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Except the Cat is neccesary. I imagine Shepard'd be more like the Neighbor's Dog that you saw when it was a puppy and were just like 'Aw, he's so cute' and then he grows up and NEVER STOPS BARKING!

And it was funny & cute when he was a puppy and would hump his toys. Now he won’t stop humping your leg whenever you get within range. 

“This is cooper. We like to call him cooper-chino because if you leave your coffee unattended… Well… Just be prepared to make another cup. He has problems with his back legs so we pick him up from the front and hold his booty so his below the torso part doesn’t hurt him from dangling. He isn’t my dog. He is one of two black poodles that belong to the girl you can barely see peeking in from the right. 😂”

aw this sounds so cute and he looks so fluffy!! thank you for sharing milkymae


“Oppa, I’ve grown taller, right? “


“I got prettier, right?”

“Yes… Totally.”

imagine luke always talking about music to you and always recommending songs and albums and you listen to every single thing so he can ramble on how much he loves it. and so he finally drags you to one of the concerts he was dying to go to and he starts freaking out when the band comes onto the stage bc this is his dream and hes smiling so big and hes screaming at the top of his lungs to all the songs and instead of watching the concert you watch him bc hes a masterpiece :—————))))))