Aviary scene !
With many many birds !
You can recognize the little blue new one, Frost the love bird. And you have (all names mixed) : Crocus, Maya, Honey, Ieppa, Karma, Sigrinn,…

Three photos by Margaux Deman.


The conures have move on, here they are into a brand new aviary. More light, more place, everything is better for them. They also have a new buddy: Crocus (a flower name), a pinapple conure. You can see how they feathers are beautiful, sign of a good life and food. On the first picture, the fluffy Sigrinn shows she is happy, maybe Mojito is telling her something nice. And they can have the sun longer now, even in winter, some afternoons are almost hot.

The conures, by appearance: my little Sigrinn, Mojito (head cutted), Honey (flying), Luciole (hidden by Honey, alone on the third photo and on the top of the perch) and the cute new little Crocus.

Photos by my friend, Margaux Deman. Many thanks to her 💚


Tawny owl update!
Our eye-injury tawny owl keeps going from strength to strength. It is eating and flying well and has recently been moved into one of our larger aviaries to stretch its wings.
It only has a few days more here at WAF, then we hope it will be back in the wild!


Harvey the love bird was the only one of his kind in this big aviary. So we took him a friend. Meet Frost, the blue roseicolis :)
Those pictures where emotionnal cause it was only the second day after we put Frost into the 23 meters aviary. They could ignored the other, but no. They immediately where interested in each other and already snuggled a little bit the second day.

NEVER take a bird alone, folks. Never.

They are made for life together. An alone bird is sad.
Don’t feel offended by my words if you have an alone bird/parrot. I first took Sigrinn alone, during almost one year. And only then I discovered that birds needed to be into flocks ^^ You always can change your loved bird’s life, always. Never hesitate, they’re too precious.