Awareness Quest

Many do quest for a heaven to set camp
Sailing the mists that begets life swamp
Yet fail to carry their enlightening lamp
Alas! Get ensnared in life’s boggy clamp
Enlightenment marks the path of a champ

Dark shadows enshroud the access ramp
The lack of guiding light will often cramp
Man’s journeys towards bliss to encamp
Lost be the very soul of a spiritual tramp
Indeed darkness is a field we must decamp

It’s wise to overcome man’s spiritual slump
Ignorance is an egotist self-serving pump
This makes the consciousness grow plump
Burdening the soul with a worldly hump
Wisdom is a priceless and divine stamp

He who chases earthly materialistic clump
That physically pleases but spiritually mump
And hinder the spirit from making the jump
Will only end up trapped in a hellish dump
Man’s Spiritual self-awareness must revamp  

By Bernard Owor
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We are all
Born dead.
The end exists
Before anything begins.
If living
Is a constant quest for awareness,
The awareness we gain at the end is the real goal.
In other words, death
Is the discovery and complete understanding
Of the end.
We are not permitted to seek awareness.
Those that cannot transcend death
Will not find awareness in anything.