In which Marco is the worst vampire ever. Just. The Worst.

Following many jokes on twitter about Marco the vampire who is mentally stuck in the fifties and kind of grossed out by the concept of biting people…I found my self doing this in an attempt to break my writers block. It’s choppy and awkwardly paced and kind of generic, but hey, it’s complete and about 5000 words, and hopefully having something out there in the world will make working on commissions a little less like pulling teeth.  Here ya go guys! Enjooyy.

God what a dork.

(Mild content warning, a little blood and sooort of blood play, I guess? He’s a vampire, you know what you’re getting in to)

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I finally come to a stop in front of Marco. He looks up at me, eyes glazed and unfocused. His hands rest limp in his lap, the right broken and bruised, but his eyes are back to normal. Almost. The right is still ringed with a thin band of blood.
I call his name. The sound echoes distant and spirals into the rift, but it is not lost on him. His eyes clear a little, focusing on me. I extend my hands to him.
He slides his fingers into mine, weak and shaking, and I pull him gently to me, wrapping him in my arms.

-Ghost Story, Ch. 9 by avoidingavoidance

I don’t even have the words to describe just how amazing this fic is. If you haven’t read it, give yourself a treat and do so.

“Look how angry he gets. Look at him, all scared and alone. Do you think it’s dark where he goes?”

Red Beanie Thursday feature: Ghost Story by avoidingavoidance

If you’ve known or followed me for more than about five minutes, you probably already know I’m a huge Ghost Story fan. It’s a brilliant piece of writing that combines supernatural elements, suspense, horror, heartache, and nipple piercings. Reading it feels a bit like being meticulously stripped of all flesh while your favourite song plays soothingly in the background, and I recommend it to everyone.

Seemingly confused, Jean flicks between the last few pages, as if trying to pinpoint the spot where the boy’s anger turns to forgiveness. After a while, slumped against the edge of the tub and distinctly pouting, Jean glances up at Marco and points to a word at random. “What does this say?”

Pausing for a beat, Marco blinks at Jean, who shyly flicks his gaze back to the page and flushes slightly. He doesn’t have much for Jean to do right now, but this? This he can manage.

He smiles and looks down at Jean’s finger, resting aimlessly between two words. “Well, that’s a space, to show where one word ends and the other begins.” Licking his lips nervously, Marco leans closer and quietly asks, “Do you want me to read it to you?”

First drawing of the year; the precious boys from Bonne Nuit, Monsieur Poisson by avoidingavoidance <3


First of hi tumblr. Let me explain whats going on here. So for my final in my Concept Art class I had to do a book cover and a scene from the book. So i chose Ghost Story by Avoidingavodance because i am trash and i really love that story so very much.

Oh yeah and Zoe-bug made it so much better with a podfic. God i srsly cant stress how much these two mean to me djhvihvfbvjoij .///. <3

Link: Ghost Story

Link: Ghost Story Podfic

Space Cadet
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  • Songs From AA's "Mouse Month" Universe

the lyrics “never thought the stars would fall for me/they just bent closer so i could see/god, they’re prettier than i knew they’d be/so i ran straight back to spaceman school/and took my old seat/right where they knew i’d be” are from eren’s song ‘space cadet,’ which is a sequel to ‘nasa flunkie.’ he wrote it after they’d been together a few months, once he finally started to settle comfortably into things.
_avoidingavoidance’s twittr trivia jam

So if avoidingavoidance hasn’t dragged you to Erejeanmarco Hell with This Is Mouse Month yet, you’re seriously missing out. MM!Eren stole my heart, namely because we’re both hippie musicians, and these lyrics that AA put out there really grabbed me. So I wrote more lyrics of my own and expanded them into a full song. I’m planning on writing “NASA Flunkie” and “Shutterbug” and a few of Eren’s other songs mentioned in the fic as well if you guys enjoy this. Lemme know what you think! (album art by hachidraws)

“Should sleep,” Jean murmurs against him. “First time in months I don’t gotta worry about waking up.”

“Mm,” Marco responds, leaning back again to press their foreheads together. “Can I come?”

Jean rolls his eyes. “If you seriously think you’re going anywhere in the next  twelve hours, you’re sorely mistaken. Only item on your to-do list is located in my bed.”

from avoidingavoidance’s fic Pepper

 ULALUME | a mix for the pear tree | listen | art | fic

01. ulalume by jeff buckley / 02. is that so much to ask by zoe j / 03. wicked games by james vincent mcmorrow / 04. dear fellow traveler by sea wolf / 05. running up that hill by placebo / 06. hospital bed crawl by the hush sound / 07. a forest by the cure / 08. bottom of the river by delta rae / 09. oh death by jen titus / 10. black by kari kimmel / 11. yellow flicker beat by lorde