Mission Gone Wrong (Part 2)

Part 1

Soooooooooooo any chance mission gone wrong is going to have a part 2 soon? I don’t want to rush you (sorry!!) but I’m just really excited to see where this story goes :-D

Mission gone wrong OMG!! It is amazing! Way to plot things out because this is great!

The mission may have gone wrong but guuuuuuuurl this story is so right!!

A/N: I strayed slightly from the original drabble I had written because the whole “I haven’t seen you in two days” bit didn’t work out with the story but it’s mostly the same. I ALSO DIDN’T GET TO PROOF READ IT BECAUSE IM GETTING PICKED UP RIGHT NOW AND  I JUST WANTED TO GET THIS POSTED FOR YOU GUYS SO PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF THERE ARE MISTAKES


Warning: language, some angst, yelling

Words: 1833

Steve Rogers x Reader (female)

*btw (Y/L/N) is your last name I forgot to put that on the first part

You were taken to one of those interrogation rooms where they handcuff you to the table. You were trying to get your story straight before one of those detectives, that seemed so interested in you when you walked past on the way to this room, came in to talk to you.

Bank robberies were up to twenty-five years in prison. That simply could not happen. You wouldn’t spend twenty-five years in this place. You figured you’d tell them you were just trying to catch the guy and you ended up in the wrong place. But that would mean you broke the Accords. How long would they detain you for crossing that line? Would they do anything but let you off with a warning? It was hard to say, but you thought that twenty years was better than the unknown. Bank robbery it is.

“(Y/N) (Y/L/N).” A detective entered the room with a file and someone entered behind him. “How are you today?”

You pursed your lips. A rude comment had made its way to your mouth but you were content on cooperating. Cooperation = less jail time.

“I’m okay, I guess, how are you?” You asked kindly, staring at the man with innocent eyes.

“I’m well, thank you,” the man said as he and his friend sat down at the table you were handcuffed to. “I’m Detective Harris, this is Detective Moore, we’ve been assigned to your case.”

“Why assign detectives to a bank robbery?” You pondered, hoping you didn’t sound rude or intrusive. Detective Harris smiled, though, caused you to relax.

“They figure, and Avenger suddenly decides to break bad, there might be a few loose ends that need to be tied together.” Detective Harris watched you with a determined, friendly gaze, “Detective Moore here doesn’t think you’ll work with us. I told him, that if you knew we could get you out of here, free of charges, you would absolutely help us out.”

Your eyes narrowed, but kept most emotion off of your face. This wasn’t going how you thought it would. Free of charges from a bank robbery? No way, not in fucking heaven. What were they up to…?

“You’re a smart woman, aren’t you Miss (Y/L/N)?” Harris just wouldn’t stop talking. “So, I think you understand that these charges are pretty serious. If you help us out, you can walk.”

“And in return for my release, you want…?” You leaned your elbows onto the table. It was an awkward movement due to the handcuffs.

“We want to know where Rogers and Barnes are.” Moore spoke for the first time.

Ahhh, that made sense. That’s why there were detectives on this case. They wanted you to work with them so they could find Steve.

“I don’t know where Steve-”

“Bullshit!” Harris slammed his hand on the table and stood up from his chair, “Why don’t I believe you?”

“I don’t know, detective,” you spat, “but that seems to be a ‘you’ problem. I’m not speaking you. I get a lawyer and a phone call. As you said before, I’m a smart woman.” You offered him another innocent smile.

The man pursed his lips and you and then offered a forced smile. Moore, who had still only spoken nine words, pushed away from the table. He stood and grabbed Harris’s shoulder, telling him that it was time to leave. Harris never took his eyes away from yours.

When the two men were gone, a woman walked him. She had chocolate colored hair and eyes to match. The brown eyes brunette was clad in a white blouse that was tucked into a pencil skirt stretching to the tops of her knees. An official looking jacket was worn over the blouse, and a few pieces of well-placed jewelry completed her picture. She looked as if she could take down a whole court room in a matter of minutes.

“Hello, Miss (YL/N), I’m Amanda Brooks, I’ll be your attorney.” She extended her hand, reaching across the table so you were able to each while still in the handcuffs.

“Let’s get you out of those, shall we?” She called for someone and then sat down for the first time. When you were freed from the cuffs, you absent mindedly rubbed your wrists. They were bruised from the constant contact of metal to skin.

“How are you today?” Amanda Brooks asked you. You weren’t entirely sure you could trust her…

“I’m alright,” you responded, “and yourself?”

“I’m very well, thank you.” Amanda placed a file on the table, identical to the one that Harris had been carrying. “Shall we discuss your case?”

She continued talking to you. All this shit about legal battles and trying to get the least amount of time possible. She was talking about maybe even getting you out on community service and speaking with a counselor twice a week. You weren’t doing that, though. No way you were talking to counselor and doing community service because you were already trying to do the community some good by stopping those guys.

“Stop,” you interrupted her speech, “I’m sorry, I just…I don’t your help with the punishment and stuff. I need you to get me my phone call and I’m going to plead guilty to… what are they even charging me for?”

“Miss (Y/L/N), I would strongly suggest against that. You’re being charged with attempted bank robbery. You could be given up to-”

“Twenty-five years, I know,” you interjected once more. “I figure I can get off with fifteen if I plead guilty and cooperate and all considering that I’ve been working with the SHIELD for my entire life. Add all that today plus the fact that Tony Stark could pay all my fines, I might get down to ten years.”

Amanda stared at you for a moment. She was surprised at how well you knew the system. She seemed please, maybe even a little proud. You suspected she didn’t get many clients that knew their way around the law so well.

“Well, they were originally going to offer you ten years, which is the minimal punishment,” Amanda informed you, “But I think that we can get you off with less if we fight this.”

You were honored by her persistency, but she didn’t understand the situation. If SHEILD figured out that you Nat and Nick had been working together to take down a Hydra meeting it would just be horrible. You couldn’t even imagine what would happen. After all, how many countries had signed the Accords, again?

“Is all of this confidential?” You asked Amanda.

She nodded, her hair bouncing around in the ponytail it was pulled back into, “I’m not allowed to disclose anything to anyone without your permission.”

There was a moment of silence where you contemplated telling her the real reason the police found you laying on the floor of that bank. Amanda watched you closely, her pretty features highlighted by her interested expression.

“(Y/N), I highly recommend you tell me the entire truth,” the lawyer finally spoke, “It would help the both of us to figure out the most reasonable move.”

The two of you shared a very long moment of silence, longer than all the others put together. Clearly, it was your turn to speak and Amanda would not be breaking the silence. Her dark brown eyes burned into yours as she willed you to tell her to truth. The silence wasn’t awkward, but a lot was communicated in it.

“Alright,” you finally spoke, “but I need that phone call and I need it now.”

Amanda smiled at you, “Done.”

Ten minutes later, you were set up at a phone, dialing Steve’s number. You explained the situation to Amanda already. She seemed to be totally on your side, because, in all of your years working as a spy and with SHIELD, you had never seen someone look as sincere as her. You were convinced of her friendliness and you weren’t mistaken. She was a good guy.


You let out a breath at Steve’s voice. You hadn’t seen him in so long. You missed him so much.

“Steve.” The word was breathy and gentle and satisfied but you weren’t even sure he heard it. It was all you could muster for that moment, though, because you were just so, so, so happy to hear his voice.

“(Y/N)? Oh my God, I’ve been so worried about you! I’m so sorry I haven’t called you, I was nervous to call the tower and I was afraid to try your cell because-!”

After the first few words he spoke, his rambling snapped you out of your loving haze and you said, “Steve, you’ve gotta listen to me. I’m in jail-!”

“What? What do you mean you’re in jail?” He was so worried. His voice nearly cracked.

“No, no, no! Don’t worry! I’m fine, I just need you to tell Nat-!” Oh Jesus this was not going well. Why had you called him? Why didn’t you call Nat or Nick? Except, it was horribly obvious why you called him. He was the only one you wanted to talk to, and if this was your last phone call for a while you wanted it to be with him.

“Why are you in jail?” Steve pressed. He clutched the phone in his hand, palm sweating, eyebrows knitted together.

“It’s just a thing that I needed to do, don’t be worried! I promise I’m okay I just-!”

“What does Nat have to do with this?” The super soldier interjected. He was swiping his free hand through his hair and tugging on it slightly.

“Steve if you would just let me finish a sente-!”

“Does Tony know where you are? Does anyone? How about Nick?” God, this man wouldn’t shut up, would he?

“Nat knows, that’s what I’m trying to tell you! This is fine, I’ll be out soon. Things are getting sorted out, you need to just-”


“Steve, if you interrupt me one more time, so help me God, I will break up with you!” You had slammed your hand against the wall that the phone was attached to in a fit of rage.

“Sorry.” Steve breathed.

“Now, listen to me, ask Nat about it, I don’t trust this phone. She’ll tell you everything and she’ll tell you what you can do to help. Nick knows too. No one else does. Ask Nick and Nat and see if they want to others to know.”

There was a moment of silence where Steve was trying to comprehend what was happening. What had you gotten yourself into? Would he ever see you again? Was this his fault?

“I love you.” Steve said in a desperate, needy voice. He was so anxious about this whole thing now. He thought he was going to lose you.

“I love-”

“Time’s up!” A gruff voice shouted, grabbing the phone from your hand and slamming it on the receiver.

Your hands came up to cup your face. What had you done?