lexa: always freshly washed, has clean and luscious hair braided away from her face, skin moisturized and dusted in cosmetic glitter

clarke: hasn’t bathed in 3 months, grimy, has an ecosystem in her bush and just fought a panther 

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21 and 46

“Why are you laughing?” & “If you love it so much, then why don’t you marry it?”

I’m going to combine these two and also I’m just going to make it Lexark. Hope that’s okay. :)

“Why are you laughing?” Alicia pouted as she pushed herself up on her elbows. “Do you take joy in my pain?” Alicia had just tried to balance on a very small wooden beam in an abandoned pack and fallen into the grass after only a few steps. 

Elyza held her sides and laughed, her eyes squeezed shut as she heaved out another long belly laugh. 

After a few seconds she stood up straight and did an exaggerated impression of Alicia falling of the beam. “I’m sorry. But you looked so cute. You looked like a surprised chipmunk or something.” Elyza wiped a tear away from her eye and walked over to help Alicia off the ground. 

“I love that beam so much.” Elyza sighed as she walked around it to get to Alicia. 

“If you love it so much, then why don’t you marry it?” Alicia teased as she held her arms up for Elyza to grab. 

“Nah, I’m not really into…wood all that much.” Elyza winked as she reached down to grab Alicia’s outstretched hands. 

Alicia stifled a laugh as she took Elyza’s momentum and pulled her down to the grass with her. “Gotcha!” She smiled as she rolled over so half of her body was on top of Elyza’s. “What are you going to do about it?” Alicia lifted her eyebrow and stared down at Elyza. 

Elyza smirked and lifted her head just enough to touch her lips to Alicia’s. They kissed for a long second before Elyza pulled away. “What are you doing, crazy girl?” Elyza rolled so that she took the top position. “We’re in the middle of the end of the world and all you want to do is make-out.” Elyza bit her lower lip and smiled at Alicia. 

“Oh, and you don’t?” Alicia cocked her head and gave Elyza a look of disbelief. 

Elyza shook her head slowly before giving Alicia one last kiss. “I want to do way more than make-out.” Elyza helped Alicia off the ground and dusted the dirt and grass off her clothing. “But that will have to wait until we get back home.” 

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  •   who would win in a fight: cliff burton or god ?  trick question, cliff burton is god.  
  •  you’re bullshitting me, man.  
  •  listen, you little prick: if i ever catch you talking to him again, i’ll rip your head off and shove it up your ass. IS THAT UNDERSTOOD ?  
  •  how am i s’posed to know where he is ?  i’m not his fuckin’ BABYSITTER.  
  •  i am telling the truth, shithead.  

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"You little runt!" One of the gangsters hissed as he caught the girl by the braid, yanking it. Ale cried out and squirmed in the mans grasp. "You keep runnin' into are projects kid." The man hissed, pulling her away from the truck of pinatas she had been snooping too close too. She knew what was hidden below the colorful animals and she would've tried to break it if the men hadn't found her first. "Kill the little perro and lets go." One man said. Ale froze. Oh no. "Wh-What?!" She squeaked.

Junkrat is talking tot he members of the gang they’re dealing with when he hears the young girls cry. The member talking tot hem tells them to just ignore it but Junkrat can’t. He storms up to the bastard holding the girls braid and says in a dark voice. “What do you think yer doin’ to this little Sheila here?”

As the sun breaks, above the ground,
An old man stands on the hill
As the ground warms, to the first rays of light
A birdsong shatters the still

She had approached the middle ground first, doffing her hat and adjusting her shawl a bit as he came to meet her, the jet black Lodetunite gems on the trim of her shawl glinting in the light of the few dim suns surrounding the planet.

Her terms were simple; hand over Terronda Prime and its satellite properties, and they could leave the small star system quietly and undisturbed.

McGuffin refused, of course, making a rather disparaging comment about Echobi, and took advantage of the fact that she was standing right before him to try to grab at her. Styx hopped backwards awkwardly, the offense at that move clear on her face as her eyes lit up, and the color seemed to drain away from her entirely in a soft shimmer. She shook a bit, an extra pair of arms appearing out from under her shawl, rending the seams of her dress and popping at the joints as she flexed them and the claws at their ends. Angry clouds and columns and brilliant points of light appeared from within her darkened form.

In the split-second it took her to reverse her momentum and power herself up and over him for an attack, he’d reached for his plasma pistol.

Another unfortunate decision, even if he thought he’d gotten a good shot in.


Sorry I’m late; I had this in my queue for OCTOBER 27th and not SEPTEMBER. Like a boss. :/

The Fourth

Modern au Percival death with a twist.

When Percival had died, nearly a month ago, Vex felt her heart die with him. The weapon’s dealer their team had been tasked to bring down, had taken his life only seconds before they pried hers away from her. They had only been seconds late. Just a few ticks of a clock. Just a blink of the eye. She had rushed to his side and held him until they pulled her away. She had been the one to see that last, sad smile that pursed his lips form, only to relax. His focus on her face fading in mere seconds.

Vex’s fingers tapped against the bathroom counter, she idly watched the clock that sat upon the wall as it ticked away. Just a minute left. Gods, if only they had possessed that minute all those weeks ago. Her mind felt as numb as the rest of her did. She lifted her glass up to her lips, taking another sip of water to try to break free of the nausea she felt.

She turned off her alarm when it popped up on her cell phone, telling her the five minutes were up, and looked down at the counter for the first time since her wait began. A ragged breath escaped her lips, she bit down hard on her bottom lip, and she quickly snatched up her phone and sent a text to both Cassandra and her brother as she made her way to the cluttered living room of the- her apartment. She began clearing some room for her incoming company. Carefully moving Percival’s files into the corner, his projects under the coffee table. She would take up Keyleth’s offer to help her riffle through and organize them this weekend…

She sat idly with her cup in her hands until there was a knock at the door. Cassandra looked at her with a worried look when she answered the door, wearing one of Percival’s button up shirts and a pair of her own shorts.

“You look terrible dear, no offense.” Cassandra made her way into the apartment and hummed softly as she took in the slight disaster that it was.

“It hasn’t been easy.” Her throat felt raw after all this time, but she found enough energy in her to start the tea kettle that she had gotten Percy for his last birthday and pull out all the fixings. “Two sugars and a little lemon juice?”

“Yes that would be lovely… You said you wanted to talk to me?” Cassandra daintily sat on the edge of the couch, her head tilting in Vex’s direction. Vex could see the makeup under her eyes more clearly now, the younger woman was obviously faking how well she was doing, but she had a reputation to withhold, whereas Vex didn’t.

“We’re waiting for Vax.” She admitted, setting things up on the kitchen table.

“… Oh… It must be very important… Dear, are you sure you’re alright?” Cassandra asked again, concern spreading across her face. Vex offered a weak smile,

“I’m better than I was a week ago… but things take time…” She admitted though her smile faltered when there was another knock on the door.

“Here, I’ll get the door, you keep an eye on the kettle.” Cassandra offered, standing to let Vax into the dirty apartment.

“Stubby? Everything alright?” Vex nodded as she saw her brother, and bit back the urge to rush over and hug him as tight as she could. Trinket, that silly old hound, beat her to it, and after hearing Vax’s voice slipped into the room, bumping against his leg. “Hey there boy, you being helpful?” Vex’s attention found itself back on the stove, watching steam begin to rise from the kettle.

“… Vex, you said you needed to talk to the both of us?” Cassandra mentioned trying to break the almost awkward silence – other than Trinket’s wagging tail hitting the floorboards.

“I’m pregnant.” She didn’t look up from the kettle, but somehow the room got quieter.

She felt arms wrap around her suddenly, however, and she could tell quiet easily that it was Cassandra who was pressed against her. Vex looked over and saw Vax frozen where he stood, his mouth gaping slightly, unsure of how to react himself.

Oh sweetheart…” Cassandra’s voice broke as she buried her face in her hair. “He… He would have been so… so… elated.” She had to clear her throat to get the words past her lips.

“I-I know…” Vex tried not to imagine the look of disappointment Percy had once when they had a scare just months before. “We talked about it sometimes.” She admitted to the woman who just a month ago, was going to be her sister-in-law.

“Oh Stubby…” Vax stepped closer, and Cassandra backed off to give the twins a moment of their own.

“I… I just want this b-baby to have as normal a life…” Vex started before she choked up.

“I’ll get the little one a nice trust fund started, Percival struggled his way through college, I know he wouldn’t want his child to do the same… I’ll put in safety guards that if anything happens to you that they’ll still be able to get access… Our trust funds were so… unreachable when we needed them.” Cassandra began to prattle, as if she was scared she’d lose this family too. Vex broke her from her thoughts by inviting her into the hug with her and her twin.

“You’re family Cassandra. I don’t want the money, I don’t care about the money… I just want this baby to know its aunt…” Vex whispered into her ear. “I just want them to know their father…” A sob broke through Cassandra and Vax slipped away so Vex could calm the woman down, and so he could get the kettle off the stove before it went off and ruined the moment.

“I-I… Family.” Cassandra pulled away just enough to cup Vex’s cheeks. “Sweetheart, baby or not you’d always be my f-family, because you were Percival’s. But… Gods this… this is…”

“It makes everything deeper?” Vax offered and she nodded.

“We’ll take care of you and the little one, I’ll respect all your decisions…”

“Just don’t name the kid something stupid like Trinket….” Vex’s laugh tore through the room, real for the first time in what seemed like forever now, before she paused and arched her eyebrow at her brother.

“What the fuck do you mean? Trinket is a great name!” The old hound barked in endorsement.

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Any of the Sleep Sounds and #4: fav line of dialogue. :D

Wheeee thanks for asking! Response to this thing. 

It’s this sequence in Chapter 5 because I’m rather fond of my headcanon that Fareeha is actually very hard to wake up when it’s not an emergency/she’s really tired. I also love writing grumpy just-woke-up Fareeha.

Even though, looking back on it now, I’d probably change a few bits and bobs.

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Ugly Boy - caramelcoastal - Overwatch (Video Game) [Archive of Our Own]
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He really wished his face and hair weren’t caked in dirt, and his neck wasn’t covered in bright red acne as her eyes fell upon him in particular. His pits, which were exposed in the shirt he was wearing, were pretty hairy. Her two blue pearls found themselves glancing at Jamison, and she was horrified. He couldn’t blame Princess Zieglar as she grimaced, her face contorting violently at the sight of him. Quickly, she tried to glance away from him, turning her perfect heart shaped head to the other side of the crowd. Even if he understood it, the look on her face stung him right in his pride, destroying his ego. Jamison was an eyesore, that really was all there was to it.

His real hand scuffled through the back pockets of some fool, nimbly finding a pair of earrings and enough money to rent a small cabin. Nice, very nice. All the money in the world couldn’t hide the shame he felt after the look the princess had given him, though. He really was nasty, wasn’t he?

He slinked through the crowd, snatching goodies here and there and greedily stuffing them in his bag. For what it was worth, he was one of the best pickpockets in the world. The man could steal an entire bag from someone’s hands, and they wouldn’t even notice until a few hours later. That was the main reason Hog kept him around; he was a skilled man.

Whenever any of the other princesses sitting atop their pretty little litters being carried by big strong men passed by, he hid his face, afraid for them to see him. He didn’t want another reaction like that, he was already bothered enough by the first one.

Finally, as he made his way through, and found himself with a bag stuffed full of shiny goodies, he looked up. And when he did, he completely forgot the plan.

She was the last princess, Satya Vaswani: clothed in a blue silky dress, and sitting up perfectly erect in her litter. Beside her sat Captain Morrison, glaring menacingly into the crowd, like a ferocious dog protecting its bone. He was a lot older than Jamison expected, and his face was riddled with battle scars and slashes, a few that looked particularly grizzly. He sighed, it made sense. You don’t get the position of captain without taking a few blows.

Satya, however, was the one that really stole the show. She wasn’t wearing any makeup like the other girls. Her lips were already perfect and plump, forming a strict expression. It was the kind of face that told him ‘I look like a rose and I could kill a man if I have to, and you better be okay with that’, and it drove him nuts. Not a single ebony hair was out of place on her gorgeous head, and he was mesmerized by it. Unlike the other girls, she wasn’t kissing up to the crowd, either. The princess just stared straight ahead.

Every couple minutes, she would turn her head to the crowd and keep the same expression on her face, examining the people calling her name out. If she was nervous in the slightest, it didn’t show. She crossed one of her long, dark legs over the other, and folded her arms. The woman could be balancing books on her head, and not a single one would fall.

She looked at her nails, painted blue, and then to the crowd. Her eyes meticulously scanned the crowd in one of her occasional head turns, and she was faced with the starry eyes of a wild-looking young man.

He was mesmerized, and a subtle pounding inside of his chest grew louder until it drowned out everyone around them. She was looking at him, him of all folks! And she wasn’t making a grossed out face! He tried to give her a charming smile, but it looked more like a wide grin full of sharp teeth. Most women would be disgusted, or scared for their well being.

But Satya Vaswani was not most women.

Not by a long shot.

The corners of her mouth turned upwards and she returned his smile. Hers was much more inviting than his, but just as genuine. Jamison felt the knee on his good leg begin to wobble, like he was about to buckle over and collapse. The twenty seconds of eye contact he held with her meant more to him than the last ten years of his life, and when she looked away he was dragged back to Earth.

Acting quickly and without thinking, he ran through the crowd the catch up with her, and he yelled up.

“Hey, Satya!” he yelled, keeping up with the litter she was being carried in. Her shoulders jumped up a bit, he had startled her. She wasn’t used to being addressed to by her first name. Sometimes ‘Princess’, ‘Your Majesty’, ‘My lady’, or ‘Lady Vaswani’, but so few people called her Satya. It sounded almost foreign.

“Yes?!” She yelled down to the funny looking man who was barely keeping up with her litter on his peg leg.

“My name is Jamison,” he gasped for air, struggling to keep up with the surprisingly fast men carrying her vehicle, “Jamison Kristopher Fawkes! Remember that name, because I swear on me mum’s grave we’ll talk someday,” he yelled to the princess, having no idea who she was as a person. All he knew was that she didn’t find him completely repulsive. Not to mention, Jamison didn’t know a thing about the proper etiquette used to talk to someone of royal prestige. Really, all he knew was that this amazing woman smiled at him.

She called back to him, not breaking her calm composure. “Until then I suppose, Jamison,” she exclaimed. Her mouth opened up a little and formed a snooty grin. What a silly man.

“Until then!” he echoed, finally giving up chasing after the litter and stopping to breathe. He had drawn a little too much attention to himself, and it was finally time to get out of there. As he slipped through the crowd, he couldn’t shake the grin, no matter how hard he tried. His heartbeat raced a mile a minute, and his jittery hands and knees wouldn’t stop wobbling.

Princess Satya Vaswani, one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen, told him ‘until then’. Meaning, there was a ‘then’. She had wanted to see him, at least a little. His mind began to build scenarios in which he could meet her, and have everything end perfectly, like in the fairy tales his mother had read him as a boy.

Of course, real life was no fairy tale. He was unfortunately given a dose of reality while splitting 50/50 of that day’s stolen goods with Hog.

“She was humoring you, moron, she doesn’t actually have any interest in seeing you. She’s probably been betrothed to someone since she was two years old, that’s just the culture here.” Hog drummed in. It was like pouring salt in an open wound, and Jamison felt the sting.

“You really think so?” he asked, incredibly disappointed. What a real joke he was. He was getting bent out of shape with a girl who he barely knew, it wasn’t like he loved her or she kept him up at night. She was just pretty, and nice to him.

“I know so. You’re unworthy, just look at yourself. You really think you’re material fit for a princess?” He gestured to Jamison with a chuckle.

Jamison laughed it off, but definitely feel the sting of those words. Not like hog was one to talk, the fat oaf looked like he had eaten an entire village, and then finished off their livestock for dessert. Who was he to talk? Jamison scooped up his share of the goodies and crawled into the cart where he liked to sleep. He was getting way too bent out of shape about this. After all, he already knew that he was an ugly sonuvabitch; that wasn’t anything new.

Plus, he said all of what, twenty five words to her? It wasn’t like he was kept up at night thinking about her. It was a good day, that’s what counted. His quick hands had snatched up so many goodies for him that day, and none of those stupid fat royals and nobles had even noticed. They were all too focused on those princesses being carried like delicate flowers.

Speaking of flowers, Satya’s lips looked like rosebuds.

Shit, there she was in his mind, sitting pretty and looking at him. He scowled to himself, now getting frustrated. Go away, Satya. Jamison had a very long, nice day, and now just wanted to unwind. He was unworthy of her, she needed to get out of his head and go away.

‘Until then’, she had told him. Until when, Satya? What does that even mean? When did she want to see him? What did she want to do when she saw him? Would her hands take his, and let the two of them enjoy each other’s presence uninterrupted?

Dammit, more stupid gushy thoughts. He hated thoughts that made him feel like he wanted to melt into a pool of butter. Maybe if he shut his eyes, and pushed his mind to something else, he could rest. He forced his eyes shut, trying to make himself fall asleep with his arm around a bag of Chinese explosives he borrowed from some nice venders while back.

He loved explosions, and watching stuff just blow up. Gunpowder and cannons were practically his native language. Fireworks were awesome, too. Fireworks and explosions on a beach: that was a thought in the right direction. What else? Well, Satya was like an explosion, wasn’t she? Fiery, impossible to ignore, vibrant, earth-shaking, and beautiful.

Fuck, not again! How did she manage to keep coming up in his stupid head? His eyes shot open and stared up at the sky. No matter how tired he was, he could not go to sleep, and or stop thinking about Princess Satya Vaswani. Even thinking about her name put a fiery feeling in his stomach. He yearned to feel her fingertips tracing along his sweaty forehead, her lips brushing along his and not moving. The two could just sit there in perfect harmony forever.

He sat up, unable to sleep, because all his mind wanted to concentrate on was her.

Uh oh.


This was one of my older artworks that I’ve done more than a year (or more) ago. A redraw of Pearl from a notable scene in “Roses Scabbard” from Steven Universe. I loved the way this scene just silently conveyed Pearl’s emotions over the loss of Rose and although it was brief, it showed enough to let the audience know that she silently blamed Steven for taking Rose away from her. From all that she had fought for in just several seconds. It’s just my take on it tho and I posted this because I want to share my thoughts on Pearl because I relate to her the most and I spent so much time on this piece, leaving it in my computer would be a waste.


She was rushing. She was always rushing. The whole city was always rushing and so was she ever since she set foot in it. Her bag, hit her back as she ran across the crowded streets. Perhaps arriving to an interview covered in sweat wasn’t the best, but neither was taking a taxi you couldn’t pay. Her attention was momentarily taken by the traffic light, slowly starting its countdown. Feet sped their pace and then, they came to a sudden stop. A deep burn on her chest and abdomen caused her hand to drop the papers she was carrying and quickly pull the fabric of her shirt away from her skin. Heavily accented voice begun babbling apologies as soon as green hues met perhaps the tallest man she had encountered, no wonder why she almost went tumbling to the ground.

            ❛ Oh– futu-i!— oh, god, it’s hot…sorry…sorry…I’ll buy a new one…sorry.

When we started discussing what we were going to wear for my graduation, my ma quietly and hesitantly asked, “Mai sari pehen sakti hoon?”

Can I wear a sari?

And I was suddenly hit with shame and revulsion for myself. I have in the past asked her not to wear overly desi clothes to celebrations because I was embarrassed. But now, I am deeply ashamed that I had internalized so much hatred for myself, for my colorful culture and traditions, for our beautiful and historical clothes, that I would ever do such a terrible thing. That I would make my own ma think twice before asking to wear a sari.

It was with tears in my eyes that I begged her to please wear the sari.

I love my ma’s saris, and I love my ma’s bindi, and I love my ma. 

My greatest accomplishment on graduation was not my diploma, but her pride. Everything for you, ma. Thank you.

If you, as a parent, have ever told your kids that they’re stupid, that they’re fat, that they need to lose weight, that they look pregnant in a certain outfit, that their make up looks horrible, that their haircut is crappy, that they’re not smart enough for certain things, and you purposefully drag your children down, even if you think you’re “just joking” then you are what’s wrong with society and you are the cause of your child’s insecurities.