My Battle City Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Disk!!

The build took a few weeks and it turned out quite anime screen-accurate (far better than the Mattel version imho)

The disk itself is kinda heavy and as a result attaching it with straps proved difficult so I had to improvise with the hand portion; but now it is just fine (and you can’t even tell in pictures) ^_^

The life points screen is a printed out piece of paper with a piece of plastic glued on top. (Maybe in the future I’ll program an Arduino screen with changeable life points and sound effects :p)

Let me know if you have any questions about this build and I will happily try to help you out n__n

It’s time to D-d-d-d-d-d-d-DUEL!!!!


This are the Attack on Titan (SNK) three-dimensional movement gear (3DMG) I made for my Eren Yeager cosplay n__n

Blade handles: They are made from 3 pieces of wood glued together and sanded. The levers are from bike brake handles, and the bracket holding them is a piece of cut and bent steel screwed in. The grip is painted polymer clay glued on. The tube is brake cable. The bottom has a coaxial connection screwed in so it can attach to the hip shooters.

Blades: They are made from wood. The black base is a piece of Sintra glued on. Blades can be put in and taken out of handles.

Blade Sheaths: The interior of the boxes is cardboard and it is overlaid with PVC foam (Sintra). All detail parts are glued on Sintra. Extra blades are wood. Gas tanks are cardboard poster tubes attached to the top of a water bottle and topped with plumping PVC. Wires are USB cables with a coaxial end attached at the end (so they can be attached to engine).

Engine: Most of it is constructed from PVC foam (Sintra) parts glued and screwed together. The hip shooters are EVA foam overlaid with Sintra. The black portion is a single strand of paracord wrapped around and fed through the hip shooters (to look like the harpoon cable). They can be connected to blade handles via a USB cable with coaxial ends attached. The top of the engine is EVA foam. The engine unit is attached to a heavy-duty nylon belt. The fans are painted 120mm pc fans. They are wired down through a PVC pipe and into the central box onto a switch a 12V RC battery. Fans can run for several hours uninterrupted (good for fighting Titans :p)

Hope you enjoy! If you have any questions about the build process or anything else just shoot me a message :)

I will likely post more detailed construction pics/descriptions of this stuff in the future ^_^



Steven Universe
Cosplayer: Carley Winn
Otakon 2014

Wow wow WOW wow wow…

I wish I could properly show off the SCALE of this thing. Those not familiar with Otakon - this was taken in a HUGE atrium area. This lady is a good… eight feet tall? Guessing? ^_^

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The absolute BEST Mad Max cosplay (we did get a pic of an awesome Furiosa later). Since it was all mobility vehicle it was very slow, which meant ihad the BEST grand entrance wherever it went, like a parade float. I talked to the guy I a little, he was super nice and cool and he was having a lot of fun. SUPER CLEVER costume idea.

bonus hatless Rorschach in the background.


Pretty Frilly Sailor Soldiers - Outer Senshi + Others
Sailor Moon

Katsucon 2015

More photos here!

Designs by NoFlutter


Sailor Moon - Angelica Cosplay
Sailor Mercury - Elemental
Sailor Mars - Vickybunnyangel Cosplay
Sailor Jupiter - Cassimonee Photography and Cosplay
Sailor Venus - Jelly Cosplay
Sailor Neptune - Nomadic-Goldfish Cosplay
Sailor Saturn - Shushuwafflez Creative Studio
Sailor Pluto - Calamity
Sailor Chibi-Moon - Jayuna Cosplay
Princess Serenity - Ellysetta Rain Cosplay
Queen Beryl - Melting Mirror Cosplay

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