Anya: “Yeah, well. I can only do one thing at a time.” Jess: “Is that why you put the mask on? You don’t want anyone to know you can’t walk and chew gum at the same time?” Anya: “No. I put on the mask because “Spider-Girl” doesn’t exactly strike fear in the hearts of the cowardly. Look, don’t be mean. I’m still new at this. I need to focus on one thing. Nobody ever pronounced “Araña” properly anyway.” Jess: “You chose that name. You put the mask on. You’re wearing the grim and gritty, black and scary bodysuit.” Anya: “Yeah and I might have to live on protein bars and salad to stay in it.” // AVENGERS ASSEMBLE (2012) #23

wow that person is really adamant in defending the war machine stuff in avengers assemble as nothing more than a voice actor reference that like nobody will get but that makes it okay to crap on all the characters, i guess.  who cares about the characters when at their expense you can throw in a dumb reference to the fact that the same voice actor has done both characters, eh?

rendingrosencrantz said: The thing is, MCU Sam is completely different from AA Sam, which is weird for me? Because everyone else seem like they’re different facets of the same people, but then Sam is just…someone else altogether?

Yeah, Avengers Assemble Sam is … really different.  I really do like him, but I wonder about the decisions they made there.  I’m not sure why they created his connection to Tony, for example, or why they wanted his character in that role.  It’s a bit odd.

wondygirl replied to your post

I was going to say “it’s like Tony giving Steve’s uniform to someone else” but then I remembered that he did do that with Clint….But still NO, Sam is not Rhodey godammit and he’s Steve’s friend and not an Avengers groupie.

but wasn’t that done when Steve was absent/dead? 

Like, if this cartoon had set up that Rhodey was gone… doesn’t exist (for some horrifying reason) or had a big falling out with Tony then it’d make some sense why Tony would be willing to turn the War Machine over to somebody else.  But if Rhodey exists that is his armor. 

Tony isn’t taking Cap’s shield and name and handing it down to people as soon as Cap leaves the room.  Basically it’s not Tony’s to give away.  Same for War Machine, despite Tony having built it.  I mean, in comic and MCU canon now it’s firmly established as Rhodey’s. Built for him specifically with no real direct oversight by Tony.   This cartoon diverts so drastically from that in just a few seconds it’s kind of impressive in an infuriating way

Important things I took from Avengers Assemble S02E07 (from most to least depressing):

- Howard missed more than one of Tony’s birthdays

- Howard compared Tony unfavourably to Cap often enough that by the time Tony was in his teens, he resented Captain America

- Red Skull falls for Home Alone style booby traps. Repeatedly

- Natasha and Clint are perfect for each other

- Sam knows every random bit of history trivia ever

- I’m pretty sure the Avengers Assemble writing team skim their ideas from AO3

- Thor has a pet bilgesnipe called Bilgie

you know what would have worked as tony trying to get sam into an armor and not have shat on rhodey

is that tony says “how about you go armor up.”

and sam gets down there and you see some different versions of armors and one happens to be the war machine armor, but that wasn’t the armor sam was specifically told to get… thereby referencing war machine… while not shitting on war machine.  and then sam goes for the Falcon armor that wasn’t in the line up of armors or something…