The great webcomic A Softer World posted its final strip yesterday. Joey & Emily started their comic in February 2003, just two months before I started Wondermark. When I first happened across their strip, I felt a certain kinship just because it was someone else making comics without laboriously drawing everything (like a sucker). I think too few creative people develop the discipline to end things when they’re ready to end them.

If you haven’t read A Softer World before, you have a treat waiting for you. The melancholy is greatly flavored if you picture Joey’s wolfish grin as you read.

(That’s Harriet Quimby in the plane, by the way. She was the first woman in the U.S. to be awarded a pilot’s license. During a flight meet, she was thrown out of her airplane and fell to her death aged 37. To make this feel like a true Softer World comic, picture that about to happen just off-panel.)

99dankballoons ha chiesto:

Thoughts on the F-16?

I like them. I like them a lot. I’ve sort of explained why in my post about the F-2 and about Pierre Sprey - namely that they’re relatively cheap, flexible, and easy-to-maintain, but that’s not the biggest reason I like the F-16.

I like the F-16 because it’s cute. Look at that smile. It’s happy to taxi.

Happy to fly with friends.

Just happy in general.

Who’s a cute little razor-sharp instrument of death? Hmm? That’s right! You are!