I’m seeing a sudden slew of people bashing Hetalia for various reasons…and I’m awfully confused by their intentions.

It would appear that people are all riled up for different reasons but the main one’s I’ve seen are dealing with Germany [specifically Nazism (specifically the line about Jews present in the English dub)] and then that the characters are ‘cutsey representations of countries’ and that their history is played off as little fights between characters, which disrespects the people who lived through or died in tragic events.

Starting off with the hate against Germany (where I saw one post say that he was portrayed as cute and innocent, which is showing ‘favoritism’ towards him when apparently the ‘correct’ depiction of him and all Germans should only be portrayed as evil Nazis)(FOR THE REST OF FOREVER). It seems a bit unfair to judge him, for what was said in the English dubbing of Hetalia. The statement in question was not present in the original Japanese and when I watched it for the first time in English I actually cringed. That joke isn’t funny. It is inappropriate, it’s hurtful and disrespectful and wrong. It’s making a stupid Nazi joke about something serious and painful. But it doesn’t seem right to hold Himaruya and all Hetalia fans responsible for this [Many of whom don’t even like the English version of Hetalia, since it is very far from the source material at times and much of the script was improvised by English voice actors.] And furthermore, that line was promptly censored when aired on FUNamation’s channel and further television brodcasts

Another concern is placed in regard to Germany’s military uniform and the presence of the 1938-1945 Reichskriegsflagge, which looks like this:

on a character reference sheet of Germany. Obviously this is no longer the German flag but was a flag used in wartime during the time period in which Germany was depicted on the sheet. Other characters also had flags that were reflective of the time that was referenced but are different from their flags today. Using this flag does not condone Nazism or Nazi ideals.This isn’t in support of Nazism, but rather a historical depiction, which would have be inaccurate to leave out. [Other examples - Russia’s Soviet Flag and China’s Kuomintang (Guomindang) Flag] These Flags were not pictured in the official publications of the strips or any merchandise, and were replaced by each county’s current flag, respectively.

One of the elements present on Germany’s military outfit is the Eisernes Kreuz. Many people claim this is Nazi paraphernalia and nothing else. But it is a very old symbol with a lot of history, dating back to the 1200′s when the Kingdom of Jerusalem allowed the Teutonic Order to combine the Teutonic Black Cross with the silver cross of Jerusalem. [Source:  Jean-Denis Lepage. Medieval armies and weapons in western Europe: an illustrated history. McFarland & Company, Inc., 2005. Pp. 193.] The cross is still used as the symbol for the German Armed Forces [Bundeswehr]

Additionally, under the Strafgesetzbuch section 86a the “use of symbols of unconstitutional organisations” is outlawed, which is known to cover Nazi symbolism and greetings. Nazism is considered unconstitutional, therefore not protected by law and instead punishable by law. Germany as a character does not represent Nazism. He represents the nation of Germany, so unless you view Germany as a country of nothing but hate-filled Nazis, then using him to represent Nazism is inaccurate and highly disrespectful to all Germans.

Secondly, I don’t understand what people are expecting from Hetalia in regards to the discussion of wars in cannon. Do you want a bloodbath? Do you want horrifying imagery and cruelty? If that is what your after there are thousands of documentaries in the world to suit your needs. Or just pay attention in class. Do you really need Hetalia (originally a Japanese children’s show) to go into depth about the Holocaust (which was likely left out because it was awful, uncomfortable and doesn’t fit with the tone of the show)? Do you really think the only way to present history is by focusing on negativity and violence? The original intention of Himaruya wasn’t to tear down these countries, but to present history as his interpretation of their personalities. Their interactions are sometimes cute, yes but that doesn’t mean that people who died are being disrespected. They don’t show people dying or being slaughtered in war or suffering and then saying ‘it doesn’t matter”. It is an objective outsider view of wars, in which the characters’ feelings and struggles are shown from the perspective of an entire nation.

Not once has Hetalia ever tried to imply that war is good or cute. It simply doesn’t cross lines and make countries look bad. Himaruya refrains from mentioning many awful events in history besides the Holocaust, such as, but not limited to; the specific activities of the Spanish Inquisition, the Civil Rights Movement in America [events such as the Birmingham Campaign/Selma, AZ] , Pearl Harbor , the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki,  9/11 or any modern day terrorism, Fascism in Italy, the Korean Conflict, the Vietnam Wars, or the Tiananmen Square Massacre. Is that what you want? He doesn’t bash countries like that. He doesn’t dig around in controversy to hurt anyone or make the countries look bad. That doesn’t mean that anyone is justifying these things or pretending they don’t exist. It’s purpose is to let people know fun little things about history and about life in different countries. Hetalia just isn’t about hurting people!

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HetaOni Lost Chapters DEMO Release Date!

Hey everyone!
I’ve been working really hard on the game of late, and even tho chapter 3 isn’t quite ready for beta (VERY close though) I thought I’d hand out a lil treat and release a demo of chapters 1 through 2!!!

It will be released in the next few days, I will update this journal with links to the download! (which will most likely just be posted on this site here!)

Hope you all like it when it comes out! For anyone who has played the older versions, a LOT has been changed, so it is very different now.

The release day will be March 31rst! I do work and have a dentist appointment so it will either be released very early in the day, or very late at night.

Check out my deviantart page for more info/updates:


Have a good day all! uwu

In response to all of the claims of hetalia being “Nazi apologetic” let me just say that one of the posts was using this picture as “evidence” 

This is Germany’s character card from the first manga, which is obviously centered around World War II, if you read the title of “Axis Powers”. Himaruya tries to be as accurate as he can, and shows what the German flag actually looked like during that time, which was this

Look at that! It’s the same flag, because guess what! Germany used to be a Nazi controlled country, which is something we’re never supposed to forget, lest the Holocaust happen again, god forbid. 

If Himaruya had completely ignored the fact that Germany used to be a Nazi controlled country during the time period that the first manga takes place that would have been incredibly horrible of him to do, as it’s illegal to deny the Holocaust in Germany today.

As for his uniform, instead of being based off of the Nazi uniform which looked like this

it looks more like this

Look at the dates on the picture! 1956, 11 years after the end of the Second World War. Nazism had left the official government and Germany was moving on. Hetalia doesn’t even mention the Holocaust anywhere, as Hima knows here’s no way to make light of the situation without making fun of it

Now as for the jokes about gassing Jews and other horrible things, those did actually happen, but only in the Funimation Dub. Nowhere in the translated and untranslated manga, or anime do they make jokes about such insensitive topics as this, except in the official Dub. Funimation had a lot of fun dubbing this show; too much fun in fact. There are a lot of bad jokes and offensive humour throughout that weren’t there before, and they are mostly the product of improv and changes to the script that obviously weren’t thought through very well.

Most of us don’t like the dub for this very reason! We know that they say some awful stuff in it, and so we don’t like to condone their actions. Any other problems that you have with our fandom can be brought up like adults, and not like spamming little kids who don’t know how to handle and actual argument.