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Gathered playas; listen again n’ again n’ again ta tha legend of tha Bionicle.

In tha time before time, tha Great Spirit descended from tha heavens, carryin we - tha ones called tha Matoran - ta dis paradise.

Our thugged-out asses was separate, n’ without purpose, so tha Great Spirit illuminizzled our asses wit tha Three Virtues.

Unity, Duty n’ Destiny.

Our thugged-out asses embraced these gifts, n’ up in gratitude, we named our island home Mata Nui; afta tha Great Spirit his dirty ass.

But our happinizz was not ta last.

For Mata Nui’s brutha, tha Makuta, was jealouz of these honours n’ betrayed him; castin a spell over Mata Nui, whoz ass fell tha fuck into a thugged-out deep slumber.

Da Makuta was free ta unleash his shadows.

And unleash them; da ruffneck did.