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I had my first kiss just on Friday night, I went to see a movie with a boy at the mall, and the mall closed after so we just say in his car in the empty parking lot after, just talking for like an hour and a half and it started raining a bit and it was dark and he asked to kiss me and it was so cute aw

awwwwwwwwwwwwww omfg too cute, so cute how he even asked to kiss u tbh

send me your first kiss or best kiss or last kiss stories!!

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I know it's not really astrology based but I'm FREAKING OUT because my crush just posted a selfie with a PUPPY that he SAVED FROM UNDER A SHED and my HEARt! It was only a 3 DAY OLD so small cinnamon roll!! I'm an Aquarius and he's a Gemini btw so ^-^


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can you write a blurb/imagine about Michael taking you to get your first tattoo please? :)

Aw okay so he’d be on your case about how cute you’d look if you had a tattoo but at the same time it’d be “but you know its your decision i don’t wanna pressure you” you’d both be cuddling on the couch one day and out of the blue you’d tell him you want one and he’d get so excited and would be showing you pictures of tattoo designs for days. Finally you settle on a little heart on your wrist cause you wanted to keep it small for your first one and yous would walk into the tattoo parlor holding hands as you reach the counter, you show the artist what you’d like and he shows you to and chair out the back. Your nerves would start settling in as you sit on the black chair while the tattoo artist sets up. Mikey notices and sits closer to you, holding your hand “It’ll be alright, just a little scratch and done yeah.” The artist sits in front of you, the tattoo gun starts buzzing as he holds your wrist “Ready?” You nod as he draws the little heart on your wrist “Oh, that actually isn’t that bad?” “See I told you!” Mikey gets his phone out and snaps a quick picture of you pulling a funny face. A few moments and it’s done, the artist wraps it in cling film before telling you how to look after it. You check your phone quickly to find a notification that Michael tagged you in a picture, when you look it’s the picture he took with the caption “My girl’s a badass” 


“Oppa, I’ve grown taller, right? “


“I got prettier, right?”

“Yes… Totally.”

imagine luke always talking about music to you and always recommending songs and albums and you listen to every single thing so he can ramble on how much he loves it. and so he finally drags you to one of the concerts he was dying to go to and he starts freaking out when the band comes onto the stage bc this is his dream and hes smiling so big and hes screaming at the top of his lungs to all the songs and instead of watching the concert you watch him bc hes a masterpiece :—————))))))