365 Day Movie Challenge: June 13, 2012

Movie: AVPR: Aliens vs. Predator- Requiem (2007)

Directors: Colin and Greg Strause

Starring: Steven Pasquale, Reiko Aylesworth, John Ortiz, Johnny Lewis, Ariel Gade, Kristen Hager, Sam Trammell, Robert Joy, David Paetkau, and Tom Woodruff Jr.

Plot: The Predators’ ship from the first movie crash lands back on Earth after the a Xenomorph burst out of one of their chests. 

Review: I have a new least favorite movie. I’m not even kidding. Alien is not a slasher movie. Neither is Predator. And, although their sequels didn't necessarily stand true to their formulas, none of them could be considered slasher films either. So why the hell is this one? Seriously. Two of the most terrifying villains ever are reduced to low grade killing machines that just go through the same motions over and over again. How many times do you have to show an alien killing with his tongue by stabbing somebody through the head before we get the point? I swear this movie was made for people with extremely low IQs. It’s just really, really stupid. 

It also pissed me off that one of the fully grown Xenomorphs is shown forcing babies down a pregnant woman’s throat. That’s the job of the Facehuggers. Haven’t you even seen Alien? God. Fuck you.

Grade: F-, 0%, you get nothing. Good day, sir. 

the Predator fails as a villain
most the time we’re cheering for it
hell in Predator 2 it’s cleaning up the town killing criminals that we just saw are too much for the cops
AvP they made the Predators look heroic because we’s cheer for them over the Alien
AvPR despite the Predator killing a few humans, most of them were either self defense or humans in the way, hell a cutscene has the Predator save a mother and child from a guy with a gun
even the super Predators can be seen as good guys, we only see them as bad because they are hunting humans, but all the humans they hunt are bad people with body counts, the Predators even take them off world in a strange way protecting us from them

Anon on 4chan

I’m finding it hard to find a flaw in this logic

The Hero we deserve…..