Awareness Quest
China's quest to buy up global supply of donkeys halted by African nations

Oh my god…. F***ing people are inhumane aliens. Their animal treatment is sickening with regards to all animals, cats, dogs, the yulin dog festival.

Traditional medicine is superstitious clap trap, using donkey skins isn’t going to cure blood disorders. I’m sickened by this, knowing that they’ve decimated their own and want to import others.

I have no words for the sheer cruelty and disregard for animals exhibited by humanity, especially some cultures who seemingly eat anything, even if they are educated powerful businessmen, if it’s rare or endangered they’ll exploit and eat it.

good news, friends!

or, rather, it’s good news to those of you aware of my ongoing quest to find a box of halloween cards to send to tumblr chums: i found some, finally, and they were 50% off, too! i poked my head into hallmark for a second, expecting to be scared off by their typical $6 per card price range, but found a box of 12 unicef cards for $5 instead! so, mission accomplished on that front! (the short lil messages inside are really cheesy but that’s part of the fun)

i’m gonna make a proper post for folks to let me know if they’d like me to send them a card for halloween later this weekend, but feel free to nudge me before then if you know you’d like one for sure! i wanna get an idea of how many people will want one so i’ll know if i’ll need to get more cards/if i’ll be able to send along silly halloweeny presents with them! 🎃

Color Correspondences

Amber: Witch symbol, developing Witchcraft skills, empowerment

Black/Jet: protection, ward, negativity, remove hexes, spirit contact, night, the universe, truth, remove discord or confusion, binding for spellwork

Blue (dark): the Goddess [ritual candle], Water Elemental, impulse, truth, dreams, protection, change, meditation

Blue (light): psychic awareness, intuition, opportunity, understanding, quests, safe journey, patience, tranquility, ward depression, health

Brown: Earth riches, endurance, animal health, steadiness, houses/homes, physical objects, uncertainties, special favors, influence friendships

Copper: money goals, professional growth, career maneuvers, passion, business fertility, energy movement

Gold: the God, Solar magics, Solar energy, power, achievement, physical strength, success, skills sought, mental growth, healing energy, intuition, wealth, divination, safety, winning, power, happiness, playful humor

Green: Lord/Lady of the Wild Wood, Earth Elemental, herb magics, Nature magics, luck, fertility, healing, balance, courage,work, prosperity, agriculture, changing direction or attitudes

Greenish-yellow: discord, sickness, anger, jealousy [use to negate these]

Indigo: meditation, spirit, communication, Karma workings, learn ancient wisdom, neutralize baneful manic, ward slander

Lavender: spiritual development, psychic growth, divination, otherworld

Orange:  the God (ritual candle), strength, healing, attracting things, vitality, attracting things, adaptability, luck, encouragement, clearing the mind, dominance, justice, career goals, legal matters, selling, action, property deals, ambition, success

Pink: honor, morality, friendships, emotional love, social ability, good will, caring, healing emotions, peace, affection, nurturing, romance, partnership

Purple: power, Spirit, spiritual development, intuition, ambition, healing, wisdom, progress, business, spirit communication, protection, occultism, self-assurance, influence higher-ups

Rainbow: variegated colors, inner development by relaxation and introspection

Red: Fire Elemental, strength, power, energy, health, vigor, enthusiasm, courage, passion, sexuality, vibrancy, survival, driving force, blood of the Moon

Silver: the Goddess, Lunar magics, meditation, psychic development, success, balance, wards negativity, astral energies

Violet: self-improvement, intuition, success in searches

White: the Lady and Lord together (ritual candle), Full Moon magics, purity, protection, truth, meditation, peace, sincerity, justice, ward doubt/fear

Yellow: Air Elemental, divination, clairvoyance, mental alertness, intellect, memory, prosperity, learning, changes, harmony, creativity, self-promotion

Noticed a few lists of color correspondences going around and figured I’d throw this one out there too. This list of Color Correspondences was copied from Ann Moura’s Grimoire for the Green Witch . It’s a very good resource and I highly recommend it. If you have additional correspondences to add, please do so!

  • me:*downloads high school story*
  • me:this looks like another one of those stupid games that involves a lot of waiting and nothing else.
  • me:but i'm playing it anyway
  • pixelberry:hey here's all these awesome awareness-raising quests
  • pixelberry:hey here's all these cute and lovable characters
  • pixelberry:hey here's all these (frozen) references
  • pixelberry:hey here's all these relatable moments
  • pixelberry:hey here's all thes -
  • me:I GIVE UP
  • me:*joins fandom*
  • me:*becomes overly attached to mobile game that i first thought of as stupid

#Reiki and #energy #healing sessions are commonly misconstrued as occult practice or all smoke and mirrors. The reality is that the #quest for personal, #emotional, mental, and #spiritual #growth in the full 360-degree spectrum through energy work is a very unique, #meditative and mind altering experience, which can only be experienced and built upon to be best understood and appreciated. #reikimaster #health #healthy #holistic #crystals #stones #chakra #river #meditation #peace #moonchild #metaphysical #manifestation #mind #psyche #psychology #consciousness #love #light #life #growth #goodvibes #gratitude #soul #self #awareness #summerborn #summerdays #summer #cos #companyofsapiens #elite #elevation #ethos #media

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You might be thinking, “there wasn’t anything wrong with the Bombers’ Notebook, so what is there to improve?”. While that is true, the reason isn’t because of any flaws, but due to the game coming to a handheld console. The Bombers’ Notebook will be redone so the player can actually be more aware of the additional quests, especially since now the player doesn’t have to manage their playing time since the game can be played whenever and on the go. 

Here are some quotes from Eiji Aonuma from the GamesMaster column this new information came from:

We were told by Mr. Miyamoto that he felt there were a lot of users who finished the original without even noticing all the hidden events scattered around the town. He said that he wanted us to make sure users were more aware of them this time around.

When the game was launched, I believed that the real purpose was for players to overcome this pressure and experience a sense of achievement. On a portable console, users don’t have to choose when or where they play, they can keep on playing the game whenever they want. I think this should allow all users to enjoy that special sense of achievement.