Avatar The Last Airbender


I always loved aang’s reaction

no jealousy, no misplaced avatar superiority complex, no wtf I just spent the entire afternoon trying to move that stupid puddle and she picks it up in 0.534 seconds what is this

he’s just so impressed and happy for katara and all “oh my god my girlfriend is the greatest waterbender in the world look at her go she could punch me in the face and I’d thank her holy spirits

honestly what a snowball


Trip to Storage- Office Swag of an Animator

01- Prototypes for never released Green Lantern the Animated Series action figures. I bought these off EBay from a guy in China who probably shouldn’t have been selling them. Note Atrocitus’s scale is off. He should tower over Kilowog.

02- Unopened War Paint Sokka, Prince Zuko, & Arctic Stealth Zuko. I am especially happy that these costume variants actually appeared in the series.

03- Unopened Blue Spirit Zuko, War of the Light Hero Clix (which I always liked because they reminded me of GLTAS designs) & Firebending Soldier

04- GLTAS maquettes of Atrocitus and Saint Walker, wrapped up like prosciutto from an Italian Deli

05- Loose figures, including Iron Giant and plush Ghia'ta and Zox from GLTAS, beautifully crafted by Elfgrove. I rescued them from this cramped cardboard coffin and took them to my office at Disney.

Sad thought: Avatar, Green Lantern and Iron Giant were all considered merchandising failures because their toys did not sell well, or in GL’s case, were never made.

Fortunately Avatar’s powerful fan base, plus great DVD and video game sales (not to mention consistently high ratings) not only allowed the show to survive but return triumphantly with Legend of Korra.


I never knew how painful it was to choke a laugh on a softdrink, until approximately six seconds ago.


ZUKO + IROH - Bet My Life.