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avatar the last airbender AUs will be the death of me so if you can ... rec me some?? plz and thanks also i love your guys blog

Anon: Have you guys got any avatar AU’s? Thanks!!!

Yeah dude! There’s also one avatar au in this jealousy post
- Vallie

simmer by eso (2/2 | 7,221 | Mature)

“Hey, boss lady,” he says casually. “Have a delivery for you.”

The leader of Altea doesn’t even pick her head up from the mass of papers on her desk. “I really don’t have time for your jokes right now, Lance.”

“Damn. Guess I’ll just take these two incredibly suspicious firebenders elsewhere.”

Something Borrowed, Something Blue by cheshireree (1/1 | 2,377 | Teen and Up)

Keith asks Shiro to help him make Lance a betrothal necklace. The results are less than stellar, but that’s okay.

Healing Secrets by fearfulGuillotine, InfernusCerberus (1/1 | 6,185 | Teen and Up)

Everyone knows that the Water Tribes have healers -waterbenders who have learned the ability to heal other with their element-. Most of them are women, true, but a little portion of those healers are males.
And he was one of them