To kick off, AAW, we’d like to make a concerted effort to raise enough money to fund our server for the next year. Many of you know we are moving to a new server shortly, which will hopefully make the site far more stable. Our objective is to be able to raise enough money in AAW to cover the new server costs for 1 year.

Here is the tilt page[1]:


We would really appreciate any contributions - you would be helping make our website more stable!

Social media will follow, plus as many of you have suggested the link to our fundraising efforts should be more visible, so we’ll be pinning it above each forum shortly.

Thanks again!!

[1] for the purposes of transparency, I should say we do not expect any of the money we raise to go to tax, given we are a 501©3 and currently under the threshold for paying tax; however the site tilt we are using for AAW will take a cut, we expect of the order 7-8%. I’ll confirm this later.


//A real quick sketch of Chatty’s two looks, not that she had her first look for very long.

//Her Cybertronian form is permanent (she still uses the anonymous look for her holoform though), and there’s a few little details I forgot but i’m supposed to be working on math, sooo I’ll do an official reference with all the details she has later.


Mountain avens, eight-petal mountain-avens, white dryas, and white dryad (Dryas octopetala) is an Arctic–alpine flowering plant in the family Rosaceae. It is a small prostrate evergreen subshrub forming large colonies. Photos: Tim Waters.

AVEN 2014 Survey | The Asexual Visibility and Education Network | asexuality.org

The Asexual Visibility and Education Network (AVEN) is performing a large-scale survey.

We are looking for any respondents who are part of the asexual spectrum, as well as people who are not part of the asexual spectrum. This survey includes some sensitive questions about sexual topics. Please distribute this announcement.

The survey is open for some time. Later, statistical results will be published, providing crucial information about the demographics and needs of asexual-spectrum people.

The survey can be accessed here.

asexual/aromantic problems
  • being assumed gay 99.999999% of the time before explaining you’re asexual
  • having to explain asexuality to lots of people over and over again
  • “you just havent met the right person yet”
  • being awkward af in sex ed
  • “so who do you like”
  • “asexuality isnt real”
  • having to also explain to people that you can recognize when someone is attractive, you just dont want to get with them
  • having to reject someone and feeling bad
  • “so you’re going to die alone??”
  • crusty people trying to hit on you even after you’ve explained yourself
  • running out of cake