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I know this question is awful, but here goes. Are you more dominant or submissive in bed? Asked differently: top, bottom, or vers?

this is the kind of shit I hate about gay culture. stop labeling everything. if you make me happy and encourage me to be a better version of myself, i don’t give a shit what preference you have in regards to your wiener and where you want to put it.

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Pass the happy along! 💛 when you get this, reply with 5 things that make you happy keep the good vibes going and send this to the last 10 people in your notification if you want to)

Aw! So cute! Okay here it goes~

  1. Early, quiet mornings
  2. Tea
  3. Plants
  4. Music
  5. Dancing

Thanks my friend! 


Youtube Positivity  Day 1

↳ Favourite Youtuber(s) - Zoella and Sprinkle Of Glitter

I couldn’t decide between the two so I had to say both. I’m awful at writing but here goes nothing! I love them and their videos so so much because as well as inspiring so many others they have fun with it and make me as well as many other viewers laugh. They both have been through so much in their life yet they still keep moving forward and seeing them so happy is the best thing ever for me. Their friendship is the kind of friendship I crave for. They make each other laugh as well as stay together through everything. I adore how much they care about their viewers and especially how kind they are with all of the fandom. I love how Louise interacts with us all on tumblr and Zoe on twitter and I love their videos both together and separately. I just love them both so so much and I never ever miss a video of theirs EVER. I could legit sit on my laptop for 5 days and watch their videos on repeat. So if you two ever see this thank you so much for inspiring us all and I hope one day you could come visit all us fans in the land down down under (New Zealand) ;) xo

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Aw here it goes

Everybody out there go run and tell

Your homeboys and homegirls it’s time for Keenan and Kel

They keep you laughing in the afternoon

So don’t touch that dial or leave the room

Cos they’re always onto something

It’s fun and you don’t wanna miss it

It’s double K like the 2 good radius

It’s Keenan and Kel or should I say Kel and Keenan

But you gotta watch Keenan 

Cos Keenan be scheming

With a plan or a plot

To make it to the top

But they kinda in the middle

Cos they always getting caught

This aint the Hardy Boys or a Nandy Drew mystery

It’s just Keenan and Kel in your vicinity

Like Siegfried and Roy, Stan and Costella

Magic and Kareem or Penn and Teller

Somebody’s in trouble

Aw, here it goes

Ni Nick Ni Nick Nick Ni Nick Nick Nick


kenan & kel definitely had one of the best theme songs ever

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Age: Very young..

Location: Friend of a friend’s house.

I was really nervous going in, not knowing anyone. I’d arrived with the adults (including my mum) but they always bugger off to another room and leave the children to mingle, play, make friends. The first 5 minutes were awkward. The other kids not really paying much attention to me, the unnecessary stranger to their party. And then Kenan and Kel came on. And by the end of the opening credits we were all friends.