• Kelley O'Hara:[is in a crowd and can't find Tobin] 'This calls for drastic measures'
  • Kelley O'Hara:[uses hands for microphone] "OMG HEYYYY ALEX, HOW HAVE YOU BEEN!?"
  • Tobin Heath:[from across the room] "ALEX IS HERE!? WHAT, WHERE IS SHE KELLEY!?"
  • Kelley O'Hara:"There she is"


Dean tried to control his heart beat as you fell asleep with your head on his shoulder. You had said you were tired when you came to sit next to him while he was watching TV, but he didn’t expect this. 

Looking down at you, he took this time to study your face. ‘God, she’s beautiful’ he thought, his eyes lighting up as you parted your lips, a little mumble coming through, ‘And adorable’.

Dean hadn’t told you about his feelings for you, he didn’t want to ruin the relationship him and Sammy have with you, and he definitely couldn’t deal with your rejection. 

Slowly, he brought his arm up, your head falling onto his chest, and wrapped his arm around your shoulders. He froze when you mumbled again, but relaxed as you nuzzled into his t-shirt, reminding him of a cat. Dean splayed his hand on your hip, finding this position insanely comfortable, and apparently you did to, if the content sigh was anything to go by. 

Just as he started to close his eyes, they flew open when he felt you squeeze his body. Looking down, he saw your arms wrapped around him, and then you mumbled, “Dean”

Dean smiled and settled back into the couch, his thumb brushing against you skin where your shirt had ridden up before reaching up and lightly running his fingers through your hair, something he’s wanted to do for a long time. You squeezed him tighter and sighed sleepily, smacking your lips together, and mumbling, “My Dean”  

 “Yours” he whispered, his eyes already falling shut. 


You woke up the next morning feeling extremely comfortable, and nuzzled into the warm underneath you. Feeling the warmth move, you cracked open your eyes to see that you were still on the couch, and then slowly looked up to see Dean’s eyes closed, his head falling to the side while he snored lightly. 

Feeling yourself blush, you tried to move a little, but felt the hand in your hair tighten just slightly, and Dean’s low rumble of, “No…Mine”

You smiled and rested back against him, the two of you sighing comfortably, “Yours” you whispered, and fell back to sleep, surrounding yourself in the comfort of Dean.

The two of you not knowing that you already belonged to one another. 

QB Pt. 2- Luke Hemmings

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