Axe Sheath


So here’s that hawk mask that I recently finished off , its a basic friction fit sheath .

Made from 4.5 mm wet formed veg tan leather which was then distressed on the workshop floor .

 Old copper was then shaped and hammered into place , then drilled and  riveted with copper saddlery rivets before being aged with brass black .

 The leather was then double dyed dark brown and then light for an aged effect before being rubbed back with wire wool for a scuffed effect.

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So to finish off the Plumb Jersey project I put together a real quick mask for it. Larger patterns like Jerseys and Connecticuts don’t fit in my other one size fits all mask, so I needed a big version of it. I have already altered the lace setup but the idea was that I could use the same mask on multiple axes and it needed to be adjustable. I am always looking for the simplest approach and the slip knot works pretty well. The mask is snug anyway, and the slip knot is actually very secure. I’m not going to attach the mask to a pack and expect the axe to stay in place, but I would only trust the absolute most well built sheath for that task anyway. A mask like this is moderately attractive, you could do a nicer job and dress it up, but more importantly, it can be assembled in minutes. Welting is not necessary when using “rapid rivets” like these. Relatively thick, hard leather like this will be so tight around the heads of the rivets when they are properly set that there is no chance of the axe’s edge hitting them. I also glued the edges in slightly past the rivets, just to keep the seam shut and further protect the edge, but even that can be skipped. Rapid rivets are very strong and very simple to set, and inexpensive. Makes for a quick and functional axe mask.


Survival Hatchet.

 Whilst I had the Technora 950 out to wrap up my AK knife I thought it may be cool to wrap up the haft of my Gransfors Bruks belt hatchet too .

The small axe lives in my Kifaru E&E pack and just wanted to see what add-ons I could add to the existing set up to make it better .

I wrapped the haft in over 200 inchs of the technora 950 cord from (many thanks Sync_below) giving a great grip but also a load of 950 lb breaking strain cord .

To the existing kydex mask I added a fire- steel toogle to the shock cord retention system , a Photon freedom Micro with 360 degree rotation and one of my Mini MK3 double sided Glint &Glow markers in 3M orange reflective and cyflect reverse .

 To the technora lanyard I added a mini Go-tube from snakeDr/ oscar delta which is perfect for stashing small SERE / E&E kit in this case a micro fire-steel/ needle  wrapped in several feet of micro cord ,  x2 swan Norton scalpels blades wrapped in waxed brown tinder paper , x2 Hammero tinder card circles, a baddest bee fire fuze sealed in heat shrink and a 10 hour red mini chem light .

 Apart from the obvious benefits of the axe with increased range, cutting/ chopping  power, use as a hammer  etc , there’s the added benefit of using the technora as a friction saw that will cut through wood , there are now also 2 ways to make fire , x5 forms of tinder and x5 lighting / signaling options .

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The forged file knife originally from Bones and its new sheath seems to me to fit very well together with the forged Hawk also from Bones , 

Available now via email only please, either as a set or individually .

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Bones Hawk revisited .

Well I finally got around to doing a bit more work to that great Hawk that I picked up from Bones

here’s the original post  just in case any one wants a look  a .

 Since I last had time to play with it Ive added another section of the natural 3 strand braided sinew  just under the head .

I also thought it might be fun to try and copper'ize the head a bit so have re etched the head in a high copper ferric chloride solution.

 You can still see the dark temper lines but I’m quite liking the over all look of the hawk at the minute .

 the last picture also shows the mask Ive made for it more to follow on that soon .

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This was a commission from my good Friend Andrew over at valleydeepmountainhigh for his Gransfors Bruks belt hatchet .

Coyote brown kydex axe mask , with a secondary safety lock feature using Mil-spec shock cord and a ITW Nexus toaster cord lock  to cinch down the cord behind the axe poll . 

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Custom Axe mask .

So here’s that carbon fiber pattern Holstex a thermoplastic similar to kydex axe mask that I recently made for a customer .

 There are 3 levels to the sheaths retention, first the close molding of the Holstex , second is the Mil-spec shock cord and cord-lock and 3rd a simple kydex hardware screw & post which allows the user to set the amount of retention / ease of draw .

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