Author’s note - I have not been writing at al. but what can i do life and laziness happens. I hope someone, anyone reads this. Couse I personally liked this particular one. Also, i will put up a Newt x reader x draco and a seperate newt x reader x leta thingy 1000% till next week. And those 4 or 5 people following me, you dont know how much i love you.ENJOY! :)

Summary- Its a Draco x reader.

You sat on your hammock outside your house sipping on a cup of coffee, enjoying the cool wind tickling against your sides. And just then, you felt a cool drop of water which fell on your chin. Wiping it off with a smile on your face you put down the coffee and wet down to your street. The day was going just the way you wanted it to. Just standing in the rain feeling the countless drops of water cool every inch of your body and the wind nipping at your skin gave you a pleasure nothing else could compare to. You wanted to stand here all day. Walking around in your daze, you bumped into an unfamiliar face.

“Oh!I am terribly sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you”, you exclaimed feeling bad for the man you just bumped into, who fell to the ground and was now all muddy and wet.  He looked like he already had a bad day ,or a bad life, you thought to yourself the circles under his eyes looks like they have been drawn with quills.What is wrong with him!?

“Merlin’s beard. The hell is wrong with you. Are you really that blind? You cant see a bloody 6 feet tall guy in front of you. Go see a bloody doctor. Thank you for ruining my clothes and my day even further”, he exclaimed.This pissed you off big time.

“Well, I said I am sorry random gu-“

“Its Draco. Draco Malfoy”, he answered, too cocky for your liking.

“ Well, I am sorry draco. I didn’t mean to ruin your clothes and day even further.”, you said mocking him. Who the hell did he think he even was?

Being the amazing evil prankster you are, you simply tugged him into the rain and continued,

“ See Draco, look at the beautiful weather the fresh earthly smell. Feel the raindrops pouring, reaching each part of your body calming down your senses cooling you, especially when you are soo hot-headed.”, you giggled as you said this, not leaving his hand, and then the most surprising thing happened. He loosened under your touch, he actually seemed to enjoy the rain, understand its beauty. And, icing on the cake, he splashed water from a puddle on you.

And that is how your friendship began. Little did you know it would bloom into something more.

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