Hetalia is becoming a musical

Today it was announced that Hetalia will become a musical. They will perform from December 24th to December 29th. A perfect Christmas gift, right?

The musical’s official page is here:

And the musical’s Twitter page is here:

PLS STOP SCROLLING to appreciate APH Romano talking in european Spanish dub (not official)
LOOK AT THE AMOUNT OF “JODER”s (in english: Fuck… well, and many other things) YOU CAN HEAR 
And the way he talks- so adorable 

They are dubbing Hetalia episodes little by little, and in my opinion they are doing it very well!

PS: Mister potato.

I subbed it for those who wanted to know what they are saying! ^^

  • <p><b><p></b> <b>Hetalia fandom:</b> DONT FORGET CANADA uwu1!!1 He's always forgotten poor bby uwuwuwuwu<p/><b>Hetalia fandom:</b> Completely forgets most of the African and Asian countries, leaves China out of Allies art but puts Canada in, leaves Romano out of axis art and puts Prussia in, forgets Iceland, and forgets that the female characters besides Hungary exist, completely IGNORES Cuba, forgets New Zealand, practically denies the fact that micronations besides Sealand, Wy, and Seborga exist, and doesn't even care that the only middle eastern characters are Turkey, TRNC, and Cyprus<p/><b>Hetalia fandom:</b> Poor Canada!!1!1!<p/></p><p/></p>