A: “ You know Korra I do like your short hair… ”
K: “ Buuuuut??”
A: “ But it’s a shame i didn’t get to braid it when it was longer ”
A. “ I’m sure it would have looked really nice on you ”
K: “!!…”
K: “ WELL!!” “ In that case I guess I can let it grow back ”
K: “ And then you can braid it whenever you feel like it ”
K: “ Deal?” // A: “ Deal ”

I’ve seen so many korra designs in which she has a huge braid and i can imagine Korra letting her hair grow back so that Asami can braid it for her all the time



Does anyone ever think about the fact that most people in the Avatar world only have one name? Like Mako, Bolin, Katara, that’s it, they have nothing else

But Korra gets to be called Avatar Korra

If she marries Asami she’ll be Avatar Korra Sato

And with her dad as chief of the Southern Water Tribe there’s a chance she could inherit that position so she’d be like Chief Avatar Korra Sato

Korra is heading into Daenerys Targaryan territory


OMG you guys/gals! Guess who’s in this week’s Republic Lifestyle?? Sorry I don’t have a good scanner and my phone camera’s crappy, but here’s a transcript of the writeup:


Avatar Korra discusses integration plans for the Spirit World and the infrastructure of Republic City with Future Industries CEO Asami Sato. The relationship between the world spiritual leader and the scion of the late industrial tycoon Hiroshi Sato has resulted in a harmonious and productive partnership that has so far been advantageous in keeping Republic City and its neighboring states economically and politically stable. Some say it’s a relationship with strategic implications, but those close to the couple will attest that it’s one that’s founded on genuine kinship, love and trust. 

Ok, I clearly don’t live in this reality anymore! And LOL “love and trust” my ass, I’m not the best writer, sorry. Haha! Why are they talking business in a hangar? Because I say meeting rooms are boring and I want to draw airplanes and engines! Jokes aside, I added the full image without text in case anyone wants it. And a vertical crop if you wanna use it for your phone heh.


Last summer I had the honor of working at Nickelodeon to do some background painting for the latter half of Korra, Book 4. Here’s a small sampling of the work I did. 

I’ve always been a fan of this show and the beautiful art style, so I’m so glad I got to help out! Also getting to work with such an incredibly talented, fun, and friendly crew was an added bonus. 

And of course, I only did the paint on these. The layouts (which are amazing works of art all on their own) were done by either William Niu or Christine Bian


Key-animation from AVATAR: The Legend of Korra | Book Three: Change!  The season finale "Venom of the Red Lotus“ was SO painful to watch T_T The last two are from Chapter 3: ”The Earth Queen“ and the first episode of Book 2: ”Rebel Spirit“)! #Although Korra breathing fire is DOPE. This shot wasn’t. Unable to attack Zaheer ‘cause of the poison, he started suffocating her.

Giffing your scans was a challenge, benditlikekorra ! Thanks.
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Yeah right, Korra is so bored. 

Haha! That last frame is actually a crop of a bigger illustration, which is still being colored at the moment. I wasn’t able to finish it because I suddenly thought of this humorously suggestive outtake, and I just had to draw it out. It was good practice anyway, in terms of visual storytelling through subtleties in gesture, framing and body language. (I swear those little creative decisions can be so much harder than what the sketch actually looks!) 

Anyway, I should finish the main image. Don’t worry, the real illustration is more sober than this juvenile drivel. Haha!

Oh right, the mug – apart from the subtle come-on - is probably a souvenir from Varrick and Zhu Li’s wedding :)