“Chloe is unsympathetic and a bad friend to Max!” okay but have you considered that Chloe Price:

  • Picks up Max in her truck and whisks her away from her fight with Nathan, despite feeling resentful that Chloe didn’t speak to her for five years (five years in which she was suffering grief from her father dying and a whole bunch of other bad things happening)
  • Kept old pictures and drawings from her childhood friendship with Max
  • Gives Max her father’s old camera
  • Looks after Max when she is thrown by her vision of the tornado at the end of Episode 1
  • Consistently encourages Max to follow her dream of becoming a photographer, and, unprompted, tries to allay Max’s fears of not being good enough
  • Also supports Max in using her power
  • Particularly when Max does great things like save Kate but cannot be acknowledged by people who don’t know
  • Max becomes more confident through the game; this is not a coincidence
  • Though irresponsible with her gun use, she encourages Max to learn to use it as a form of self defense
  • Repeatedly assures Max that she won’t leave her - and since abandonment is one of Chloe’s greatest fears, this has even greater meaning
  • Apologises for some of her less supportive behaviour, such as getting upset with Max for speaking to Kate on the phone

Listen, Chloe is far from perfect but her flaws are reasonable for a) a person, b) a teenager, and c) a compelling character with a tragic backstory. And while her faults are improving, she has also consistently been a supportive and caring friend to Max despite her insecurities and mistakes.

Cutting Room Floor Analysis

Here’s the general analysis of the first encore at DDs concert. I can’t use the software on a video this far away and with this quality so this is mostly behavioural and the more pronounced facial stuff.

As GA walks on stage she’s genuinely happy, flashing some really good smiles. David is also happy, but he has more bashful smiles, glancing down and away from her and the audience, indicating that he is hiding his emotions and being very aware of his surroundings.

Now… the kiss. Gillian’s a kisser and she initiates this one. She’s kissed other XF people in the past, and based on it’s duration and their general happy affect during the kiss itself indicates intimacy and familiarity. That does not mean it’s an indicator of them doing it. It just means they are greeting someone they know very well, on a personal level - which makes sense. 

This is very typical of them. GA is pretty care-free and poking fun at David, and DD’s classic sense of humour is obvious, although he’s not so successful in keeping the deadpan and straight affect. Overall this is not unusual.

Since y’all are less interested in more of the beginning and ending I’ll keep the performance part short.

GA clearly becomes less comfortable with her singing abilities and shows some self-conscious posturing, while still trying to portray that she is having a good time. DD seems to pick up on this and does two interesting things.

1. He tries to draw attention to himself with some “interesting” dance moves.

2. He makes reassuring gestures and his focus regularly shifts towards her and he tries to engage her directly.

At the end he is definitely praising her a lot and she is clearly embarrassed as you can tell by the flushing of her face.

The interesting thing about the second kiss is that he initiates it, and she’s clearly more interested in getting off stage. the last hug is a bit more awkward probably because she is trying to leave, it’s more distant and they are more focussed on what they are saying to each other than any closeness or physical contact. My bet on this based on the amount of head shaking GA does and DD’s reaction is her being embarrassed or apologizing as he is reaffirming in the way his arms hover around her with minimal contact and his body being distant (this is what my boss called a crutch stance because both people are standing on their own, but one is in a more supportive position of the other). Because of the way she leaves I’m surprised that she came back, which is in and of itself pretty interesting.

Good Girl (Nate Maloley)

Request: Imagine where y/n’s in known as this kinda good girl but one day she’ll get high with the boys, they’ll think it’s pretty hot, Nate cannot take his eyes away from her and yeah, you can take it from here :) Please?

I walked away from school and to my Range Rover. “Hey, y/n! Can I talk to you?” I heard a voice call out from behind me. I turned and saw Nate, Jack g, Johnson, and Sammy. “Yeah, what’s up?” I asked. “Listen we just think you’re really cool and hot and just wanted to know if you wanted to come to my house and hang with us? We just want to get to know you.” Said Nate. I’ve heard stories about the guys before. Not bad ones. They do seem pretty chill. And being the good girl around school is getting pretty annoying. “Uh, yeah sure!” I said. “I’ll follow you guys there?” I asked. “Yeah! See you there!” Said Sammy as they all got into Nate’s car. They all drove to school together in one of their cars every day. I decided to hang out with them because I need to try something new. I’ve always been the good girl at school with good grades and good parents and good clothes and good habits. We pull up to Nate’s house and I got out of my car. I walked over to the guys and we walked inside Nate’s house. So, y/n you got a boyfriend?“ Jack G asked me. “Uh, no I don’t actually my last boyfriend kind of cheated on me.” I said. “Woah, little mama he cheated on you? How could someone do that to someone so perfect.” Said Nate with a smirk. I sat down at the island and took my water bottle out of my purse along with my phone. I responded to a couple texts and checked Twitter until Johnson spoke to me. “Hey do you wanna hit?” Jack was holding a blunt. “Uh, yeah actually I do.” I said, taking a hit. I coughed and passed it to Nate. I decided to sit down on the floor next to him. He put me into his lap and handed me the blunt. I took a couple hits and Nate wouldn’t stop staring. I leaned down and whispered to him, “Is something wrong? You keep staring.” “Oh, no nothing is wrong. I’ve just been thinking of how to tell you this. Listen baby girl, I’ve always liked you and the boys made me ask you over here today.” Nate said, chuckling. I smiled. “Would you want to get dinner sometime?” He asked me. “I would love to, Maloley.” I said, kissing his cheek.

Stan had looked away for two seconds, only two seconds, but that was enough for Acacia to slip away from him and her siblings.

“Willow, where the fu- where did your sister go?”

Willow looked up at Stan with eyes that always seemed to him too old for her small face. Then she pointed across the street from where Stan had been getting the kids ice cream, to the pet store one of Mabel’s friends owned. Already he could see a tiny figure crowned with red hair plastered to the window display.

He handed his grand-nephew and niece their ice creams. “Hank, Willow, watch each other while I go get your sister,” Stan said, and then crossed the street to where Acacia was. With a little effort, he knelt down next to his grand-niece. She noticed him and beamed at him, her tounge sticking through the two front teeth that had recently fallen out.

“Grunkle Stan! There’s gerbils at Aunt Grenda’s now!”

He looked and sure enough there was a massive case full of gerbils in the window. How his niece saw them from across the street he had no idea. Damn young eyes. 

He laid a hand on her small shoulder and clucked. “Kiddo, I don’t know if you want to be so close to those things.”

A bit of doubt entered into Acacia’s voice for the first time. “Why…why not Grunkle Stan?”

Stan snorted. “Because they eat human flesh Acacia.”

Her blue eyes bugged out for a second, and then an indignant look crossed her face.

“Nuh uh! Grunkle Stan you’re lying.”

He shook his head at her foolishness. “Why do you think they’re so fat? And look at all that fur on those suckers; they can only get really long fur when they eat human meat.”

“Why would Aunt Grenda keep something so mean in her shop huh?” Acacia puffed up, proud of pointing out the fallacy in her grunkle’s logic. 

“Sweetie, your aunt also keeps manticore pups in there too. Gerbils aren’t much of a stretch.”

“But…but-” Horror dawned on Acacia’s face. “Does this mean Aunt Grenda kills people and then chops them up and then takes their skin off and pokes out their eyes and get their blood to feed the gerbils?”

Stan reminded himself to maybe watch a few less horror movies and murder mysteries with the kids late at night and went, “Oh no. Your Aunt Grenda keeps them in their to eat any robbers that come in, that’s all! They just live on steak until they can sate their craving for human flesh.”

He gently ushered her away from the window. “See, that’s why it’s important to stick with me and your brother and sister when we’re out. So I can keep an eye on you. Now lets go before Hank eats your ice cream-”

“Hank wouldn’t do that Grunkle Stan!”

“Okay he wouldn’t but I would now get moving.”

(Three nights later, Stan had to explain to his nephew the demon why Acacia was dreaming about fire breathing man eating gerbils)

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“Don’t fucking touch me.” + Bellarke

Don’t fucking touch me.” Bellamy snarls, seconds after ripping his arm away from Clarkes gentle grasp. Before 3 months ago he would of welcomed her touch, even needed it, but now? Now everything is changed, Clarke’s returned to camp Jaha after months of being absent and it was like she wanted it to be like it was; their old co leadership, their friendship, trust, trying to talk about the 44 with him, acting like she fucking cared. He felt his blood boil at the thought. (Of course she cared, he knows this, but right now he was too blinded by his anger for her to see it. Because if she cared, cared enough, she would have stayed, if not for her, for them - for him. It’s not something he’s going to be able to forgive as quickly as some.) because as soon as Clarke walked away from her people - she walked away from him, and from everything they worked for. (Everything they could of had.. could have been.) 

Clarke’s eyes filled with hurt, and he ignored the pit forming in his stomach as she lets go like he demanded. She put distance between them both, shamefully avoiding his stone hard stare, one that only reminded himself of the early days on the ground, of the nickname princess rolling off his tongue in disdain. (Were they really back to that now? Was he back to that now?) They were standing in the middle of his half built cabin, silence overcome with the emotions rippling off each other like hurricanes, his like the ferocious winds and stormy skies, hers like the rain pelting the ground and oceans crashing on the shores.

 He should storm away, walk right past her, but his feet stood planted on the ground in front of her because he knew Clarke still had something more to say, and he wasn’t sure why he bothered to hear it, but perhaps a part of him felt like he still owed her that much. 

 “I.. I had a feeling it was too soon, Raven told me to give you some - some space for a while but I just-” she paused, her sad and guilt filled eyes drifting up to his and his jaw so much as twitched, his rigid posture almost faltering. “I missed you,” His heart fell into his throat as she continued, “I miss us, and - I know you have every right to be angry with me, to hate me, I’d hate me too,” she huffs with no humor, “Hell, I still do,” Maybe I always will, it was unspoken, but her shattered heart screamed them at the top of her lungs. 

(No matter how mad he would be at Clarke, he’d still want to do nothing but help her piece herself back together - and if he couldn’t - they could be broken and shattered together. She wasn’t alone, and she never would be because he’d always be here for her, no matter how much she fucks up, he will always be here to catch her if she falls. And he wants to hate himself for it, he hates himself for so many things - but he can’t bring himself to do it, because loving Clarke is one of the only things he feels he’s ever done right.) 

“I can stand everyone hating me, I can bare being hated by Jasper, Octavia, Raven, my mom, all of the 44, even myself but I can’t - “ she stopped, biting her shaking lip blinking back tears, “I can’t stand to be hated by you, Bellamy.” she shrugged helplessly, a sob caught in her throat. “I wouldn’t survive it.” 

Bellamy’s adams apple bobbed up and down at her confession, her silent plea for him to forgive her, because now it was his forgiveness she was seeking, that she needed

A tear leaked out of her eye before she wiped it away, regaining her broken posture. “If you need time, I’ll give that to you, but..Just know how sorry I am.” 

With one last sincere look, she finally walked away from him her shoulders slumped more than before, her hands coming up to wipe away more tears that must have fell when her back was turned to him. 

Bellamy feels like he can breathe again as she gets farther and farther, and he wants to think ‘good’, but instead he only thinks the same thing he thought when he watched her walk away from camp Jaha those months ago; ‘come back’.

NOTE: I HAVE QUITE A FEW REQUESTS IN MY ASK I NEED TO GET TO SO PLS NO MORE, THANK YOU GUYS :)) ps sorry if this is trash im not a writer

I swear, I hate Tentoo hate. Of the variety “he’s an inferior clone!” type. -.-

Nah, he isn’t. Do you consider Ten be inferior to Nine? Or Nine inferior to Eight? Eight inferior to Seven? If the answer is no, then why the fuck you gonna call Tentoo inferior? ‘Cause he’s part human? He’s just as much the Doctor is as any other regeneration. >.<

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one of my many Harpy variations, she’s a Regal Harpy but often steals away from her humdrum life of, would you know it, royalty to hunt and cause a ruckus on unsuspecting humans. since her breed is a rarity, they’d be targeted by those looking to hold them for ransom. she nearly suffers the fate, wounded on the wing, but discovered by the large-hearted, lily-livered son of the banished necromancer. lots of shenanigans happen etc etc and all in all i really dont want to color this.


Post about characters who are canonically, or you headcanon as gay or lesbian.

Evaan Verlaine:

So, while I was reading the new Princess Leia comics, I really couldn’t help but feel that Evaan was a lesbian. It’s not because of her tough act or anything; I just thought she would work well as a lesbian character and ended up head-canoning her that way. Having her queer in the comics doesn’t add or take away anything from her character, she just is. And I think the representation of a lesbian character is nice to have every once and a while~

destinydueler asked:

I hate how they made Yukino a damsel she's not some weak girl =0=0 Lucy I can believe but Yukino not a chance.

Yukino is my favorite female character and honestly, I’d rather wait until I have more information. We didn’t even get the chance to see how she was captured… to see what were the circumstances. Anything could have happened… like she was taken by surprise and had her keys taken away from her.

Also this is something I believe SHOULD be noted:

 Natsu was kidnapped and he’s not weak. 

please don’t forget about Erza and Mirajane both being captured as well.


“The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.” ~ Alan Watts

Bopal Week Day 1 - Change

So here’s my entry for Day 1 of Bopal Week. I like the idea that Bolin and Opal bonded over both of them suddenly gaining new abilities they never had before, and that they supported each other and encouraged them to keep trying. I can imagine Opal being really unnerved being away from her family and home for the first time in probably forever, and Bolin of course is now the only bender of his kind in the world with no one to learn from, and they just talk and listen to each other. 

The woman of Pablo could feel her rage changing to sorrow and to a feeling of the thwarting of all hope and promise. She knew this feeling from when she was a girl and she knew the things that caused it all through her life. It came now suddenly and she put it away from her and would not let it touch her,
—  Ernest Hemingway, from For Whom the Bell Tolls (Scribner, 1995)

Misplaced Moony Chapter 17

When they stepped closer to the crowd, Remus let go of her hand and purposely moved away from her. She turned and frowned at him. “Is something wrong?”

Remus shook his head. “I just … you don’t have to be seen with me,” he said. “I know back at Grimmauld Place we said—”

Hermione’s eyes widened. “Do you not want to be seen with me?”

“Merlin, of course, I do,” he insisted. “I just … they’re going to find out what I am, Hermione,” he said quietly so that only the two of them could hear.

She pursed her lips angrily. “Who you are, Remus Lupin,” she snapped at him. “You are a who, not a what. And I find myself quite proud to hold your hand and be seen with you and let people think that I’m your …” she started to say but then stopped. “Well, we haven’t exactly spoken about it and all but I had thought—”

“You’re mine,” he whispered and stepped into her personal space, taking her hands in his.

Fic weeks

I don’t have much time at the minute to participate in all the fic events that are taking place (too many chapters to write and my novel to rewrite so I can *actually* publish it…). But I thought I’d do a shameless plug of some of my stories that fit into the themes so here you go (all links are AO3, if you’d  like to read on FF.NET you can do so here).

Under the Crimson Flag

Desperately running away from her past, Emma disguises herself as a boy and seeks an escape in the freedom of the open seas. All is well until she crosses paths with the infamous Captain Hook.

Captain Duckling AU

There is a little bit of smut but it is forewarned and can be skipped if needed!

Also there is a sequel, which is unfinished but will be asap… Beyond the Spiring Towers

Dirty, Pretty Thing

Emma Swan wants to escape her life, move East, start new. Working at The Velvet Rope is her ticket out of here. But then he comes along, mysterious, sexy, dangerous. Surely she can resist his charms

Stripper!Emma AU.

Lots of smut…

Ship to Shore

This cruise was meant to mend their relationship - not tear it apart! Emma Swan is left alone on a ten day cruise after an ill-timed break-up. Is there any way she can salvage this vacation? And just what is it about that first officer, Killian Jones…

Modern AU.

Yes, there is some smut…

With This Ring

This was just about the dumbest idea she had ever heard. Marry a guy she barely knew??

But sometimes desperate people do crazy things. And crazy things can sometimes be the best things you ever do

Fake Marriage AU

The Hero

A princess. A lieutenant. A storm. A hero.
Will honour or love rule the day?

Lieutenant Duckling fic slightly inspired by While You Were Sleeping

So that’s just a little sprinkling, I have more on AO3 and FF.NET!

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Still doing prompts? How about Mal, Evie, and Jay find out that Carlos is gay?

Always accepting prompts. It just might take a while since I’m lazy. I’m also trying to find inspiration to write a smut story. *hint hint*

Evie stared intently at Carlos who sat a few rows down from her on the benches. He was taking a water break while the rest of the Tourney team continued on with practice. She watched as his eyes would trace the forms of the boys on the field before his cheeks coloured and he looked away. She tilted her head contemplatively as the boy continued to take glances at all of the athletes running about, careful not to stare too long.

“Mal,” she said carefully, drawing her friend’s attention away from her sketchbook. Evie pursed her lips and narrowed her eyes uncertainly before continuing. “I think Carlos is gay.”

Mal blinked and stared at her for a moment. “Why?” she finally asked, glancing at said boy from the corner of her eye. Carlos was returning to the field now, his helmet making it difficult to see where he was looking.

Evie shrugged. “No reason I guess.” She said dismissively, standing up and gathering her things. “See you later.” She quickly walked off, leaving Mal to glance suspiciously between her retreating back and Carlos on the field.

They were lounging in the boys’ room when Mal suddenly sat up from her position stretched across Jay’s bed, said boy sitting on the ground and leaning on the side of his bed by Mal’s feet.

“Carlos,” she called to the black-and-white haired boy who sat at the table in the room in front of his newest invention that he was working on, Dude lying beside it sleeping peacefully. Carlos looked up when she called and nodded in acknowledgement before returning to his work. “Are you gay?”

Carlos tensed and froze, Jay dropped the rubber band he was playing with, and Evie, who was sitting across from Carlos with her textbook opened, shot her a wide-eyed warning look. Mal just stared expectantly at Carlos.

Clearing his throat quietly, Carlos went back to work, hyperaware of all the eyes on him. “Why do you ask?” he responded stiffly.

Mal jerked her head in Evie’s direction even though Carlos wasn’t looking at her. “Evie said she thought you were.”

The boy genius’ head instantly jerked up as he stared intensely at the princess. Evie had the decency to look sheepish. “Sorry.” She said quietly, “But I saw you staring at the guys on the field and I had just assumed…” She trailed off as Mal raised a brow at the new information provided.

“Did you now.” Carlos mumbled quietly, still staring at her.

Jay just looked back and forth between all of them in confusion. “Uh, excuse me,” Jay spoke up, “I seem to be missing a few things here.”

Mal rolled her eyes at him. “Carlos is gay.” She stated before tilting her head at said boy. “Right?”

Carlos pursed his lips and looked down as he nodded.

Jay blinked, surprised as Mal just smirked victoriously. Meanwhile Evie frowned at the small boy. “How come you never told us?” she asked, hurt in her tone.

Carlos shrugged as he went back to his machine. “It was never really a secret.” He muttered, “It just never came up and no one ever asked.” He shrugged again. “Besides, it’s nothing, really.”

Evie’s frown didn’t go away as she reached across the table to hold his hand. “But you know that you can tell anything right?”

Mal nodded, catching on. “We accept you no matter what, C.”

Both girls turned to stare purposely at Jay. The tall boy shrunk slightly as he pouted at them. “I was gonna reassure him anyways, no need to put a knife to my throat.” He grumbled, making Carlos laugh. Jay smiled at the sound and nodded as well. “But yeah man,” he said, “you’re still my bro.”

Carlos nodded and smiled at them, looking too relieved for this all to have just been ‘nothing’. “Thanks guys.”

Evie grinned, Mal stretched back onto the bed, and Jay just shot his rubber band at Carlos’ head.

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I’ve been having random outbursts of sadness and sobbing fits since Annie went with Ian Saturday morning.

I’ve been pretty busy so it’s not been too bad but it’s really hit me that this is my reality now and he’ll want to take her away a couple of times a year, if not more. I really have to share her like this and be away from her for extended periods of time and that realisation is absolutely devastating and heartbreaking.

Soon it’ll be time to make Christmas arrangements and I can’t ever imagine not waking up to her excited face every single Christmas morning.

This is so fucked up and so hard. I don’t miss Ian at all, I’m glad he couldn’t keep his dick in his pants and completely opted out of our family but it’s so unfair that his life goes on unchanged yet I’m the one faced with all the heartache of having to share my best friend and be without her when he was never that fussed to spend quality time with her anyway.


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Which of the children would you be most and least willing to babysit?

“Well, knowing their future selves, I suppose I could be convinced to watch over a few of them when they are born in this time. Lady Lucina and Lord Owain aside - as I am already obligated to keep them safe at all costs - I suppose the two I’d most be willing to temporarily care for would be Brady and Noire. While I’ve no particular liking for Brady’s elocution, it would seem that Maribelle did a fine job in raising that young man to be an excellent example of nobility, both in action and intention. Noire, on the other hand… well, I believe she could use as much time away from her mother’s hexes as she might be able to get.

Conversely, caring for the likes of Nah or Yarne might prove difficult. While I’ve nothing against shifters, I’m afraid their young may be in even less control of their superhuman abilities than their mothers are. The burns Nowi left me with after our training sessions have taught me that dragonfire is nothing to scoff at, while a tremendous rabbit afraid of his own shadow would be a nightmare to wrangle… much less swaddle and feed.

I suppose everyone has their own set of needs, though. Caring for my own lord and lady was no easy matter, but the reward was well worth the pain and suffering. I don’t believe I would be particularly opposed to caring for any of my comrades’ children when the time came… though preferably not all at once.”

Part of Me (Chapter 23- If I Go)

Sorry to everyone that was waiting. I hope this suffices. 


Coldplay- Green Eyes

Ella Eyre- If I Go


Taylor stepped into the black SUV. As soon as the door closed behind her and the car pulled away she released a sigh of relief. Some days she was good with all of the paparazzi and other days not so much. Today she really just wanted to lay in bed with her cats but she had plans with Karlie and she would never go back on plans with the model. Besides, there was something about the younger girl that made walking through the crowds completely worth it. Karlie was her comfort away from home, her rock in the craziness of the word. Before Taylor realized it, they arrived at the restaurant where the girls had planned to meet for lunch.

Karlie must have been there already because there were paparazzi around the entrance and people looking inside. They were trying to take pictures through the glass but by the sound of them cursing at their images, they were unsuccessful.

“Taylor! Taylor!” the paps cried as she stepped out of the car.

“Are you meeting Karlie?”

“What does Cara think of your friendship? Have you met Karlie’s girlfriend?”

“Have you written any songs about this love triangle?”

Taylor kept a brave face, ignoring the questions that were hitting too close to home today.

As soon as she entered the building she spotted Karlie. She could so easily be picked out of a crowd, almost like there was a spotlight on her.

Karlie looked up from the menu she had been reading and grinned as soon as her eyes met Taylor. The low that Taylor had been feeling that morning felt so much lighter now. Karlie’s green eyes sparkles and Taylor smiled back, walking to her seat.

The model stood a little, leaning in to give Taylor a quick kiss on the cheek.

“Alright here’s what I’m thinking…” Karlie started before launching into her possible meal options. She had obviously been debating them with herself while she was waiting for Taylor.

The singer was only half listening. She just kept smiling at Karlie’s little gestures that she had come to love. The way she moved her hands or raised an eyebrow or pursed her lips when she was contemplating something. Even though they had only been away from each other for like a week, Taylor had already missed Karlie desperately. She had been trying to convince herself that the crush she had was something that would go away with time but seeing her now, it became clear, that was not what was happening. It was the complete opposite. Taylor was falling even further. It wasn’t just puppy god love. Like the kind you get when you first meet someone at a party and they seem perfect and completely confident and everything you ever wished. What Taylor felt for Karlie was different. She was falling for her imperfections, which were hard to see at first and which she now realized weren’t imperfections at all. Like the way she says important or how she sometimes lets curses fly a little too freely or how she can sometimes be a bad influence and instigator by pushing Taylor out of her comfort zone. Falling for things like this was the most dangerous kind of love. It means that you will never stop loving that person because of a failure of connection but because of something that pushes you two away or in this case pulls you away.

“What are you getting?” Karlie asked looking up.

“I uhh…” Taylor replied being snapped out of her thoughts, quickly scanning the menu, which she had still not looked at.

“Do you not like this place?”
“No I just… I had a lot on my mind but don’t worry about it. Give me a sec to look at this.”

Karlie was quiet until the waitress came over and took their order. When she left Karlie asked, “So what is it that’s on your mind?”

“Um, just this party tomorrow. I like to be a good host so I occasionally go overboard.”

Karlie smiled. “I can see that.”


“No it was a compliment I swear! Type-A people always throw good parties. Unless you’re like Monica Geller status and then it’s kinda a disaster.”

Taylor loved the Friends reference. “Type-A planner Type-B partier?”

Karlie laughed. “Absolutely.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

The model smiled.

“Speaking of, you are coming tomorrow right?”
“Wouldn’t miss it for anything,” Karlie replied with a look as if it were obvious.

“Good because there are some people I want you to meet.”

“Oh cool who?”

“Well Ed’s going to be there and Ella and Ellie and a ton of other people. I think you guys would all get along really well.”

“No pressure or anything,” Karlie half joked.

“If at any point you feel uncomfortable or whatever just wink at me and I’ll come save you.”

“Yeah but like what if I just have something in my eye or something?”

“Do you really not like my company so much that it would be a bad thing if I came over to hang out with you thinking that you had signaled me to?”

“We’ll I’ll be trying to hang out with my new best friends and you might embarrass me.”

“Oh I’m totally going to embarrass you. That’s not even a question. Just be prepared.”

“Great can’t wait,” Karlie said sarcastically rolling her eyes and trying to hide a smile that was breaking through.


Cara poured herself a glass of water and made her way to the bedroom. As she did she passed by the living room where Karlie was working. She had her books spread across the couch and table in front of her. However, the she was looking outside into the dark of the night, which was broken up by the glittering lights of the city that never sleeps. The model’s eye’s were glazed over and her mouth slightly agape, her mind clearly somewhere else. She was either daydreaming or thinking really hard about the problem currently in the front of her.

“Kar?” Cara said.

The model turned quickly, closing her mouth and raising her eyebrows a little, showing that she was listening.

She was daydreaming, Cara reasoned. She would have put up a finger signaling she needed a second if she was trying to work thought a problem. What she was daydreaming about, Cara may never know.

“Just wanted to remind you to be ready around 6 tomorrow night.”

Karlie’s expression was blank.

“The party. We talked about it in Cannes.”

The models furrowed her brow.

“You forgot didn’t you?”

“I really don’t think you told me about this,” Karlie replied.

Figures she didn’t remember.

“This movie we start shooting next month, the cast is having a small party dinner thing to get to know each other better. We haven’t actually all met and it’s a small crew, which means we all have to be tight. The director and producer thought it would be good for chemistry if our families met and stuff over dinner so we have like a bond before the shooting actually starts. Since my blood family is in England I like to think that my best friend and girlfriend will do.”

“Oh….” Karlie replied running her hands through her hair in a slightly stressed manner.

“I told you not to book work tomorrow night but if you have a shoot or something just tell them to try and make setting up sets a little faster since you have to be out of there early but I’m sure they will be quick I mean you’re an amazing model and-“

“Cara it’s not work.”

The actress sighed. “Ok. Then what?”

The taller girl looked back out at the city. “I told Taylor I would go this part she’s throwing.”

“You’re joking right?” Cara responded exasperated and a little shocked.

“She asked me all the way back in Cannes and I promised her.”

“Yeah well you promised me back then too!” Cara replied now getting angry.

“I know I know. I just forgot. There was a lot going on on that trip.”

“Don’t try and change the subject. I need you to go with me tomorrow.”
“Oh come on Cara no you don’t. You do stuff all the time like this. You probably do it better without me anyway!”

“You’re seriously going to bale on me to go to Taylor’s party?!”

“I’m going to be working all day I don’t want to go to your work party after a whole day of classes!” Karlie retorted gesturing to her books on books surrounding her.

“How often do I ask for your help Karlie? Never! I need you to be my girlfriend for one fucking event and you cant even do it!”

“It’s more than that Cara. You’re asking me to back out of plans I’ve already made to help you do something that you can very well do on your own.”

“I can’t even believe you right now. It’s not like you haven’t seen her recently. You had lunch with her today! You think that was easy for me? You know how I feel about her. I’ve seen how she looks at you and how you talk to her! I trust you so I let it go but you can’t bale on me when I need you because you want to show up for her instead!”

Karlie was silent. She was taking in everything that was just said.

“It’s not like that. I’ve told you. And you know that if this was my work event you would say you would go but then probably flake last minute for something else and end up partying. At least I’m being up front and honest with you.”

“No Karlie. Don’t turn this around on me.”

“Why? Because you know I’m right because you know that you’re just as much a part of this problem as I am and you can’t blame me for everything?!”

They had never fought like this before. Sure they had been angry at each other but not to the point where the root of the problem seemed so deep that it was out of view. Cara didn’t know if she had the energy to fight this battle but she was too stubborn to give up.

“I an sure blame you for this! And fuck you. Yes I would turn up! You’re my best friend I would be there!”

“Really? You would mingle with random people and be on your best behavior and nod and laugh and let me drive conversations? You wouldn’t mind that?!”
Cara knew what nerve Karlie was trying too hit. Sometimes the blonde could be a little over the top and attention seeking. She recognized that but it was part of her personality. It could occasionally be toxic to relationships though and she had never really thought of it as a problem with Karlie until now.

“I didn’t know I bothered you that much,” Cara spat.

“Ha. Me neither. I’m finding it out more and more every day.”

“Fuck you! You think I like being with Miss American princess? It’s not so fun hanging with someone who is so anal about everything. You’re fucking overbearing and too uptight. Loosen up!”

“What do you think I’m trying to do tomorrow?! But no I have to go to your fucking work dinner!”

“You’re a smart girl I think you can figure out when it’s appropriate to be pop pills and when it’s not.”

Cara knew that was a low blow but she couldn’t resist.

“Like you’re one to talk,” Karlie replied coldly.

Ouch. Drugs had been something Cara had struggled with and Karlie had helped her out of it. She had pushed her away from the self-medication and from the depression that often took over Cara. Now Karlie was using it against her. It felt like she had just been punched in the gut.

The room was silent but the tension was exponentially high.

“I have to go,” Cara said standing and walking quickly into the bedroom and slamming the door behind her.

She quickly packed her bags stuffing everything she could think of that she would need into it. Years of traveling had taught her how to pack fast and she was done in 10 minutes. She rolled her suitcase out into the living room where Karlie still sat, arms cross, jaw clenched, looking out the window. When she heard plastic wheels on hardwood floors she turned, still holding a serious expression.

“What are you doing?” she asked with an even tone.

“I need some time and space,” Cara replied.

“All we have in this relationship is time and space,” Karlie said unwavering.

“I know and when we’re apart all we do if fight for this relationship. I need to be alone to think about if I’m strong enough, if I think we are strong enough to fight for what’s left of this fucked up relationship.”

Karlie looked away, accepting Cara’s words.

“I think you should do the same. When I come back, if I come back, I need to know if you will still love me and if you want to still fight. We have to figure out if we want this individually before we can do it together.”

Karlie was silent for a moment before she sighed and replied, “Ok,” still avoiding eye contact.

“Alight,” Cara mumbled.

“Where are you going?” Karlie asked now turning to her girlfriend.

“Poppy’s,” Cara replied. Even if they are fighting Karlie is still her best friend and making her worry wouldn’t do anybody any good even if Cara was still pissed about their argument.

“Ok,” Karlie said again.

Cara turned to the door and wheeled out into the night and to the next flight to London.