Made a video for you guys. My blog, in a nutshell.

The next Sonic game revealed! Exclusively for the Gamecube!

Save the world as Awkward Sonic Photos, Awkward Tails Photos, and Awkward Knuckles Photos. Conquer the World as Awkward Shadow Photos, Awkward Eggman Photos, and Awkward Rogue Photos. Or you could spend your time raising Awkward Chao at the Chao Garden. Play with 3 different gameplay styles, Action, Mech Shooting, and Treasure Hunting stages. In the end, they must all team up to stop Awkward Metal Photos from crashing the Ark into the earth.

I played the beta and I gotta say it is amazing, the awkwardness is just so overwhelming. Gotta give it a 9.99 outta ten. Play it on February 11, 2021.