When I left magic, it was because the metagame was awful but the people who played it were way worse than now (not that it’s great now). But I will say it’s refreshing that I’ve gotten to witness the shifting norms to the point where today I got to wake up to an image in the game I love of a pair of gay men showing affection to one another. I quit magic when I was 13 after being called “faggot” repeatedly at an LGS, and now I get to see people like me in official art. 

I’m not crying, you’re crying.

Ok, honest hour here.


I say this as an artist myself, its ok to not enjoy someone’s art, its ok to not agree with what they follow, its ok to not like their art style, or what they draw about.

It’s true that artist in general needs more recognition but this doesn’t mean we have to make them some sort of deities with no flaws that we all should adore and glorify. 

I think theres this Black-White rule that I really dislike when you are a fan or a hater and nothing in the middle or near to it, I think this whole thing for “you can mess with this artist after all their art its great!!!” or “you must like it, its an artist!” or “I defend them because their art style is amazing!” thing needs to stop.

Artists can be jerks, artists can be rude, artists can be awful people, and artists are PEOPLE after all, they make mistakes, they mess up, WE mess up, some of us recognize this and try to change, some others don’t, others just never notice, there are good artists and bad artist and not because of the art itself but the person behind it.

Don’t shame someone just because they don’t like an artist, or someone’s art style. 

And also, DON’T HARASS PEOPLE, EVER, please and thanks, be nice. 

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Climb, in the YOU MAP you collaborated with another animator, I know this and so do others, but some peeps are accusing them of stealing your style. please can you explain to them that they aren't stealing.

i have!! on our you video it links to the other artists we collaborated with, and aschefall themselves posted on their video that we were working together. i literally just answered an ask about this today : /

I realize i’m kin with Brionne.

I put on a smile for everybody. I’m the Pop Star pokemon, I like to perform and make people happy. It’s what I do best.

But deep down, I feel awful. People always say, “How could anyone dislike you?” but there are so many people who dislike me for so many reasons.

and I can’t share my feelings. I just… gotta be happy. for my friends sake.

aww i see someone got offended by my trigger warning post :C

anyway @staff it’s fucking awful that you require people to put in an email when they’re submitting while logged out, but don’t do the basic step of requiring people to confirm their email address when they submit a post. this schmuck is using a suicide hotline’s email as their cover to send me bullshit messages

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did you see that simon said that matt beats amber? thats such a serious thing to say and god forbid if its true the potential danger he has put her in. Im not impressed with any of the TM OG cast atm but Simon is actually the worst of all of them.

I agree. Simon and Farrah are both awful people. They really suit each other.

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Hi! Elizabeth I knew her ways around fashion, knew how to work with it and use it. Do you think she got it from her father or her mother or both? Anne Boleyn was fashionista too.

I’d like to say both! Henry and Anne were both power dressers. We hear a lot about it from Anne because, as one of my favorite historians put it, Anne was glamorous – that doesn’t mean the other wives didn’t dress well, but glamour is innate, it’s not something everyone possesses. (She also had buckets of charisma, which a lot of “historians” like Weir dismiss and think she was just flat out unlikable.)

I think Elizabeth learned how to use her image to awe and intimidate people largely from observation of her father. Holbein Henry was masterful propaganda, much like how Elizabeth would keep a iron fist on images that circulated of her so that in later depictions we notice she still looks youthful in spite of having in actuality aged just like everyone else. This was to keep the common person who didn’t see the reality believing she still embodied The Virgin, the Warrior Queen, etc. Elizabeth knew propaganda, and she studied it from daddy dearest first. The Holbein image of Henry literally overwhelmed people who were witnesses to it; they would squirm when confronting it. Hence why Elizabeth would sit in front of said portraiture – if anyone secretly questioned her right to rule, they certainly weren’t about to forget she was the cub of a lion!

I think Elizabeth had to know her mother was a fashionista. Ives discusses how Anne made certain little Elizabeth dressed the part of a princess and the heir presumptive, and Elizabeth would have been told stories by those who knew Anne. For her sense of fashion, Anne was called the “rose of state” by her bitterest of enemies.

During the twilight of her life, when she had to meet envoys, Elizabeth dressed incredibly ostentatiously and tacky to overawe people. Dripping with jewels, wearing dresses cut much too low, because she had lost her youth and her looks therefore she tried to distract from the wrinkles and her fragility by just providing so much to take in at once. You know when you step into a room and it has so much going on it’s jarring, too busy to focus on just one thing? That’s what Elizabeth was aiming for.

So yeah, I think it was a combination of emulating her father and a natural interest in fashion inherited from her glam and fab parents.

Fun, geeky fact (aka the best kind): S.B. Chrimes refutes the long-touted fact that H8 inherited a vast treasury of money from his father of two million pounds; according to him, most of what remained in the treasury was “precious items and jewels”. Probably H7′s pimp jewels!

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Thank you! I’ve been wanting that Fire Hair in Simgaroop textures. :)

That’s a lovely hair, indeed, you’re welcome :)

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Haha, no, I’m mostly making reports and stuff (I would’ve been awful in convincing people XD)

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Face, what do your recommend for people who are very sad to do?

Well if it ain’t my favorite Dinosaur!

Listen Samasaur. Sometimes people get in a funk. Jokes ain’t funny anymore, food don’t taste good, and the whole world just seems pointless and unreal. I know the feeling, and it’s pretty goshdarned awful.

And even though people tell you it’ll get better, because it will, it doesn’t really help much because the sadness is happening NOW.

But it’s ok to feel sad. It’s ok to be upset, your feelings are valid, and the sad times are important, because they make you appreciate the happy times that will come.

A wise dinosaur once told me what to remember when I’m down. And I hope it helps out everyone who feels sad.

And in the words of Seuss himself

Im always in awe of people who are kin with several characters with totally different personalities?
Like… “Im kin with this murderer but also kin with this cute ass kid…” I find it curious.
Like… In my case?
All my four (I have a secret kin) kins are… “Morally dubious asshole who can be nice, sometimes”