Aw look the mice are cute

So, @epiproctan asked for our lovely Keith in C2 for the Expression Challenge. So here you are. ^ 3^ Thanks for your ask, it was very fun to draw.

The expression wasn’t cheesy enough, I had to make a romantic atmosphere so we can fully appreciate Keith as a wannabe Disney princess. :’D

[The asks for the Expression Challenge are closed]


To begin, a short description of this scene: Allura is pleased to note her space mice friends have become friends with Lance. She asks why. The mouse with the pink tail and the mice with the blue tail make a heart as they inform her that Lance confessed he’d fallen for her. Allura is still smiling. Then it hits her and she looks sad. Camera pans away, Allura is smaller in the shot and sad music plays.

I’ve seen some people on the tumbernets talking about how this means that this proves that Allura has no feelings for him and she’s simply sad for Lance. But I think that’s missing quit a bit of what’s going on. First, the animators had this ridiculously cute scene of space mice making a literal heart with their blue and pink tails - blue and pink, Lance and Allura. And, as she’s watching/listening to the mice she’s looking happy. She’s glad their bonding, she’s not repulsed by the idea of Lance/Allura. This is a sweet moment that’s hoping to elicit an ‘awe’ in the audience. 

But then it hits her. She’s got a thing with Lotor. The camera panning away and our visual is of Allura looking down, sad music playing, with her smaller. In film language (which, for the sake of simplicity, I’ll just note is not all that different than what tv shows use), this is used to signify that the character feels alone, lost, and/or sad.

If the writers wanted to have this a moment to shut down Lance/Allura otp, they wouldn’t have this adorable moment with mice making a pink and blue heart. They wouldn’t have her being initially amused/pleased by the idea. Animation is much more expensive than live action, meaning it’s less likely to spend time on doing something that won’t end up going anywhere. This is especially true in a series like Voltron, which is tightly planned with a lot of the big plot points planned.

The reason we had this moment isn’t just for fun shippease (but it was), but to showcase explicitly how much Allura’s feelings for Lance has changed. Initially, she was Not Into Lance Hitting on her. if this moment had happened in season one, her learning that Lance’s feelings have grown into something stronger than a crush wouldn’t have elicited such a strong sense of sadness. The moment, in between her hearing Lance is in love with her and realizing what that means, she doesn’t look frustrated, annoyed, or turned off. She’s warm, the idea doesn’t bother her as much.

Allura is not in love with Lance. But her feelings for him have changed, and part of how that changed is that she’s more open to the idea of him having feelings for her. This is a Big Anvil To Seven Year Olds watching the show that Allura isn’t Lance’s girlfriend, not yet. 


Just thinking, like one day, Keith’s red jacket gets torn. Keith is just devastated (Shiro mentions that it was something that belonged to Keith’s mother before she died.*Shiro is his adopted bro)

Lance over hears that and thinks of his mother (and how’d he feel if she was gone) and how sad Keith is at the moment. So with the help of Hunk and Pidge, they do a small mission.

Mission: Fix Keith’s jacket.

Hunk distracts Keith with food, Pidge breaks into Keith’s room “undetected ” and hijacks the jacket. She gives it to Lance, who walks off like nothing has happened. (He hums smooth criminal )

(In the comand deck, Shiro, Allura and Coran are talking about Altean history. So they have no idea what is going on)

Poor Keith returns to his room and finds that his jacket is gone. He freaks for five seconds, before trying to remember where he put it last. (He swore he left it in his room)

He leaves, looking around. There is no one he can ask, because three are hiding and the other three are having a history discussion.

Keith, with looking at about 85% of the ship, decides to head to the comand deck and see if anyone has seen it. (He didn’t go to anyone’s room because that’s rude)

Keith tells Shiro and Shiro just looked at him sad, like he hadn’t seen it since the jacket was damaged. Allura says maybe the mice know, but they don’t. Coran Says they can use the ship cameras to find it.

Cameras switch on, looking for Keith’s jacket. They surprisingly find it. It’s nicely hung up on Keith’s door hook. Now everyone is like “What’s going on here.”

The four travel down to Keith’s room. Keith grabs his jacket and looks at where the damage part was. He just looks at it in awe, because it’s nicely done and it has the Red Lion’s face as a patch job. (It’s cute and very well done.)

Shiro questions on who could have done something like that (Because as far as he knows, he knows Katie can’t sew to save her life, Lance was …Lance…and Hunk had a skill with cooking, so why not sewing too )

The four head off to the ships “living room” and see the Pidge, Lance and Hunk chatting away. Something about “not getting caught ” and “how hard it was.” Lance extends his fingers, to show how much damage he got from making the patch in a hurry.They turn their heads and smile when they see the group of people joining them, with the jacket in Keith’s hands.

Before anyone can speak, Hunk talks first, explaining he had to distract Keith with food, Pidge broken in and stole the jacket, Lance made the patch and fixed the jacket before dropping it off at Keith’s door.

Lance and Pidge just stare down Hunk, who laughed at Lance’s comment of “being thrown under the bus”.

Before anything else is spoken, Keith just walks up and hugs them, because what they did was nice. (Group hug) They all have small talk, with Keith grabbing Lance’s bandaged hand to look at it (looks painful ), causing Lance to look away (don’t blush), Pidge rolled her eyes (idiots), Hunk leaned on Lance’s shoulder (say it sometime ).

Allura looks as Shiro, taking everything in. She enjoys watching Shiro smile. She’s happy everyone is happy. Allura wishes for more happy days like this.

Coran takes pictues . The end.