Plucking Troops From A Hot LZ

Reprint from: SKY SOLDIER Time Life Books

Photo Credit: National Archives (negative7680) #11C6

A Casper Platoon UH-1 Huey, its door gunner firing at a well-concealed enemy, prepares to extract troops of the 173d Airborne Brigade pinned down near the Ai Loa River in the Binh Dinh Province on March 29, 1970.  

With circling gunships providing support from above, Sky Soldiers return VC sniper fire and Casper completes the extraction.  Such rescue missions were frequent, necessary and fraught with danger.

Troop-carrying Huey “Slicks” often had to descend into determined VC & NVA fire to pluck the stranded soldiers from their predicament.  Often these missions succeeded, with largely inconsequential damage to the helicopters.  At other times, the toll on the choppers was a heavy one.

Dragon Rapide at IWM Duxford just returning from one of its ‘tour the local area for £45 each’ flights.
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The F-22 Flying Test Bed, a heavily modified Boeing 757 airliner that features the radar, wing sensors mounted on top of the cockpit, avionics, and the simulated cockpit of the Lockheed F-22 Raptor.

Created to flight-test these systems in a real and safe environment, where up to 30 software engineers and technicians can monitor the different systems and how they interact with each other, and if need arises, even troubleshoot while in the air.

This Day in Aviation History

August 27th, 1990

First flight of the Northrop YF-23 Black Widow II.

The Northrop/McDonnell Douglas YF-23 was an American single-seat, twin-engine stealth fighter aircraft technology demonstrator designed for the United States Air Force (USAF). The design was a finalist in the USAF’s Advanced Tactical Fighter (ATF) competition, battling the Lockheed YF-22 for a production contract. Two YF-23 prototypes were built with the nicknames “Black Widow II” and “Gray Ghost”.

In the 1980s, the USAF began looking for a replacement for its fighter aircraft, especially to counter the USSR’s advanced Sukhoi Su-27 and Mikoyan MiG-29. Several companies submitted design proposals; the USAF selected proposals from Northrop and Lockheed. Northrop teamed with McDonnell Douglas to develop the YF-23, while Lockheed, Boeing and General Dynamics developed the YF-22.

The YF-23 was stealthier and faster, but less agile than its competitor. After a four-year development and evaluation process, the YF-22 was announced the winner in 1991 and entered production as the Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor. The U.S. Navy considered using the production version of the ATF as the basis for a replacement to the F-14, but these plans were later canceled. The two YF-23 prototypes were museum exhibits as of 2009…..


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so heres a concept hey…
Aviation Toons
I wanted to call these guyses either Sky Dogs or Aviatoons aha..


Captain Joe - Captain; Rat Terrier; a good man but consistently aggravated at everything. Fairly polite, surprisingly.
Pilot Jeff - Son of Joe; Rat Terrier/Dachshund mix; laid back/easy going pilot that should probably pay attention more often
Pilot Joy - Joe’s wife; Rat Terrier (adoptive mother to Jeff); Always nervous and anxious lady who’s just trying her best
Pilot Peanut - Best friend of the family; Not actually a do- i mean he’s obviously a Sheep Dog haha; never takes off his goggles; probably a Bob Marley fan

-All of these dogs are based off of my real life dogs!! Joe, Jeff, Joy, and Peanut (except idk wtf Peanut is - hes a mix of Joe and some female dog I never learned the breed of??)-


Fantastic Canarsie approach on the Icelandair 757!

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