Nurses

Sugawara Koushi _ Sugawara his the Main Doctor at Seikuskama Asylum. He is a professional and even has an apprentice. Sugawara is a nice man and is never seen aggravated. Literally everyone likes him. He has many connections and is one of the reasons there is a second wing to the Asylum. Due to his Charming smile, fair attitude, and popularity, he has been offered a promotion many times; Although he always declines, the reason being is that he likes working at this Asylum and doesn’t want it to change.

Ennoshita Chikara _ The official Nurse, he works along side all of the staff of Seikuskama and the Second Wing Staff of Shirodani. He is fair tempered and nice. He has also been apprenticed by Daichi, but decided that he would make a better nurse. 

* Cooks

Kageyama Tobio _ Kageyama is both the Main Cook and a Doctor in training. His is Sugawara’s apprentice. He isn’t very popular for is attitude, as he is socially awkward and can be easily agitated. He is a wonderful Cook though, often known as King of the Kitchen.

Matsukawa Issei _ Matsukawa is Kageyama’s second in command. He isn’t necessarily popular but a lot of the Staff and Patients like him for the many jokes and cool attitude he possesses. He is also quite friendly with the Second Wing Shirodani’s Nurse..

* Counselors

Asahi Azumane _ He is often portrayed as nervous but is respectfully fair tempered, soft, nurturing, and encouraging. Many of the Staff and Patients enjoy his sessions, as he doesn’t push things and plays games with them. It is rumored that when he had first started working at Seikuskama, he had been lightly bullied by Daichi. He is also a frequent victim of Nishinoya and Tanaka’s pranks.

Yachi Hitoka _ She is yet another liked Staff member, her kind demeanor and gentle words are known to sooth the Patients when they are having breakdowns. Although, she is often being switched between Seikuskama and Shirodani, as she is popular with both Wings of the Asylum.

( Part one here )


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by sharkie_snark

Maybe it would’ve been better if Hinata Shouyou never got involved with sort-of delinquent Terushima Yuuji, but then again, maybe it wasn’t such a bad idea; especially if he’s the one that teaches Shouyou to live.


(inspired by teruhina headcanons on tumblr)

Words: 1705, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

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by Crollalanza

To Suga it was as if the air had thickened, a fug hanging between him and Daichi on one side and Asahi on the other. Not cold, or a wall of ice, but warm smoke that with luck or the right wind would wisp away. He reached across to squeeze Asahi’s hand, heartened when he squeezed back. “Have we put you off for life?”
“Want another kiss?” Suga murmured, and smiled.

Words: 6800, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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