Avatar: The Last Airbender

Legend of Korra: Cold War AU

The main idea of this AU is essentially to extend the plot of Book 4: Balance, about the Earth Empire and Kuvira, into the entire series. With 3 seasons and a full 60 episodes run.

The main plot revolves around Korra trying to deal with the cold war between the United Republic of Nations and the newly formed Empire of Steel, and prevent the breakout of a second Great War.

Episode 1 Opening (narrated by Tenzin)

70 years ago my father, Avatar Aang, and his friends, ended the Hundred Year War, and brought peace to the world.

Together with Firelord Zuko, he formed the United Republic of Nations from the former colonies of the Fire Nation.

For decades, Avatar Aang kept the peace between the nations, old and new. But then, he died.

In his absense, the nations were thrown into chaos. Revolution swept across the Earth Kingdom, leading to the death of the Queen, and collapse of the nation.

Kuvira, a metalbender calling herself the Great Unifier, used her technology and resources to reunite the fractured nation under her leadership.

Now it’s my turn to help guide Avatar Korra, the successor to my father, in helping bring back peace and prosperity.

Though she’s young and lacks discipline, I believe Korra can save the world.

After that, the first episode of the series is very similar to the beginning of both Book 1 and Book 4.

Korra wants to go to Republic City to see Kuvira’s public appearance as she supposedly is about to hand over power to Wu, the crown prince. Tenzin is against this, so Korra sneaks in on a ship and goes anyway.

Of course, Kuvira denounces Wu and the Earth Kingdom, and declares herself the ruler of a new nation, the Empire of Steel. She makes a speech about how the rulers of the old nations failed their people, and how the United Republic of Nations is rightfully part of her empire.

Kuvira’s people attempt to assassinate Wu, and the rest of the episode is about Korra and Tenzin trying to save him as well as drive Kuvira’s forces off of Republic City.

Regular Episode Opening (narrated by Korra)

70 years ago my predecessor Avatar Aang and his friends ended the Hundred Year War and formed the United Republic of Nations.

For decades, Aang had kept the peace between all nations, old and new.

But with his death, chaos spread. The Earth Kingdom collapsed, and the Empire of Steel rose.

Now I, Avatar Korra, must take on Aang’s legacy, mend together a broken world, and prevent the breakout of another great war.

The rest of the series follows Korra’s training and adventures as she tries to balance the rising tension between the Republic and the Empire, and help quell the chaos that’s been spreading all over the world since Aang’s death.

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for the ageswap au- how did sokka and zuko manage to infiltrate the boiling rock? they are smol?? "oh ha yes we are guards yep you can trust us" "child your voice cracked five times while you were saying that. i don't know who thought it was a good idea to bring their children hear AND let them out of their sight but whoever it is they are now fired"

The Boiling Rock escape is an utter fiasco.  Two twelve year olds in a high security prison?  How could it be anything else?  They boys get there, and they decide to sneak in.  No one would believe them as guards or prisoners, they figure, so they need to keep out of sight.  They find Suki and she’s able to tell them that none of the Water Tribe warriors are there… only just before the two are discovered.

Sokka shouts that the guards will never take him alive.  His voice cracks.  He is mortified, the guards are charmed.  Zuko however is warily silent.

The guards are all set to make the two of them into pets until they figure out what to do with them, until the Warden identifies Zuko.  He’s arrested to await transport to the Capital for execution.  The guards who had seen them are horrified.  This is the terrible traitor prince, sentenced to death?  This young boy?  And his own father gave him that scar?  How old was he?  Nine?  How could this be?

This is what Hakoda arrives into.  Suki seeks him out and asks if he knows Sokka.  She tells him where his son is, and they are in the process of fighting their way to him when Azula comes to escort her brother to his death, bringing Mai and Ty Lee with her.  Mai catches Suki and Hakoda, and she tells them where to find her uncle.  The two of them take him captive while Mai goes in to get Sokka and Zuko, saying she’s there to take them to Azula.  Two of the guards are ready to fight her, and she takes them with her.  She gives all four of them to Suki while Hakoda starts a riot to cover their escape.  She stays behind, ready to slip back to Azula’s side.

But after the escapees get on the gondola, while they’re hanging over the water, Azula realizes what’s going on and orders the guards to cut the line.  Some of the guards refuse to kill children, but others obey, and Mai fights them, allowing them to escape.

  • Ken Ichijouji: *is a dark-haired boy who goes from innocence to darkness to redemption and fights evil and has memory problems*
  • Samurai Jack: *is a dark-haired man who is primarily innocent but sometimes gets dark but then redeems himself and fights evil and is displaced in time*
  • Anakin Skywalker: *is a dark-haired boy who goes from innocence to darkness to redemption and fights evil and has a robot arm and an eye scar*
  • Prince Zuko: *is a dark-haired boy who goes from innocence to darkness to redemption and fights evil and has an eye scar*
  • The Eighth Doctor: *is a dark-haired man who regularly flips between innocence and darkness and fights evil and is constantly displacing himself in time and has memory problems*
  • The Tenth Doctor: *is a dark-haired man who regularly flips between innocence and darkness and fights evil and is constantly displacing himself in time*
  • Bucky Barnes: *is a dark-haired man who goes from innocence to darkness to redemption and fights evil and is displaced in time and has memory problems and a robot arm*
  • Me: holy shit I DO have A Type.


Today is AU day!! I personally really, really, realllllly love the avatar au, not just for Voltron, but any fandom really…

But when I googled it, I didn’t find any art with Coran! The horror I felt! This is why I had the idea of Coran Week tbh, because everyone is so fixated on the paladins, that they don’t always have Allura, and almost never do they include Coran… so enjoy some quality water bending Coran!

Nico getting mugged in town
  • Mugger: You! Hand over your money!
  • Nico: (notices the man's unstable stance) What are you doing?
  • Mugger: I'm mugging you!
  • Nico: With that stance?
  • Mugger: W-What are you talking about?! Just hand over your money, little boy!
  • Nico: With a poor stance, you are unbalanced and can easily be knocked over. (easily knocks mugger and then helping him up) With a solid stance, you are a much more serious threat!
  • You: Season three Zuko
  • Me, an intellectual: Season two Zuko