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P.O, damn straight, I bet on a date he's all shy and asking permission to hold hand and stuff, just to make it extra cute than he already is, always trying to make you laugh because he's good at making people laugh, aaaaa yes definatly P.O

Aw yes, he would be so cute! He would probably buy you flowers, candy and a stuffed animal, plus take you on a nice dinner date. ugh so cute!

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Why does phil always hold everything so nicely :"0 like just with the tip of his fingers. Microphones, shot glasses (from the miracle berry vid.), glasses in general and just aw. It looks so cute. (and he rarely drops the things?? )

he really does have really pretty hands and delicate fingers I kept staring at the way he held that cup its so cute

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Hi! I'd like to request hyung line reaction/bahavior for going to ball dancing with their gf~ Have nice day and thank you~

Jin/Seokjin :This guy will be super duper happy to go to a ball with his girlfriend ! He will prepare his outfit a week before, he’ll be careful to have a suit that matches her dress and will buy her a rose that, he’ll give her when he’ll come pick her up (because he’s so romantic and cute aw) He’ll be really anxious when he’ll have to dance, because he isn’t really confident about his dancing skills, but when he’ll put his hands on her hips and that hers will be around his neck, he’ll forget everything and will just go with the flow (and will really enjoy the night)

RapMonster/Namjoon : He’ll be like “A ball ? Are you aware that I will probably break your legs if you dance with me ? Or embarrass you because I cannot dance ?” He will be kinda scared, because he really doesn’t want to embarrass you. He ans his gf will have a long conversation about this ball, but of course he’ll go with her in the end. He’ll dress nicely, but he won’t do too much. Once they’ll be there, he’ll try to avoid dancing as much as possible, like he’ll go sit at a table in a corner, because he’s not still not sure, his gf will have to go take his hands (like in movies ahah) to bring him on the dance floor, the more he’ll dance, the more he’ll be confident, and soon enough, dance monster will appear, making the ball even more enjoyable for him and his gf

Suga/Yoongi : He will be the least excited about it, he’ll be more, intrigued than excited (?) He’ll ask a lot of question like “Do we really have to go ?” “Is it really that important to you?” “Fine. But I hope there won’t be only slow songs, cuz I prepares some B-boy moves, if u know what I mean *winks*” So yeah, he’ll go with her, nicely dressed, but when he’ll enter the room and will see all the people dressed like it was a marriage or something, he’ll smile and just exit the ball room lmao. His gf will literally have to drag him inside. It’ll be funny because he’ll be grumpy in the beginning, but in fact he will enjoy it a lot, like a lot and will thank his girl for the amazing night once it’s over. “Oh and hm… If there’s any other ‘parties’ like that someday, let’s go back okay ? I will improve my b-boy dance and come back !”

J-Hope/Hoseok : He’ll probably be the most excited of all them, like he’ll find the idea of going to a ball so romantic, and cute, and perfect ! He’ll do everything like in movies (that he’ll watch before hand ahah) He’ll buy a nice suit for the occasion, he’ll compliment her all night, they will dance, slows, they will have some breaks with some drinks with some more compliments, and for the last dance, he’ll bring her closer to him and will murmur sweet things like “this evening was amazing” “I love you so much” (…) And of course, the kiss, the lovely kiss at the end of the last dance !

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my sister's thoughts on SEVENTEEN
  • s.coups:he looks pretty cute
  • jeonghan:i love his hair, how do i become him?
  • joshua:i see why you cry over him
  • jun:nice 👌
  • hoshi:aw so cute
  • woozi:aw so squishy
  • wonwoo:he's pretty
  • dk:nice face
  • mingyu:if i say daddy af would i be using the term correctly?
  • the8:he looks so cute
  • seungkwan:i want to pinch his cheeks
  • vernon:i agree with his existence
  • dino:smol