Princes of Wales!

Y'All Can Have The Real One. I’ll Take Rhys Webb…

Skin-Tight In UnderArmour, Showing Every Bulge And Curve!

He’s My Prince, Baby!

Sooper Spooky Assks
  • Screaming Severed Torso With A face: Hi, how ya doin?
  • The Goblin: Did you ever have a crush on the weird kid?
  • Leprechaun in the Toaster: Strangest thing you ever ate?
  • Blimp Full of Skeletons: What is a spooky destination you always wanted to visit?
  • Witch's Bitchin'Stiletto: If it were socially acceptable to wear absolutely anything, how would you dress?
  • Face inside a puddle: The creepiest thing you ever saw?
  • Aquatic Millipede Breeder: What would be a combination of your worst fears?
  • Port-o John o' Lantern: A gross story from your past?
  • Darth Pumpkin Spice Latte: Would you rather be Spoopy or Creppy for the rest of your life?
  • Miss Murder: What is your favorite Band?
  • The Ants Crawl in but Where Do They Go?: Tell me some your most embarrassing moments?
  • Broom Stick DUI: Do you commit CRIMES????
  • BooOOOoooO00011010: What would you do if you had to come back as a ghost?
  • Coffee Coffin: How do you take your coffee?
  • Candy Corn Root Canal: Favorite unpopular Candy?
  • There's A Snake in My Butte: Dumbest thing you & your friends ever did?
  • Sir Gregor Samsa: If you could be anything, besides a human, what would you be?
  • My Face: 5 Things that freak you out?
  • Cereberus on a Roomba: What's your dream car/ method of transport?
  • Dare-Wolf: Ask me something inappropriate and I must give an answer. (Must be paired w/ 3 other asks)
  • Butter Beer Hangover: Worst decision you ever made?
  • Gothic Lolita Voodoo Doll: Ever got your heart Broken? & By Who? Do you want me to find them & turn them into a toad?
  • The Goblin King is Trash: Got an arch nemeses? Elaborate.
  • Mummy & Batty Issues: The most redonk thing someone in your family ever did?
  • Ichabod Drain The Swamp: Thing you're most afraid of happening globally/politically this year?
  • Headless Trap Queen: A time you trusted your instincts and it payed off?
  • Franken-beir-stein: Favorite holiday tradition?
  • Leaf Ghost: What's your favorite thing about Autumn?
  • Ouija Board Paternity Test: Favorite Gossip subject?
  • Spooky Bois <3: What's your type?
  • Shook-Man: Favorite urban legend or cryptid?
  • Succubus Bachelorette party: Your Dream Wedding?
  • Sexy Severed Leg: What personality traits are you drawn to?
  • Haunted Bidet: A really dumb self-indulgent thing you day dream about?

Rookie Taken In Hand

Matt Philip Is Set To Play His First Match For The Wallabies, And His Mates Have Taken Him In Hand.

Woof, Baby!


Maul Me, Ruck Me, Make Me Scrum!

Joe Marler Gets Rucked, And Robo Does The Honors!! Why Not? He’s England’s Skipper And Joe’s Mate From The Quins!

Woof, Baby!


@happylifesims‘s Autumn Long Coat Test Shots ♥

▪Models:Armin & Tōru by me
▪Hair:@maygamestudio / @newseasims
▪Top:@happylifesims (WIP)
▪Bottom:@jinglestartk / @sims4-marigold
▪Shoes:@junara-sims / @dreamteamsims
▪Necklace:@dominationkid / @pralinesims
▪Earring:@s-sac / @pralinesims
▪Poses:me / @s-sac

◆ Thanks to all the cc creators.

anonymous asked:

Autumn woke up, tied to a chair similar to one you might find in a dentist office only far less comfortable and with a hole where her ass was. And of course she was naked and strapped to the chair

Autumn groaned and jerked. Testing the bonds and trying to find a way out