August 27, 2014

Hey guys sorry I haven’t updated in a while. I got my wisdom teeth surgery and was pretty out of it for a couple of weeks! My skin is doing okay, but I’m starting to break out on my right cheek and a bit on my nose :( It’s really irritating but I’m trying to stay positive! I’ve been having dreams that my acne came back… But I know I shouldn’t be complaining at all because I have come so far!

I’ve gotten a couple of questions about my skin care routine and products post accutane. It’s not much but I’ve been using Avene products and it’s amazing! I get everything from amazon so it’s super easy to order. They have so many amazing products and I can’t wait to try more! For my face wash, I’ve been using the Avene Cleanance Gel. It’s great for oily and sensitive skin like mine and has a very light fragrance to it and I wash with this about twice a day. Then after patting my face dry with a towel, I spray my entire face with the amazing Avene Thermal Spring Water. I’m not really sure if it’s doing anything but it’s so refreshing and the mist feels so gentle and soothing to my skin. I wait a few minutes and pay it gently. Then for my face lotion, I’ve been using the Avene Cleanance Emulsion Lotion that’s supposed to be anti shine but I still get very oily. Do you guys have any recommendations for extremely oily skin??

I Battled My Boyfriend For This Face-Saving Mist

What is it? Avene’s Thermal Spring Water. This perennial beauty editor pick is a nourishing and hydrating mist from France that’s packed with minerals to calm troubled or parched skin. 

Who’s it perfect for? This face spray is way more than just water. It takes 40 years for this H2O to travel through the Cevennes mountain aquifer to the thermal spring where it’s collected. During that time it picks up tons of good-for-your-skin minerals that actually help rebalance irritated dermis. It’s great for anyone—but it’s especially good for folks with eczema, psoriasis, or just generally sensitive skin. (Pro tip: you can use this all over your body to help calm redness!)

Insider deets from a Birchbox staffer: “At my college roommate’s vineyard wedding earlier this summer, she handed out bottles of this mist to keep guests cool during the outdoor reception. My boyfriend spritzed it all over his face once—and then wouldn’t give up the bottle until the next day when I needed it to calm an extra bad sunburn on my shoulders. Even then, we had to exchange some strong words (including "share!” and “what’ll you give me for it?”) before he’d let me get anywhere near it.“ —Candice, Editor

Can’t wait to learn more? Here’s everything you need to know about this soothing spray.









因此對於敏弱肌來說, Avène雅漾就是一個很棒的選擇,




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