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it's not really a confession just funny but omg i had my first kiss outside a dollar general and taco express at 8 at night and it was like 30 degrees outside and I stepped on his foot and he laughed omg it was honestly the best

aw this sounds so cute like a movie or somethin my first kiss was nowhere as cute lol

One day Martin’s going to break and start a tumblr account with his real name (like therealmartinfreeman) and no one will believe it’s him and he’ll start posting all these insider pics from on set and talking about how gay this show is and be hilarious and will give literally no fucks and we’ll all follow him and be like, wow what a great addition to the fandom, and he’ll be increasingly like NO ITS ME ITS MARTIN IM TELLING YOU IMPORTANT FACTUAL THINGS ABOUT THIS SHOW and we’ll be like, aw, you’re so funny and cute, tumblr user therealmartinfreeman, and he will get so so angry and finally post a video of himself being like LOOK MOTHERFUCKERS


“Oppa, I’ve grown taller, right? “


“I got prettier, right?”

“Yes… Totally.”


                  Look guyssss. I was just giffing a gifset and noticed this. 

He goes right ahead&takes the cap off for her before offering her the canteen 

       As if he doesn’t want her to exert even that little bit of extra energy. :P 

                                       He was so worriedddddd.

                                  Aw fuck, Daryl, that’s pretty cute.