newgrill112  asked:

Why is mists of avelon bad? Like do you have an opinion? I bought it at like a used book sale at my local school but i havent started reading yet and if its shit i dont wanna waste half a year trying 2 get trough it lmao

Basically its disgusting, poorly written trash written by an (alleged) disgusting human being. 

So the book itself is just…bad. It’s heralded as a so progressive feminist retelling of Arthurian Legend, but its not. Its frustratingly not that. All of the female characters (really all the characters in general if I’m being honest) are one dimensional. All of the women conveniently hate each other over increasingly petty things and then continuously resolve their issues with each other, only to hate each other again in the very next chapter for literally the reasons they just resolved. They’re just mean, petty, and cruel to each other and that’s literally what the book is about.

That’s just the poorly written stuff though. The major issues come with a trigger warning for incest, pedophilia, and rape, so if you aren’t ok reading that, be warned now. 


So there are increasingly disturbing scenes about these apparently druidic rituals that involve raping children and tricking two characters into having incest because they didn’t know they siblings until afterwards. 

And we, the readers, are literally supposed to be alright with this. These supposed druidic practices are actually supposed to be good and just because our culture doesn’t like it doesn’t mean its bad! Yeah…no. 

And at one point the main character basically magics Lancelot (who is clearly written to be gay) into raping a girl (not a woman, a girl) so that he’ll be forced to marry her, and before she does the ritual, the main character is like “I am essentially raping him, but whatever I guess, the girl asked me to make him love her.” Yeah. 

And this part is important. Marion ZImmer Bradley was married to Walter Breen, who was a convicted pedophile and sex offender. This man was part of a movement trying to make pedophila legal and he wrote on the topic a lot. 

Now it wasn’t just that she was married to a pedophile. People unknowingly marry abusers all the time, and that doesn’t make them guilty. However, in 2014, Marion Zimmer Bradley’s daughter came out and said that her mother was also a pedophile who molested her and several other children for years and was apparently worse than her husband that was actually arrested for it. Now, Marion ZImmer Bradely’s been dead for years, so there’s not going to be a trial or anything to prove the allegations against her, but honestly I went into Mists of Avalon knowing all of this about her and the main thought I had the entire time was that “yeah, this was definitely a book written by a pedophile.” It’s clear as day reading the book because its that repulsive.

Don’t waste your time with this book or anything Marion Zimmer Bradley wrote tbh. She’s not someone who should be heralded as the feminist writer everyone makes her out to be, and this book should not be held up as the epitome of feminist fantasy. I honestly don’t have the words to describe how much this book disgusts me. 


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