Thorin Oakenshield slowly wakes to the sounds of Bilbo and his nephews softly talking, colder and heavier than he has ever been in his life, but before he can get a word out Bilbo is punching him square on the nose. Quite rightly, as it turns out, because he’s been dead for a week and has just sat up in his tomb with no warning whatsoever.

Following the aftermath of the Battle of the Five Armies where Thorin must fight with his own guilt and mind over his choices and what they mean and meant, where he must decide whether or not to rule, and how to live with himself after dying. Focusing on many different characters and relationships, as well as building on the lore of Erebor and Middle Earth. A story about coming home.

Bagginshield | Kíli/Tauriel | Gimli/Legolas | Thranduil/Elrond | Thranduil/Bard | And many more probably | Everyone lives au | Fix-It | Fake Marriage |Thorin in the Shire | Mental health |Angst |Pining |Fluff |Smut | And many many more tags to come as they happen most probably | Slow Build | Slow Burn | Happy ending | Diverse genders / sexualities / neurotypes | Lots of Angst | Loads of pining

Chapter 1: Awakening
Chapter 2: Beginning
Chapter 3: Ahfât
Chapter 4: Akabâl
Chapter 5: Khûr