Think back to what it was like before he kissed you, or the first time he touched you. Before you knew anything about him, you had memorized his smile, the color of his eyes, how he always smelled. And when he finally looked at you, you could live off that smile for a week. But nothing could compare to the first time he touched you. It was like you were the only two people on earth, and you coulnd’t stand the thought of ever being away from him again.
—  Colling Jennings - Awkward, Season 3, Episode 9
‘Thank you for falling in love with me.’
I was convinced I didn’t know who I wanted to be.
But then I realized the answer was all around me.
I wanna be someone who is willing to forgive. I wanna be someone that cares more about others than themselves. I wanna be someone who can tell it like it is. I wanna be someone who would give up everything for the right reason. I wanna be someone who sees the best in everyone. I wanna be someone who is a true friend. I wanna be someone who always tries to be a better person.
And someone who learns from their mistakes.
I guess I just wanna be someone who encompasses all those things so I can finally be that girl who doesn’t need a boy to be happy.
Because I’ll know how to dance all on my own.
—  Awkward, Jenna Hamilton