Really quick picture of Ayesha, it still needs a lot of work but I really don’t have time for that. I am such a slow worker. It takes me hours to make anything nice.

I wish I had more time to practice my artwork but my university is like life eating cancer. I am seriously considering dropping out and rolling into English course.  It would be so much easier. ;_;

(also, thx tumblr for such quality in the display, wow so nice, it’s not like a work o 3000+ pixels and 300 dpi. For nicer version, please click on the picture.)


Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. II - Ayesha of the Sovereign 

With the smash success that was Guardians of the Galaxy, a sequel was inevitable. Following the titular heroes, GotG2 plunges them into a plot surrounding Peter Quill’s father, Ego, and his mysterious past and planet he presides on. Early in the film, the Guardians double-cross a planet of gold beings known as the Sovereign, led by their High Priestess Ayesha (portrayed by  Elizabeth Debicki). Throughout the film, Ayesha makes numerous attempts to bring the Guardians to justice, but is continuously thwarted. In one of the film’s mid-credit scene, Ayesha is exhausted from the ordeal and plans to create a new member of the Sovereign race to get revenge on the Guardians on her behalf. She names this creation Adam.

When creating Ayesha, concept artists aimed for a blend of Elizabethan period dress, metallic, and Amazonian inspirations, in aw way that they could portray as very operatic and very theatrical.