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okie, so, it's way after 15 minutes, but maybe one day you will consider that prompt: "I tried to say fuck off and fight me at the same time and I said fuck me" This is such a Tony thing to do :D

This is a million years old but oh man, this prompt really made me laugh a lot - that is absolutely something that Tony would do!

“We can’t go barreling in half-cocked, Tony. We need a plan, and no, making it up as you go along doesn’t count.” Steve gave Tony his best Serious Look over the top of the S.H.I.E.L.D. file which documented the latest threat to world peace in the form of AI-equipped robotic spiders which had been spotted scurrying through corn fields in Kansas.

“Sure, great, let’s make sure that everything we do gets okayed by you first. I just love having to get your permission before scratching my ass.” Tony glared daggers, his shoulders hunched as he radiated displeasure in a manner somewhat comparable to an angry cat in a bathtub.

“I know you can handle yourself in a fight, but for the sake of everyone, we need to know each other’s tactics and movements. It’s safer that way.” Steve tried to lay a conciliatory hand on Tony’s shoulder, but Tony batted his arm away and leaned forward onto the balls of his feet in an attempt to make up the height difference between them.

“Oh, it’s for the good of the team, is it? Not because you love being bossy, huh, Captain?” Tony spat, his eyes narrowed as he got up in Steve’s face.

Steve took a deep breath, grit his teeth, and willed himself to stay still and stay calm. “I’m not being bossy, Stark. But we need to find a way to work as a team,” Steve’s chin jutted up as he spoke, because god damn it, this was his job and it wasn’t his fault that Tony couldn’t see that. “And in case you didn’t notice yet, I’m actually the one in charge here.”

“Oh, FUCK ME, ROGERS!” Tony yelled.

Steve gawped for a second, open-mouthed.

“God damn it. I meant fuck YOU, Rogers. Or fight me. Or both, I don’t know, don’t give me that look.” Tony’s attempt at casually dismissive was rather undermined by the furious blush which was spreading across his face.

It was probably for the best that Tony had very little in the way of visible shame, because he really was one ugly blusher. Red blotches broke out across his cheeks, and the tips of his ears turned an unhealthy shade of puce. If he was being totally honest with himself, Steve found it rather endearing.

Tony’s scowl deepened as he caught sight of the amused twinkle in Steve’s eye. “It’s not what you think! I know you think my mind is always in the gutter but… it’s just… You’re distracting, okay?! The way you’re always ordering me around and giving me grief and the way you stand there with your stupid perfect hair and your stupid sculpted abs and that stupid charming smile.” Tony reached out to poke Steve in the chest for emphasis, realized what he was doing, blushed some more, and awkwardly shoved his hands into his pockets.

A switch flicked as Steve frantically reviewed his interactions with Tony and conceded, just a little bit late, that their arguments did seem to involve rather more touching each other and pushing each other into walls and staring at each other’s lips than was typical. Ahh. Well, that explained it then.

“Fuck you, huh?” Steve said with a mischievous grin, leaning forward until his hot breath brushed past Tony’s ear, “If that’s what you wanted, Tony, all you had to do was ask.”

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Your sketches are so clean?? Like I do love your digital art too, they're beautiful. But God, those sketches, and the eremika ones!take my breath away, honestly

That is bc I draw very lightly on paper and only press my pencil harder when I’m kinda sure about what I’m doing, then the lighter lines fade with the friction of my hand~ which means: never using eraser aww yeahh 
Thank you very much!!! :D

large collection of Floyd Rambles™
  • HAHAHA i’m listening to Dogs and i was just about to skip forward a song, thinking that I was listening to Pigs or Sheep for some reason (brain fart) and then i was like HOLY SHIT LMAO IT’S STILL THIS SONG it’s the same damn long song of course, it’s 17 minutes or something
  • the first time i listened to pink floyd it was Dark Side while i was very, very not sober, and it was incredible and i decided i wanted to know more about them
  • i remember not being able to tell david and roger’s voices apart at first and now i can (:  
  • i also remember looking at google play’s image of them and thinking none of them were attractive except maybe that extremely dramatic-looking guy – who turned out to be syd, of course
  • but uh
  • some time passed and now i’m definitely like AWW YEAHH ROGERRR and look i don’t normally go for people who are *that* unconventional-looking, according to my history of crushes, but dayumn
  • oh my god Dogs is still going on, i am finding this hilarious for some reason
  • roger’s lyrics are so good
  • “and it’s too late to lose the weight you used to need to throw around”
  • also, look, i have no idea if this was meant to be arousing or not, i suspect it wasn’t, but holy shit everything about roger’s vocals in Pigs!!!!!!!!! ahhh!!!!, and that fucking drum beat ugh fuck
  • also his mad scream and mad laugh in Sheep it’s so very uh attractive

‘Ruby has always been an open book, blacked out with flaws, and Sapphire a closed diary, laced with lies. Somewhere between the composure of their façades, thanks to a single night of seclusion, their potential together was highlighted. But the promise of their coupling came with a price tag. Long before they trained to rescue others, they learned to rescue themselves. Long before the safety of their desideratum, there was this. ‘

-Rapacity by @rhinocio  

(Adding to my collection of covers I’ve done for Rhin lol)

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You know I had to do it to em... all questions w Danny!! ~ everyones-girlfriend

aww yeahh!

1 💑 - Same bed or separate bed? (No shame in needing space or different mattress types!) If shared, what size?

Same bed, after getting comfortable! And it was king-sized
……I usually end up sleeping on the couch tho, unless Eridan picks me up and brings me back to bed,,

2 🛏 - Who likes firm mattresses, who likes soft?

We both like soft! It’s more comfortable sleeping with a soft mattress tbh,,

3 🌡 ❄️ - Who likes thirty blankets and who likes a single sheet?

- We both like using two blankets,,
One thicker one and a slightly thinner regular one

4 🛌 - Favourite sleeping position?

Spooning! And me sleeping on his chest,,

5 🌞 🌛 - Are you early risers or do you sleep in?

It kinda depends whether I feel like it or not to sleep in, but I’m a early riser
Eridan usually sleeps in, but then I wake him up with kisses

6 📓 - Is the bed only for sleeping, or do you do other (non sexual things) on it too? Like reading, watching movies, etc.

Usually reading and just cuddling,,
And if I ask him, he’ll read one of his books to me!

7 ☁️ - How many pillows do you both need?


8 💦 - Who drools a little in their sleep?

I do, if i’m sleeping hard enough, but it’s rare

9 😴 - Do either of you have nightmares? What do you do for each other if you do?

it’s been a long while since i had a nightmare, but he sure gets quite a bit! Sometimes it leads to him shaking,,

I hold him close and give him lotsa small kisses while softly reassuring him~

10 🐻 - Any plushies on the bed with you?

Yupp! Alot, actually, and 98% of them are all mine :))
I have to put them all in a bin tho…

11 📝 - Do you have a bedtime routine? Like kissing each other before turning off the light etc?

Just simply lightly kissing each other and saying “good night, i love you~”

Exo Reaction to proposing to you and you say yes

Awww! How cute! Thanks for the request :)

Xiumin: "I can’t believe it, she said yes!“

Luhan: "Me? Me? You said yes to me?! YES!”

Kris: *happy benben*

Suho: *cries cause too much feels to handle*

Lay: "Come here babeh" *kisses you all over* so cheesy! 

Baekhyun: *gives dramatic proposal*

Chen: "Come here! Lets make babies now!“ calm down chenchen 

Chanyeol: "Aww yeahh! I knew it, its meant to be!" 

Kyungsoo: *lost in his own world*

Tao: "OMG! I have to go tell everybody!!”

Kai: *dance to serenade you"

Sehun: "No Sehun, show her your cool side. Don’t get too excited"