Testosterone Thursday: A Hot New Daddy!

Although He Has All The Makings For A Pretty Hot Daddy, Dave Attwood Became A New Dad This Week, When His Fiancée Gave Birth. This Is Great News For England (Bigger I’d Say Than Prince George), Because The Bath Lock Can Now Face The All Blacks This Weekend!

Godspeed, Mate!

Princes of Wales!

Y'All Can Have The Real One. I’ll Take Rhys Webb…

Skin-Tight In UnderArmour, Showing Every Bulge And Curve!

He’s My Prince, Baby!
JP Pietersen confuses Andrew Trimble and David Skrela

This isn’t particularily newsworthy, aside from the Irish Times’ description of poor Skrele:

To be mistaken for a goalkicking French outhalf whose national team have long since discarded him and who is notionally second choice for his club side might be deemed offensive to an Irish winger who doesn’t even share the same Christian name.

This is the quote: “I’ve played against Tommy Bowe and I think the other winger is David Skrela or something. He played for Ulster. I watched a couple of Heineken Cup games." 

And we thought the injury jokes were harsh. I can imagine the press, tbh I highly doubt a lot of them know who Skrela is.


Erin Go Bragh!

Conor Murray And The Men In Green Send The Wallabies Home With Their Tails Between Their Legs!

Way To Go, Bro!