Have you checked out our new messenger yet?? This is made with Horween leather, the same we use for our original aviator mug and thick harness leather for the straps, solid brass hardware and is reinforced with copper rivets. It has a computer pocket too. Check it out online! Also, we have our Mother’s Day collection hand picked up on the site right now, too. Grab those gifts ahead of time and get it out of the way! #loyalstricklin #messenger #leather #leatherbag #leatherwork #computerbag

Good friends, good vibes. That’s what we’re all about! We’d like to extend to you guys what we extends to our good friends: Aviator Mugs on the cheap! The site right now has ‘em for $18 each to make room for the new branded mugs. Get yours, and save big! Leather and coffee never smelled better. #loyalstricklin #aviatormug #friends #pipe #coffee #whiskey