The Azores Islands Are The Atlantic Ocean’s ‘Best-Kept Secrets’ For Excellent Reason

The only thing better than an unspoiled paradise is one that nobody you know has visited yet.

Some people can say they’re familiar with the Azores, a group of nine islands some 800 miles off the coast of Portugal. But by and large, these rugged, salt-sprayed islands are what USA Today calls “some of the best kept secrets in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.”


-“Açores insulae”, mapa desenhado em 1584 pelo cosmógrafo real Luís Teixeira e provavelmente o mais antigo mapa dos Açores. | “Insular Azores” - a map designed in 1584 by royal cosmographer Luís Teixeira and probably the oldest map of the Azores.

Fonte: Biblioteca Nacional

Nota: A legenda, em latim, pode ser interpretada como: “Estas ilhas foram percorridas com a maior diligência, e com todo o cuidado as descreveu o português Luís Teixeira, Cosmógrafo da Majestade Real. Ano do nascimento de Cristo de 1584.”

Note: The inscription, in Latin, could be interpreted as: “These islands were found with a greater diligence, and with everything carefully described the Portuguese Luís Teixeira, Cosmographer of the Royal Majesty. The year of birth of Christ de 1584.”

“never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.”’

back in my sweet portuguese lands + flying in 3 days to the azores islands for a month of wild camping + backpacking + blissing in the arms of pachamama & rainbow tribe.

remembering myself deeply that we are the creators of this dream we call human life. we can literally manifest anything we wish. we create the dreams we envision. work towards your vision + all will come to be. trust. surrender to the flow of life. accept what comes. be patient with your self and your journey. this life is a magical dream. what you believe, you create. just go for it… x x x x 

🌎📍 :: next stop ~ Azores Islands. 🐬💧🌿🌸🐋🌴 flying tomorrow to a lil magical island in the midst of the atlantic ocean for a month of wild camping & backpacking & rainbow gathering magic & melting in crystal blue waterfalls & swimming in the ocean healing waters (the womb) & sleeping under the star beams & eating from the earth & learning & singing around the fire & praying & trusting. accepting. blissing!!! returning to simplicity + detachment of (most) material belongings hehehe. step by step. this year has been such a journey already… ✨✨✨ giving thanks… infinite gratitude pouring from my heart + into the earth. ✨✨✨ here we go(((OM))) ~*~*~