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Cuddling With...

Request: Cuddling with anyone tbh will be gr8 thank youu

A/N: Just some drabbles about a whole bunch of people I absolutely adore to be quite honest. 

Word Count: N/A

Newt Scamander-

“Please come back to bed, (Y/N)…” A sleepy Newt called out to you as he grasped around the bed in search of your warm body. You padded out of the bathroom and smiled at his adorable and pouty self. His brown curls were messy, eyes heavily lidded due to his half awake state, and the blankets were wrapped tightly around him. 

“I’ll coming, just had to use the bathroom, Newt.” You chided and slipped back under the covers, immediately curling into his side and he sighed in content. 

“Thank you. It was quite cold without you, love.” He murmured into your hair as his arms wrapped around your body, drawing you in as close as possible. His fingers traced delicate patterns on the small of your back as his lips pressed a small kiss on your forehead. You couldn’t help but giggle at how affectionate and cute he was half asleep. Your hands went up to meet his hair and allowed your fingers to weave through the soft locks. It was going to be a lazy day and you were perfectly fine with that if it meant spending time with your favourite Hufflepuff.

Queenie Goldstein- 

Your reading time was quickly cut off when Queenie took her place beside you and poked at your arm. You set the book down, turned your head to face the woman and arched your eyebrow.

“Yes, love?” You asked, though you already knew what she wanted. It wasn’t as if you could read her mind, but she’d only interrupt you while reading if she was in dire need of attention. She smiled sweetly up to you and moved to press a kiss on your cheek tenderly. You shifted all your attention towards her, forgetting about the book’s plot. ‘Save it for another time.’ You thought. 

“Just bored is all. You’re always spending time reading instead of talking.” She commented and rested her head on your shoulder. You chuckled and rolled your eyes before proceeding to wrap your arms around her.

“You got my attention. Happy yet, gorgeous?” You asked her.

“Yes I am.” She beamed. 

Sirius Black-

“Baaabeeee.” Sirius groaned, tugging at your arm childishly as you tried to finish an essay for potions. When you didn’t immediately respond to his pleas, he moved until you could see his face and pouted, complete with the loving-yet-annoying puppy dog eyes. 

“Ten more minutes, Sirius, okay? Almost done.” You mumbled, trying to ignore his cute facial expression because the minute you looked, you melted and give into his pleas. His voice was raised about three octaves when he said, “What?!” and you looked down at him, shrugging your shoulders. The boy shook his head and picked you up before you even knew what was going on. 

“No, I want to cuddle with you right now. Your potions essay can wait, it’s not even due for a few days.” He stated and set you down on the couch by the roaring fire. You allowed him to wrap his arms around your torso, already giving up at fighting against this. He was quite warm after all and maybe you could spare thirty minutes for Sirius’ pleasure. You laid your head against his chest and deeply inhaled the scent that could only be described as Sirius. He peppered kisses along your collarbones and you hummed at his affection. 

“Not so bad, is it, baby?” He muttered against your skin and you merely giggled in response. Not so bad, indeed.

Remus Lupin-

How you two ended up, limbs tangled together, with books strewn everywhere on the bed, was a mystery to you both. One minute you had been studying late into the night with each other, and then you two were cuddling. Not the worst thing to be doing on a chilly night, you had to admit.

“Remus…” You murmured to the boy as you gently tapped a rhythm on his chest while he rubbed small circles on your shoulder blades, relieving the tension that built up over the past few days. He stopped what he was doing and looked at you and pecked your nose.

“Yes, my love?” He acknowledged while tugging your body closer to his. 

“Just wanted to say I’m thankful for you, is all.” You chirped and kissed his jawline. He, in return, gave you a lazy smile and moved his head down to give you a proper kiss on the lips. You smiled against his lips, giddy for who knows what. Probably because you were with Remus and finally got to relax after a stressful week. 

“As am I.”  

Draco Malfoy-

“Draco, I’m cold.” You complained and opened your arms up, hoping he’d take the invite and come cuddle with you. When he didn’t look over right away, you pouted and let out an exasperated sigh. That got his attention and he looked over at you, eyebrow arched and a smirk adorning his lips.

“I’ll take care of that.” He drawled and approached you. The boy sat down beside you then moved your frame until you were resting comfortably in his lap. You giggled and began to pepper kisses along his jawline and neck. Draco responded by squeezing your waist and leaning his head back. 

“Warmer now,  princess?” He chuckled and lowered his head to capture your lips with his own. Your arms moved to wrap around his neck, brushing the platinum locks at the base of his neck. You pulled away from him and beamed. 

“Always warmer with you around, Draco.” With this statement, he pulled you closer to his body and nodded his head, content with your answer. You could hear him mutter a ‘good’ under his breath, making you smile. 

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Call Me Daddy

Summary: Phil asks Dan what his kink is, but Dan doesn’t feel so inclined to tell him.

Word Count: 3.1k

Genre: smut (specifically: daddy kink smut oh man)

happy birthday @mangothatismelancholy !! i know im a few hours early but i won’t have much time to post it tomorrow morning ahaha. i hope you like this and i hope i remembered correctly that daddy kink was your favorite (?). also i hope you have a great birthday dude!!! 

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I was playing a halfling Druid named Hana in a homebrew campaign. My party was staying at an inn for the night and were all sharing a single room. In the middle of the night, we had a visitor.

DM: Hana in your half-awake state, you hear footsteps on the wooden floor.

Me: I open my eyes and immediately reach for my scimitar.

DM: You discover that your scimitar is gone. You have no other weapons on you and the footsteps you hear belong to an assassin who has come to kill your adventuring party. What do you do?

Me: I scream loudly to wake everyone up and then change into a draft horse to attack this guy.

(DM makes everyone else roll to see if their character wakes up. Everyone but the party’s rogue awakens. Then everyone starts attacking the intruder but he escapes out the window once he realizes that he’s outnumbered.)

Fighter: I jump out the window after him!

Wizard: I jump out the window too!

Cleric: I follow them, I guess.

DM (before I get to follow): At this moment, the innkeeper kicks open the door to see what all the commotion is. His eyes widen at the scene before him.

At this point, the innkeeper sees an overturned room that is empty except for our rogue who is passed out on the floor and a gigantic draft horse in the middle of the room.

DM: The innkeeper looks at the horse, looks at the small doorway, looks back at the horse, and then faints.

The party erupts in laughter and several people suggest that we do this again as some sort of ongoing prank.

Arising Arousal

Just a lil Newt smut for you guys since you seem to love it ;)

Pairing: Newt Scamander x Reader

Word Count: 1.6k

Warnings: SMUT!

It’s hard to explain the kind of bliss you receive from being able to wake up next to the person you love. For Newt, it was as if every morning he was reborn, in love and in light, and any evil, any bad in the world, was incomprehensible. When it was just your sleeping face, resting with your mouth slightly agape and a soft snore escaping you, it was impossible to think that anything apart from utter peace existed. When he looked at you, he always became aware of his heartbeat. It no longer sped upon sight of you, but rather he realized it had relaxed, as if knowing that it didn’t have to squeeze in more beats, knowing it now belonged to you and didn’t have to try. And his cheeks no longer turned ruby red, instead settling for a healthy pink glow that ran along the tip of his nose as well.

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A Blue CatAstrophe!

Lance isn’t missing, he’s right there. It was an accident, how he’d ended up ‘missing’, but Blue said that there should be some cure for this. He wished he was human again, so he could comfort his team with the knowledge that he wasn’t dead. But no, he’s a cat, and the only way to make sure they smile is to knock all the pens to the ground, chase some string, and occasionally wake up his crush and idol up from a nightmare and almost get smacked across the room by accident. Well, okay, that last one had to be mended since he was apparently a good stress reliever if you ran your hands down his back… too bad it wouldn’t happen if he was a human. So, for now, he’ll deal with being a brown and darker brown swirled tabby kitten for just a little bit longer. Purrrrrrrr…..

A Cat Au, where Lance becomes a cat and hell ensues.

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Notable Near Death Experience- Anita Moorjani

Hello, I decided to make a new story series of near death experiences (NDE). These NDE’s are going to be detailed and vived. They will offer insights into what happens after we die. The reason I like NDE’s so much is because all of these experiences share similar themes, across time and cultures. If these stories get popular enough, I will add more and more. They can really offer you peace if you’ve been confused about topics such death, religion, or the meaning of life.

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Attention (M)

Originally posted by chanyoelparks-deleting

Requested by: @sehuns-bubble-txe

Request: Based on the song Attention by Charlie Puth

References to lyrics are in bold

Genre: Angst/Smut

Member: Sehun


You knew something was wrong, but you didn’t want to say anything about it. You’ve always hated confrontation and had felt awkward when you had to have an important conversation about something. All these years and you haven’t changed.

You had thought that you were getting better with your problem of confrontation, but that didn’t seem to be the case right now. To be fair, you weren’t sure if confrontation was the thing that you were afraid of. Maybe it was that you were more afraid of what the problem actually turned out to be and if you were the cause of it.

You noticed how Sehun started acting indifferent towards you. He just didn’t seem interested in what you had to say, in what you were doing… or you in general.

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On My Own (Harry Hook) Part Eight

Originally posted by unchxxrted

“You swore you’d never hurt me.”

“You swore you’d never leave me On My Own.”

One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight

“Harry, we need to talk,” Uma stated, walking into the room he shared with Gil the next morning, receiving an uninterested hum in reply. She was surprised to see him out of bed. But, she felt a twinge of worry when she saw him staring out his window longingly while shining his hook. 

“It’s about Y/N,” She started, jumping slightly at the speed the pirate whipped around to stare at her. “What happened? Is she okay? She didn’t get hurt did she?” He rapidly questioned. Uma shook her head. Harry relaxed and turned back to stare out of the window, “Thank goodness.”Amazing how she just told him she hated him yet he’s still worried over her.

“No, Harry. It’s about her breaking up with you… She only broke up with you because Gil told her you were cheating on her.” Harry turned around, fixing her with a steely gaze. “What?”

“Back on the Isle, on the day Y/N broke up with you… Gil heard us talking about the bruises your dad gave you and… he thought we were sneaking around so he told Y/N you were cheating on her and that’s why she broke up with you,” She rushed out, noticing the way her first mate’s shoulders tensed. She felt uneasy by the laugh her first mate let out.

“He’s fishbait,” He growled, shoving past her and out of the room.


You and Harry were sitting together by the enchanted lake, taking in the view of the setting sun. It had been a month since you forgave him. He finally convinced you to give him another chance. When you surprisingly agreed, he spent every moment trying to make it up to you.

“Y/N, there’s a reason I wanted to bring ye here, today,” Harry started, turning to face you. You raised an eyebrow, “What is it, Harry?”

The pirate slowly pulled a small, velvet ring box out of his pocket. “Well…” He mumbled, opening the box to reveal a beautiful ring. “Harry…”You whispered in shock, heart nearly beating out of your chest.

“I want you to help me propose to Uma.”

You shot up in bed, rubbing your eyes. “What the hell?” You mumbled to yourself, looking out to see the sun hanging low in the sky. “Good morning, Y/N. I’m surprised to see you awake before noon,” Lonnie stated, looking at you in the mirror.

“It’s too early for you to be teasing me, Lonnie,” You mumbled. Lonnie laughed in reply. “Got that right. It’s eight in the morning,” She replied before giving you a smile. “But, I’m glad you seem to be doing better. I didn’t wake up to you crying and holding that tattered red jacket for once.”

Your face flushed red, “Never speak of that again.”

“Oh, I wouldn’t dream of it,” She retorted sarcastically. Giving you another smile, as she walked over to your bed. “Come on. You’re going to get breakfast with me. And after that, we’re going to the Tourney game together. Whether you want to or not.”

Uma shoved Harry down on his bed as they returned from the tourney match, staring at him with an intense look in her eyes. “Really, Harry? Are you fucking kidding me?” Harry rolled his eyes, “I can do what I want, Captain.”

“You can’t just go around fighting people!”

“He asked for it,” Harry grumbled.

“All he did was wink at Y/N and ask you if she was single.”


A knock on the door sounded, pulling Harry and Uma away from their bickering. “Gil if that’s you, you better have brought me the first aid kit like I asked- Y/N?”

Harry shot to his feet, peering around his Captain’s body to look out the door. He thought surely he had heard wrong, until he saw you standing there himself. “Uh, Gil sent me here to patch up Mr. MMA fighter.”

“Oh. Oh! Yeah, come on in,” Uma replied, ushering you into the room. “I’m gonna go find Gil.” You raised an eyebrow at how quickly the witch left the room, before turning to Harry. You almost found it endearing at the way he kept his eyes to the ground, cradling his injured hand. Almost. If it didn’t break your heart at the same time. “Sit down.”

You sat beside him on the bed, opening up the first aid kit. “You shouldn’t have done that,” You mumbled, setting to work on cleaning the scrapes on his arms. “Not now, Y/N. I’m not in the mood.”

You shook your head, “You’re going to get yourself sent back to the Isle at this rate.” Harry scoffed, shaking his head. “Don’t get me hopes up, Lass.”

“You really hate Auradon that much, huh?” You asked, trying your best to keep your voice level. No matter how much he hurt you, it still pained you to see him so unhappy. “I don’t fit in here. I’m a villain. It’s what I do, what I’m good at. The only thing I’m good at.”

“Now that’s a lie. You’re better at more things than you give yourself credit for.”

“Oh yeah? Like what?” He scoffed as you set to cleaning his bloody knuckles.

“Well, you’re the one that taught me how to fight with swords. And I haven’t lost one yet.” You glanced up in time to see the corners of the pirate’s lips turn up into a smile. “Ye’re just sayin’ that.”

“It’s the truth. You taught me how to steer a ship, fish, navigate by the currents and wind direction. You even taught me to dance, remember?”

Harry smiled, reminiscing the night you were keeping him company while he patrolled the ship. How the two of you got bored, so he decided to teach you to dance the waltz like his mother once taught him. You kissed him for the first time that night.

“Two hundred bottles of rum on the wall, two hundred bottles of rum, take one down, chug it all down, ninety-nine bottles of rum on the wall!” Harry sang as he walked around on the ship. “Actually, that’d be one hundred and ninety-nine, love,” A voice called out from behind him.

Harry whipped around quickly, just now seeing where you stood, leaning against the ship’s railing. “Look what the catfish brought in,” He teased, sauntering over to you. “I must thank the catfish for bringin’ me such a jewel.”

“As slimy as ever, I see,” You teased back as the pirate met your smile with one of his own. “Always, lass. Always.”

It took maybe twenty minutes before you got bored. And then three more minutes before Harry was ready to go overboard to get away from your endless complaining. “You know what, Lass? I’m gonna teach ye how to dance.”

“You know how to dance?” You asked, raising an eyebrow at the pirate. “Me mum taught me. And now I’m gonna teach ye.”

It took a while, but you finally got the hang of the dance, following Harry’s lead as you waltzed and twirled around on the deck of Uma’s ship. “Ye look beautiful, lass,” Harry whispered as you slowly came to a stop. “You’re just saying that,” You chuckled, face heating up in the light of the ship’s torches.

“No, Y/N. I mean it. Ye’re the most beautiful lass I’ve ever had the pleasure of layin’ my eyes on. And I hope I get to do so until the end of time,” He whispered, eyes never leaving yours. “Harry,” You whispered, surprised to hear such sweet words coming from the lips of the pirate.

“Be mine, lass. Please. I may not be able to give ye the world like ye deserve, but I can make ye my world.”

You smiled, leaning up to catch his lips in a kiss.

“Ye looked beautiful that night.”

“Don’t go back to the Isle, Harry. You could do so much more here. Maybe if you talked to Fairy Godmother, you could get your father’s ship back.”

Harry instantly sat up straighter, “Really? Do ye think so?”

“I do. Besides, don’t pretend you don’t enjoy being on the tourney team and fencing. You’re a natural, probably the best on the team.” Harry smiled, before it fell again.

“Y/N, we need to talk…”


And just like that, your fate was sealed - because Min Yoongi was absolutely going to destroy you. But hell, if you weren’t going to let him, or bask happily in the flames as he did so.

And sadly, at the time, you didn’t think that your thoughts would become so literal.

“Please don’t expect me to always be good and kind and loving. There are times when I will be cold and thoughtless and hard to understand.” -Sylvia Plath

Pairing: Min Yoongi x Reader
Word Count: 7,774
Chapter Index
◇ Soulmate!Au, Slowburn, Angst

Warning: Depression and death mention, underage drinking, please take this into consideration before continuing. 

If the kink forming in his neck, and the uncomfortable sitting position he’s in says anything at all – it is that for some reason unknown to him in his half awake, half asleep, groggy state – is that he isn’t in his bed.

The second thing he notices is that even though he lacks a blanket, he’s comfortably warm. And within a moment, as his ears perk up to his surroundings and he starts to hear the hushed whispers of two people in the same room as him – he remembers what had happened.

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clingy jimin (poly bts)
  • snatching + running w/their phones when they’ve been on them too long
  • literally inserting himself into a conversation by sitting in their laps
  • (which they all let him do b/c they think it’s cute)
  • resting on top of them while they’re still sleeping in bed and singing, “jiminnie is bored~ come play with me”
  • asking a bunch of silly, annoying questions so they’ll shut him up w/a kiss
  • hopping onto namjoon’s back when he’s about to leave the apartment and asking where he’s going
  • (and instead of telling him to get off, namjoon keeps walking and says “why don’t you come with me?”)
  • hugging yoongi from behind while he’s talking to someone else
  • when they’re not together, spamming tae w/selcas he’s taken in his bed, asking him to come back soon so they can cuddle
  • crawling into hobi’s bed in the middle of the night and demanding kisses
  • (which hobi happily gives, even in his half-awake state)
  • snaking an arm around jungkook’s waist while he’s in the middle of a conversation
  • (and kook rubbing + patting jimin’s butt in return)
  • when they’re out as a group, purposefully refusing to laugh at jin’s jokes so jin will get frustrated + tickle him
  • lying on the sofa and whining/complaining until someone comes and asks him what he needs
Castaway {ACOTAR/Chapter 9)

Word Count: 2,713

Summary:  A modern-day University AU, from the A Court of Thorns and Roses universe. All characters belong to Sarah J. Maas. The idea for this fanfic hailed from prompts sent in by Anonymous, and @queen-archeron. You can read previous chapters here.

Author’s Note: When I asked if I should post the next chapter, I didn’t think I would get such love! Wow. Thank you. I hope you all enjoy it, and to be honest, I can’t wait for you all to read chapter 10. But, for now, let me know what you think of chapter 9. :)

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Someone was licking her toes.

Nesta opened her eyes, shooting up in the bed, careful to bring the sheet along with her to cover her bare chest. Shadow, Elain’s kitten, was on the foot of the bed – a small, pink tongue tickling Nesta’s big toe.

And shit……Nesta had a headache.

But wait –

She didn’t remember going to Elain’s apartment. No, she hadn’t. She had gone to Azriel’s. But Azriel wasn’t home, he never came home, to her knowledge. She wouldn’t have been visiting Azriel, anyway. She had no relations with him.

Nesta slowly turned her head, already aware of who she would find. Her heart pounded almost as obnoxiously as the pain in her head as her eyes found a bare-assed Cassian lying face first into the pillow next to hers.

She remembered everything. She wasn’t even that drunk. Maybe too drunk to make sound decisions, and surely enough to wake up with a bitch of a headache, but…..she wasn’t that drunk.

No, she remembered everything.

She remembered the sweet sensation that swept through her body as his lips clung to hers. She remembered the feeling of his calloused fingers sweeping her clothes off, piece by piece. She remembered how his tongue swept along every inch of her body, how it expertly found all the right places. She remembered how his injury didn’t affect him at all, how he still moved with grace and beauty as his hips thrust wildly into hers. 

She remembered how he called her name as if it were a prayer: Nesta, Nesta, Nesta.

She remembered thinking that she wanted to feel it again and again as she cursed herself for feeling anything for him at all.

Now, listening to him snore with his beautiful nude ass in plain sight, Nesta was mortified.

Oh, what he must think of her – a girl who would jump into bed with anybody.

But she wasn’t like that. It had been years since she had slept with anyone, years since she’d even been alone with another man.

Cassian was a gentleman, though. He kept asking if what he was about to do was okay….and she kept begging him yes, yes, please, yes.

Nesta had to get the hell out of there before he woke up.

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How do you sleep? // Theo Raeken x Reader


Originally posted by couplenotes

Theo Raeken x Reader

Word Count : 760- ish

Summary : you get stuck with Theo at a Motel California room.

note : Let’s pretend Theo is in season 3 and motel California and plays lacrosse. I’m Theo Trash. 

Warning : very fluffy

not my gif. hope you like it! 



You walk in the room, Theo followed closely.  You were best friends with Lydia and Allison but they were better friends so they decided to bunk together, you got stuck with Theo since you got into the pack very recently too. You were very sceptical about him but still treated him like a friend. You were a banshee like Lydia but with stronger powers but you couldn’t control them, at all. Not even a bit. You were working on it.

You put your phone down on the side table, you just wanted to get out of your tight jeans, you cussed at yourself saying ‘shouldn’t have worn these just because my butt looked good’ you think to yourself and tug at the belt loop pacing around the room.

“You look comfortable” Theo comments putting his bag on the side of the room. You roll your eyes, “thanks” you reply sarcastically. you kept pacing, right when you turn around to face him, you are hit in the face with something soft, cloth, you pull it off your face, it was his jersey. You smile a little at him, almost saying thank you through gestures.

You quickly change into it, it almost fitted you like a dress so you weren’t uncomfortable. He was already lay on the bed with legs crossed at the ankles and his hands under the back of his head. He was in his sweat pants, only. He looked handsome, very handsome. You shrug off all the thoughts that might result in you jumping on him and get on the bed.

“Looks good on you” he compliments and you die a little on the inside. “Thanks” you mutter, you had never seen him from this ‘I-want-to-jump-you’ perspective. you sit on the bed mimicking his actions. “So, I had a question” you start looking up at the ceiling.

“How do you sleep?”

He looks at you completely confused, “I close my eyes and try to relax?” he says which almost came out like a question. He didn’t understand what you meant.

“I mean, do you sleep like a starfish, like take up the whole bed? Do you drool, oh do you snore? If you snore I swear I’ll push you off this bed” you say everything that comes to mind. He shakes his head, “I won’t interrupt your beauty sleep if that’s what you’re asking” he says looking over. You smile sheepishly, “Neither will I” you say to him, you look around, you weren’t that sleepy. “Stay on your side okay?” You say, sorta warn, but you weren’t sure if you were warning him or telling yourself to stay on your side.  

He chuckled “Sure” and slowly turned around to the other side, facing away from you. You immediately said “No, no” and pull his arm to turn his face to your face. “I don’t like that” you say vaguely.

“Don’t like what? Me getting comfortable?” he asks raising an eyebrow and turning on his side to face you.

“I don’t like it when people sleep with their backs to my face” you say and he was completely lost.

“That makes no sense, whatsoever” he says obviously wanting more info on the issue.

“If they turn on you when you’re sleeping, they will turn on you when you’re awake” you state.

“You’re an irrational weirdo” he says and grins while shaking his head, he was amused.  “It just makes me uncomfortable” you say hugging yourself after pulling the flimsy blanket cloth over you.  His jersey smelled like his cologne which was heavenly. You close your eyes and slowly try to drift into sleep.

You couldn’t sleep on your back, neither could he. You were completely restless. He groaned. “(Y/N) what are you doing?” he asked. “I can’t sleep” you complain. He quietly puts his hand on your waist and flips you to your side, facing away from him. “No. No” You refuse. “I don’t mind you ‘turning your back’ on me, sweetheart” he says.

Even after flipping you, his hands don’t go back where they belong. The jersey wasn’t that thick so you could feel his hands as if they were almost on your skin. He gently pulls your back into his chest. You could feel his breath on the back of your neck. His breathing pattern relaxed you into sleep. “Now stop complaining and sleep” he says firmly.

“I guess it doesn’t apply to cuddling” you mutter and he chuckles. “Sleep (y/n)” he says again smiling, you could hear it. You nod and drift to sleep.

fic rec friday

Happy Friday! 😊

Red Witch by  rootbeer | 34.2K | magic stiles

The red hair of a banshee. The red eyes of an alpha. The red hoodie of a mage. The red of fire burning.

Derek Hale has been a prisoner to the hunters since they burned his family alive. But now someone has come to save him: skinny, defenseless Stiles–147 lbs of skin and fragile bones. Turns out, sarcasm isn’t his only weapon.

Every stumble and each misfire by  everchanginginks | 14K | deputy stiles

Stiles hasn’t seen or heard from Derek in ten years. It’s a bit of a surprise to find out about Derek’s return to Beacon Hills through Tinder.

Louder than Words by  Dexterous_Sinistrous | 13.9K | the little mermaid

“You’re awake,” Stiles stated as he looked down at Derek, his head moving to block the sun from Derek’s eyes. The tips of his fins barely touched the water now.

“You’re real,” Derek uttered in fascination, his voice hoarse and weakened from the night’s events.

Stiles brightly smiled at Derek.

The Sun Comes Crashing In by  pinetreelady | 17.2K | farmer stiles

A story in which Derek makes jam and pines, and Stiles and his dad have a farm.

There Must Be Better Ways by  skoosiepants | 3.7K | firefighter derek

Derek the fireman keeps saving Stiles from himself.

Gym Rats by  i_am_girlfriday | 49.7K | single dad sterek

Stiles spots Derek at the smoothie shop across the street from the gym early on a crisp April morning, it’s not even 7 AM yet. For some reason, and Stiles will deny it has anything to do with Derek in joggers, he decides that maybe this is the perfect chance to introduce himself.

The Wake of War by  theroguesgambit | 2.4K | canon divergence

Derek and Stiles reconnect after the events of the finale.

happy birthday to the beautiful and wonderful @maghnvsbane. you’re consistently kind and funny and you’re so wonderful to talk to, and i wish you nothing but the best in everything you do. i hope you had a wonderful day, and i love you so much. ❤️

read on ao3

Jace knocks on the door, pushing his hair out of his eyes and shoving his hands in his jean pockets. He shifts his weight from one foot to the other, waiting for either Alec or Magnus to open the door. Alec wasn’t due at the Institute for another two hours, but Luke had called Jace personally and asked for an approval for a joint mission between shadowhunters and werewolves, so here Jace was, interrupting Magnus and Alec’s Sunday morning.

After another few seconds, the door is opened gently and Alec’s head pops out, eyes still half lidded and hair a bird’s nest on the top of his head.

“Jace,” Alec says, blinking more aggressively in attempt to wake himself up.

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I actually have to ask because I no longer trust that the plot will actually give me conscious Sakura 

That’s where we are now. 

But where is Sakura now?


Hnnnnnnnnnnn it has occurred to me just now that Sakura will recognise the clothes on the Empty Syaoran and assume that is her Syaoran




When You Can’t Sleep

  It was getting later and later, and still stubbornly sleep evaded you, refusing to allow you to retire from what had been an admittedly difficult day. You had tried everything you could think of, short of actually knocking yourself out, but none of it was working. Counting sheep, patterned breathing, you had even done that thing where you think about every muscle individually and relax them one at a time, but even that hadn’t helped. The once comforting and familiar darkness of your room was staring to creep you out in all honesty. That was how you knew it was time to take action. You turned over in bed to face  your soundly sleeping boyfriend. You crinkled your nose in indecision. He had said that he was here to help you with anything… But you were unsure whether or not that included waking him at 2:00 in the morning because you couldn’t sleep. But at this point, you didn’t care anymore, you were desperate. Taking a deep breath you reached out to touch his back and wake him.

  Tamaki instantly responded to your touch, rolling over and pulling you lazily but firmly into his arms. “Mon amour… what is it you need so early?” You looked into his half lidded eyes, apologetic. You almost regretted waking him up… “I can’t sleep.” you explained, hardly over a whisper. In response he simply grinned down at you. “Well why didn’t you say so? Would you like me to tell you a story?” You simply nodded in response. He thought for a moment, trying to find just the right story to tell. After a while, he began in a low, melodious voice, rough with sleep. “Once upon a time, there was a prince and a princess…” You smiled, snuggling deeper into his comforting warmth. How did you get so lucky, you wondered, as to have a boyfriend like this. You finally fell asleep, more to his voice telling the story more than the words he was saying, counting your blessings, him following shortly thereafter.

  Kyoya didn’t move. His sleeping mind ignored your touch and went on with its much loved sleep. You were hesitant to try again, since everyone knows that its practically asking for death to wake Kyoya from his sleep, but the shadows in the room had become more menacing than comforting, and all you wanted to sleep. Once you got him awake, you knew he would know what to do. He always did. So, once more you reached out a tentative hand and shook him slightly harder than last time. “Kyoya?” Your soft voice roused him that last push and he rolled over to face you, glaring slightly. “Whatever could you possibly need at this hour (y/n)?” You pouted slightly. “I’m sorry I woke you Kyoya. I just… I couldn’t sleep and you said that if I ever needed something that I could ask you.” He sighed, but his gaze did soften exponentially. “I suppose I did say that. What would you request of me, now that I’m up?” You thought about it for a moment. “Talk to me? Put me to sleep Kyoya.” His eyebrow raised lazily. “Are you calling me boring (y/n)?” You flushed slightly at the misunderstanding. “No! I just… I don’t know, it seemed  like a good idea.” He pursed his lips slightly, thinking. “How about we go on a drive? I’m already up, and I’ve read that the motions of the car can help to lull people to sleep.” You thought it over. There’s no reason it wouldn’t work really… and worst case scenario, the city is really pretty at night. “Alright, let’s go then.”

  Hikaru, to your surprise was already awake. “Couldn’t sleep either?” he asked you. You nodded your head, confirming his statement. “What do we do now?” He wrapped his arms around you, running a hand absentmindedly through your (h/c) hair. “I dunno.” He responded absently, thinking on what to do now that you were both, regrettably, awake. “Screw it.” he stated, causing you to raise your eyebrows in question. “Wanna go play video games until we pass out?” You laughed slightly. Of course his big idea was to play video games. “Why not.” You agreed. The two of you got up, heading downstairs in just your pajamas. You sat on the couch as he set up the console. “What do you want to play?” He asked, eliciting a shrug and noncommittal noise from you. He popped something random into the machine and joined you on the couch. The game he put in was some sort of deep sea diving game that he claimed would help the two of you relax. It did just that, as not even ten minutes into the game, the two of you were passed out on the couch in a heap, snoring loudly.

  Kaoru was up as soon as you touched his back. Groaning, he rolled over, not even opening his eyes as he pulled you to his chest. “Yes (y/n)?” Frowning a bit, you hugged him in apology. “I’m sorry for waking you. I couldn’t sleep…” He sighed a bit, still not fully awake, and clearly wanting to be back asleep. Rolling onto his back and pulling you on top of him, he put his lip to your ears. “Go to sleep (y/n),” he whispered gently. He continued absentmindedly whispering into your ear, his voice lulling you to sleep faster than anything else you could have tried. He whispered anything and everything he thought of to you, his voice being more important than the actual words. He whispered about what you two were going to do tomorrow to start with, but right before you fell asleep, you were pretty sure you heard him whispering the grocery list to you. You felt his lips on your forehead, just before you heard “Goodnight (y/n), sleep well.”

  Mori took some effort to wake, seeing as he was basically a human brick wall, but once he was up, you had all of his attention. It actually surprised and impressed you how fast he went from asleep to completely alert and aware. His eyes questioned you as he looked down at you. “I couldn’t sleep…” you whispered, somewhat reluctant to break the peaceful atmosphere. He nodded, wrapping his arms around you and pulling you in close. “Sleep now (y/n).” He said in his deep, comforting voice. He then proceeded to run his hands through your (h/c) hair, massaging your scalp lightly as he did so. His massaging trailed down your back, eliciting an almost purr-like sound from your throat, causing him to chuckle in response. He trailed his way down your back slowly, causing every muscle in you to relax. You ended up falling asleep to a particularly comforting massage on your lower back. He gazed fondly down at your finally sleeping form, a  slight smile on his lips, before eventually dozing off, joining you in the dream land in your minds.

  Honey, to your surprise and great relief was already up. He turned over to face you the second he felt your hand touch his back. “What are you doing up (y/n)-chan?” You tilted your head slightly in confusion. “I couldn’t sleep. Why are you up?” You questioned, genuinely curious as to why he wasn’t sleeping. “Well, you see I was trying to decide whether or not to have my special cake night tonight, because if I did then I would have to leave you up here all by yourself! I didn’t want to do that, but I really wanted some cake!” You grinned at his eagerness and pleading eyes. He was dropping some not-so-subtle hints.You pretended to think it over for a moment. “Well, I suppose since I’m up…” his eyes lit up as you dragged out the sentence, “maybe we could go downstairs and eat the cake together.” He jumped out of the bed in record speed, dragging you behind him. “I was thinking the same thing!” Laughing, you followed him down to the kitchen. There was no chance of sleep tonight, you realized, but you got some Honey time and that was always a win in your opinion. Besides, maybe tomorrow you could take a nap together~

 Not requested by anyone in particular, I just felt like writing this one! If you have any requests, send them on my way~ Any and all constructive criticism is appreciated, and please send and=y tips, I’m always looking for ways to be a better writer! Thank you for reading! Sincerely, 

Ashes~ <3


Imagine an AU where Orion turned into Optimus overnight because Alpha Trion had snuck into his room and just like… placed the Matrix atop his chestplates knowing the artifact would take care of the rest.

Orion had thought all that “You have a good spark, Orion Pax” and “You are worthy, and will bear the designation ‘Optimus Prime’, should you accept…” was part of some weird rust-sticks enabled dream. I mean, yeah, sure he said “okay” because who DOESN’T want to be a Prime?

He wakes up, feeling disoriented– like the room is being tossed around and he’s up in the air– and vows to not eat so close to recharge again. Everything is still spinning, and he… can’t… quite… seem to walk to his mirror– ah, there we go.




“Optimus” coms for Megatron immediately, suddenly VERY thankful he and Soundwave were staying in the city for on more night. The gladiator answers.

“Who is this? Do you know what time–”

“Megatron!!! Thank the stars. I’m freaking out!!!”

“Whuh…” Megatron is groggy, still kind of hung over from his private pity party last night after the disastrous Council meeting,

“Wait, how are you using Orion’s frequency?? Nevermind, tell him I don’t want to talk to him right now…”

“No no no, no, MEGATRON, don’t hang up, it’s ME!!!”

It takes him a little bit, in his half-awake state, but after a while Megatron slowly blinks… and it clicks…

“… Orion?”


“… Orion.” He says again, disbelieving his own conclusion, “Orion, what… what happened to your voice?” To be honest he didn’t feel much like chatting to the guy who upstaged him yesterday, but he has his attention now.

“I don’t know! My whole frame is… oh Primus, I don’t know how this could have happened…!!!”

“Your frame?? Orion, are you ill?” Megatron is fully alert now, suddenly concerned for the mech’s well-being. But Orion ignores the question.

“Maybe I’m… maybe this is still just a dream…” Optimus is still touching his faceplates in awe, “It’s impossible…!”

“Damn you, Orion!” Megatron yells, causing Soundwave to stiffen, “I am not in the mood to play these games! After what you pulled–”

“Sorry! Sorry! I’m just…” Optimus then realizes what Megatron had been saying, “Could we… actually meet up before you go? I feel like my… affliction would be better explained in person. And I think we should talk about… yesterday.”

“… Very well.” Megatron finally sighs. “I’ll come to your apartments within in one cycle. My shuttle leaves in three.”

So Megatron shows up. The door sheepishly opens to a pair of blue optics peaking out. ‘They seem as bright as they normally should,’ Megatron thinks to himself, 'Not flickering… and, what, is he standing on something?’

“C-Come in.” Orion says quietly in that strange new voice of his, backing away to allow him in. Somewhere behind the door Megatron hears a soft “oof”. The gladiators share a glance before stepping into the apartment. They’ve seen the horrors of the Pits– together they will be prepared for whatever comes next.

“Alright, what’s this all about Or-O-O-WOAH!”

Cue one Optimus Prime, bent slightly but still towering, rubbing his finial that had hit a light fixture. Megatron is speechless; Soundwave starts taking pictures, entirely amused.

Pancakes 🍽

Summary: All you know about Bucky Barnes is that he used to be the Winter Soldier and  he’s the shyest person you know. But as a severe injury forces you two closer together you discover there’s more Bucky Barnes than you originally thought.

Warnings: Mention of injury, James Dean, Shy Bucky.

Authors note: A while ago I didn’t know who James Dean was and looked him up…..y’all the spelling of ‘Dean’ is very important in finding the right person…..😂😂💀 

Thanks for hanging in with me ya’ll, feedback is really appreciated even if it’s just ‘You need to slow the pace’. 

You skid to a stop in the entrance to  the hallway, head whipping around frantically. You spot a few agents entering the meeting room, and Bucky Barnes leaning against a wall, nursing a cup of coffee. No Wanda. No Natasha. You groan. Not even Sam. You need someone else who will have your back. You scan the hallway again, locking in on Bucky. Or someone who can be manipulated….You stride towards Bucky, pushing your over-sized sunglasses up your nose. 

“Bucky!” You whisper-hiss. Bucky’s head whips around, his eyes widening slightly when he sees you. Here’s the thing. Bucky Barnes is shy. Really shy. Ever since Steve brought him in, about three years ago, he’s been mostly silent. It’s no wonder, considering all he’s been through. But slowly but surely he started to loosen up. He finished his intense therapy and his silence became less haunted, and more relaxed, and he started getting put on missions and attending team hangouts. Still, he only really talks to Steve and sometimes Sam, and desperately avoids confrontation and people in general. 

Bucky gives you a nod as you stop in front of him.

“Bucky, please I need your help.” You plead, giving him doe eyes, forgetting that you have sunglasses on.

“What can I do for you?” he says, deep voice quiet. You can already feel the fatigue blotting out the edges of your consciousness. Bucky always used to be helpful towards you in  meetings. He’d sit next to you and allow you to copy his notes and explain tactics that you didn’t get. But whenever you’d try to talk to him outside of meetings, he’d shut down. You rationalized that it was probably due to his shyness, but you couldn’t but to feel a little stung. So you started sitting with Wanda and Natasha and hadn’t spoken more than two words to Bucky in months. Still, you hope that maybe he can show you some of that kindness again

“Well….” Your mind scrambles as you think of a way to get Bucky to sympathize with you. You had been out until six this morning. it was now 7:50, and the mission briefing was going to start at eight. The stars had aligned and somehow all your four of your oldest, closest friends had been in town last night. So naturally you met up for dinner and then partied until the literal break of dawn.

“I have this group of my best friends-we’ve been friends since gradeschool- and normally we only get to see each other once a year, but unexpectedly we were all able to meet up last night so we did, and we just haven’t seen each other in so long…” You pause, smiling faintly remembering how you and your friends had climbed to the roof of one of the hotels that two of them were staying in and talked until the sun came up. “I lost track of time…you get that right?” You ask Bucky imploringly. He gives a tight smile. You continue “So I stayed out until six, and this meeting Bucky…..I’m not gonna make it…will you cover for me?”

“I don’t know,” Bucky says, dropping his head, hair falling in front of his face. You knew why, this mission coming up next month was going to be a big one 

“I already know I’m not going to be assigned on this mission in any capacity.” You hold out your hands. “Please Bucky, I’ll sit next you you, just give me a poke if Fury focuses in on me.”

You see the gears turning in Bucky’s head. You tentatively reach out and place a hand on his arm.


Even in your half awake state you catch his ears flushing red. He turns his head.

“Okay,” he whispers.

You sit at the kitchen counter engrossed in a book, cup of tea by your side. Voices coming down the hall catch your attention, and Steve, Sam and Bucky, walk through the kitchen, Steve stopping and putting a bag of coffee in a cupboard. You see a flash of the bag’s logo.

“Hold on,” You call out, “You guys went to Sweet Cream?”

“Yeah,” Steve answers.

“That’s my favorite coffee shop!”

“Believe me, we know,” Sam chuckles. You tended you go on and on about how much you loved the pastries there.

“Did you happen to bring anything back?” you ask hopefully.

“No, sorry,” Steve says. And you let out a breath.

“It’s okay.” You glance at Sam, who holds up a small white box,  opens it, pulling out a loaded chocolate cupcake-one of Sweet Cream’s best creations- and bites into it while giving you a smile. He and Steve start to walk out of the kitchen.

“Oh come on, Sam,” you groan “Is this because I ate your Oreos?” Sam just winks at you, disappearing  around the corner. Damn. Now you really want something sweet. You turn towards your book trying to put the vision of pastries out of your head. You hear the sound of soft footsteps and look up to see Bucky awkwardly shuffling next to you. You give him a small smile and he places a box on the table.

“I thought you might like this” he says quietly. You open the box and are greeted with the sight of two of you favorite pastry. Your face breaks out in a grin and you look up to thank Bucky, but he’s gone.

Four months later you blearily creep into the kitchen, having stayed up late the night before. The whole team’s gone or injured. Steve and Bucky had gone on a mission that had ended badly two days ago. Apparently the base that they had been sent to take out had been waiting for those two in particular and had set a trap that had almost taken them down. They had managed to escape, however apparently the trap had involved a gas that impaired the super soldiers’ healing factor. The rest of the Avengers had then been sent to the base to destroy it and last you heard the medical staff was still trying to treat Bucky and Steve. You had just gotten back from a solo mission so you hadn’t been sent out with the rest of the team. You stop short as you spot a figure already at the counter. Bucky Barnes. He’s struggling to open a cereal box with just his metal arm. His other arm is encased in a cast, strapped to his chest in a sling. He looks up at you and you internally wince. The right side of his face is horribly bruised, eye a violent mottling of purple and red, swollen shut. It looks like his orbital bone is broken. Bucky quickly glances away, fumbling again with the flaps of the cereal box. You watch him for a moment before you call out.

“Need some help?” you come and stand next to the counter. He gives a quick shake of his head ‘no’, not meeting your eyes and continues to struggle with the box. It’s a new one, and without a second arm to steady the box, you can tell he won’t be able to get it open without ripping it. And he’s trying so hard not to rip it, you can tell. Your heart aches a bit as you take note of the other bruises peaking out from his collar. You remember the cupcake he gave you, all those months ago.

“Well, I’m gonna make some pancakes.” You declare, moving to the cabinets and pulling out pans. “You want some? Should be better than that nasty wheat and bran,” You eye the cereal box. There’s a long pause.

“Okay,” He says, putting the cereal box back and taking a seat at the counter. You start pulling out the ingredients for the pancakes. 

“You want anything in yours? Blueberries, chocolate chips?”

“No.” He says quietly. “I just put butter.”

“So old fashioned.” you tease. Bucky ducks his head, but you see a small smile on his lips. It’s strange to see him like this, broken and bruised. You’ve seen him injured of course, but with his enhanced healing factor Bucky’s injuries are already half healed by the time mission’s over. He looks vulnerable and it’s kind of unsettling, compared to his normal intimidating stature.

You spoon pale yellow batter onto the pan, watching it spread into a perfect circle. You turn back towards Bucky, catching his good eye darting away from your form as you do so. You grasp at a way to make conversation.

“Where’d you get the name Bucky from, anyway?” You blurt out.

“It’s from my middle name, Buchanan.” He answers, and you snort. You never thought Bucky’s middle name would be so dorky. Bucky ducks his head.

“I’m sorry, it’s just that you don’t look like a Buchanan.” you smile, and turn to flip the pancake.

There’s a moment of silence and then you hear Bucky’s voice from behind you “What exactly do I look like then” You turn, surveying him.

“Hmmm, I don’t know, it’s just that Buchanan sounds like the name of the teacher’s pet….” you pause, thinking “James fits you though….. more like the class bad boy,”

“Bad boy?” Bucky’s eyebrows furrow

“Yeah, but in a classic teen movie way….you’re like the James Dean type.”

“James Dean….” Bucky’s eyebrow furrow even more. You’re about to reply, but the smell of burning pancake distracts you.

“Damn” you curse, throwing away the burnt pancake. “I really need to acknowledge my limits.” You mutter, pouring a fresh scoop of batter into the pan, praying to the pancake gods that this one will survive. Behind you, you hear the sound of a low, warm chuckle.

The next morning you encounter Bucky in the kitchen, struggling again.

“How do you feel about waffles?” You ask, eyeing the waffle maker “With bacon?”

Bucky turns to look at you. His injuries still look just as bad as yesterday. Your feel a twinge in your heart. From what you’ve heard Steve’s still in the med bay.

“Shouldn’t I be making you breakfast today?” He glances at you and quickly looks away. You give a dismissive wave of your hand.

“No don’t worry about it.” You pause, knowing Bucky probably doesn’t like feeling pitied “I’m gonna use you to test out new waffle recipes.”

“I don’t know if I should be scared.” His lips turn up at the corners.

“Don’t worry, my waffle making skills are much better than my pancake making ones.”

You start to talk as you make the waffles and fry the bacon. You realize you’ve never had a full conversation with Bucky. He’s still pretty quiet, but seems to be warming up to you. You don’t know why this realization makes you feel happy.

The next three mornings proceed in much of the same way. You even make lunch for him on the third day. Bucky’s system is having a very hard time flushing out the components that are stopping his healing factor. Apparently Dr.Cho said that Bucky and Steve should regain their accelerated regenerative abilities once the components flushed out, but there’s no telling how long that process will take. The team’s still gone, and you start to find yourself seeking out Bucky outside of your breakfast interactions, and he doesn’t seem to mind your company. Currently, you two are engaged in a hotly competitive game of checkers. You squint at the board, Bucky’s already captured three of your checkers and you’ve only got one of his.

“How’s Steve?” You ask, moving your piece “I haven’t seen him the past couple of days.”

For some reason Bucky looks sheepish “He’s fine….just resting,” You make a sympathetic noise. If you had been badly injured fighting off 50 enemy agents you’d probably be holing yourself up in your room too. Bucky moves a checker, and you know in two moves he’ll have captured another one of yours. You look harder at the board, trying to think of a new strategy.

“I-uh- I looked up that James Dean guy ” Bucky says.

“Oh really?” You don’t look up from the board.

“Didn’t know ya thought of me as that kind of guy, angel,” At the word ‘angel’, your head whips up and heat fills your face.

“Uh-what?” you stammer failing to hide the fact that he flustered you. Bucky smiles at you and you start to wonder how someone can look so attractive with a black eye and broken arm.

“My ma always said I was a shameless fornicator with the way I was chasing skirts, but I never thought I was ta the level of a film star.” Despite his devilish smirk you can see color rising in his stubbly cheeks. You stare at him, brow furrowed, utterly confused. Then his words go through your head again, and something clicks.

Oh my god” You screech “No- I meant James Dean,  D-e-a-n, not James Deen D-e-e-n” You run your hands down your face, embarrassed.

Bucky laughs, a full loud one, and you realize you’ve never heard him really laugh and you think his laugh is beautiful. You move your checker. And glance up at Bucky.

 “So you were a skirt chaser, huh?” You smirk at him.

 “Uh yeah,-kinda” he clears his throat “Back then when I  took a shine to a dame I was relentless,in  pursuing her, ya know” He looks shy again.

“Oh really?” you giggle

 “Uh yeah, one time I parked myself under a girl’s window and serenaded her every night for a week. It worked ‘til her pa came out swinging with a baseball bat.”

You crack up, laughing until your stomach cramps. Bucky moves another checker, and you wipe away the tears gathering at the corner of your eyes.

“So you taken a ‘shine’ to any ‘dames’ lately?” you move your piece.

“No” Bucky says, but then pauses, eyes darting away from yours “I mean there is one….”  Your stomach dips slightly, but you ignore it.

“Ooooh” You tease, and Bucky blushes a bright red.

“Yeah well she hasn’t really given me the time of day,” He looks down at his lap. “But can you really blame ‘er?”

“Bucky don’t say that,” You exclaim, heart clenching, You raise up a finger “Just woo her with food, girl’s love food!”

“I’ve already tried that….she just doesn’t seem to, uh, see me in that way,” He mumbles turning even darker red.

You reach over the checker board and grab Bucky’s metal hand, giving it a squeeze. He looks startled at first, but then gingerly wraps his fingers around yours.

“Hey, you win some, you lose some, there’s plenty of fish in the sea,” you soothe He looks up at you, one eye puffy and swollen, the other filled with thinly veiled hurt. Cool metal fingers squeeze yours.

“Yeah, I guess you’re right,”

You continue you spend time with Bucky in and out of the kitchen the rest of the week and into the next. The team comes back, and by Monday the swelling in his eye has almost completely gone down and his bruises have faded. His arm is still in the cast though, and you know once he gets it off and won’t need help cooking anymore, you two probably won’t spend much time together . This makes you feel sad. As he’s opened up you’ve discovered Bucky’s surprisingly sweet and kind and you enjoy spending time with him.

And as you’ve spent time with him you’ve also started to notice more and more how handsome he really is. Tall, built, with a sharp jawline and really soft looking lips….You shake your head slightly, averting your gaze from his lips. It’s Sunday night and you two had ordered copious amounts of  takeout and are having a movie marathon. You discovered Bucky had a thing for couponing when food that should have costed $70 had came out to less than $30. Steve and Sam had slid by under the pretense that they wanted to watch a movie with you two and had devoured two of your pizzas. You didn’t know what to make of the winks they had shot Bucky while exiting the room. You two were now debating what movie to watch next. As you listed off names you notice how Bucky keeps on brushing and blowing his hair out of his face. You pause in the middle of your list fixing him with a look.

“You should really consider french braiding your hair,” You say, gesturing towards him with your chopsticks.

“Two problems with that,angel, I don’t know how to french braid and I don’t have a second arm to do it with.” He raises his right arm, still in a sling and cast. You ignore how the word ‘angel’ makes your heart flutter, just like you’ve been ignoring the fact that he’s been calling you it more and more often over the past week.

“I can do it for you,” You say, setting down your lo mein. He starts to protest but you simply gesture for him to turn around, and get up to quickly grab a comb. You kneel on the couch behind him and as you brush out his hair you wonder how someone can have such thick, soft locks and try to ignore how good he smells,. Bucky’s hair is pretty long for an agent,  past his chin,  and is pretty tangled. As you gentle comb through it Bucky seems to slowly relax, almost melting into you.

“Tell me if i’m hurting you,” You say as you start to section his hair, and Bucky just makes a satisfied noise in response.You part his hair into neat small sections as you braid, and tie off the end with a hair tie. You can’t resist running your hands down the line of his broad shoulders before nudging one.

“Turn around and let me see the front.” He reluctantly pulls himself from you and faces you. You study the front of his hair. You did a pretty good job, you could have pulled the first sections tighter, put the braid looks good. Bucky looks good.

“So, how do I look?” He says giving you a hesitant smile.

“Very handsome,” You quip, smiling back, You turn your gaze towards the sides of the braid for  few seconds, and then back towards Bucky. His eyes are on your face, filled with an emotion you can’t read. He leans closer, and you feel like you’re drowning in his gaze. He says your name.

“Yes?” you whisper. His hand comes up, hesitantly, and strokes your face. Caressing, your cheek when you don’t flinch away.

“You’re very beautiful,” He says leaning even closer, so your noses are touching. You can’t even respond before he leans forward and presses his lips to yours. He’s hesitant, careful at first, as if you might push him away. But then you slide your hands up his chest and hook them around his neck and then his hand is on your waist, sliding down and stroking your hip as the kiss deepens. You feel like he’s devouring you and you love it. You run your hands down his back and moan when he nips at your bottom lip. Then he’s suddenly pulling away, and leaping off of the couch.

“I-I I’m sorry” He stammers out before fleeing the room, leaving you on the couch breathless, with you heart in your throat.

You go to bed, mind whirling. You can’t believe Bucky kissed you. And you liked it… a lot. You finally acknowledge the fact that you’ve been starting to have feelings for the man over the past two weeks. But then you remember how he ran out of the room and how he had said he had a thing for another girl. Your heart clenches as your realize that he probably doesn’t have feelings for you at all.

The next morning you wake up to insistent knocking on your door. You look at the clock next to your bedside and groan. It’s noon. ‘damn why’d I sleep in so late?’ you think, and then last night’s events come rushing back and you want nothing more than to crawl under your covers and sleep some more. But the knocking at your door doesn’t let up, so you pull yourself up and pad towards your door. You open the door and are greeting by the sight of Bucky Barnes, holding plates filled with waffles, pancakes, bacon, and hash browns.He looks frazzled, even though he’s dressed up, in a nice black button down with the sleeves rolled up and dark jeans. You notice his cast is gone and his hair is still in the french braid, which is terribly frizzy. Before you can say anything he speaks.

“I have a confession to make.” you raise an eyebrow and he continues. “My arm actually was fully healed on Wednesday.” You mind races and when you realize your heart clenches.

“So you were just using me for free meals.” You say flatly. His face drops in an expression of horror.

“No! no It’s not like that at all! I-ugh-I….” He stammers for a few seconds, trying to gather his thoughts before looking up and fixing you with a pleading gaze. He says your name softly. “I’ve carried a torch for you from the moment we first met. For the longest time I wanted nothing more than to call you mine.” He looks down at his shoes. “But I’m me, and you’re amazing….We didn’t taIk much. I just didn’t know how to approach you. So when you started helpin’ me with meals I thought maybe this was my chance to get close to ya…..”

“Then why’d you run away yesterday?” You question, voice soft.

“I didn’t mean to just kiss ya out of the blue like that. I ran because I was scared you’d reject me. I’m sorry, I know I just kinda pounced unexpectedly,.” He shuffles his feet. “I guess what I’m finally here to ask, is will you be my girl?”

You stare at him for a moment, before letting a slow smile form on your face.

“Alright, Bucky Barnes, I’ll be your girl.” His face breaks out into a broad grin, and he gives a whoop. You giggle, gingerly giving him a hug around the plates he’s balancing. You eye the food, the delicious aroma wafting up and making your stomach growl.

“This for me?”

“Yes ma’am” Bucky says giving you a grin “Figured I owe you a couple of meals.”

You tap your chin with your finger, pretending to think.

“Yeah I guess you owe me a couple of meals. And a couple of kisses too.”


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