Tom Dark - 1945 Bugatti Type-73C at the 2016 Goodwood Revival (Photo 2) by Dave Adams

I think Seb is maybe closest [to Alonso] in terms of overall [package]. If youย  tell me I canโ€™t have Alonso I will pick up Seb. In a similar way, he is very complete. When you know Seb personally, like I do a little bit, heโ€™s nice, quiet, but when heโ€™s in the car, heโ€™s like Fernando โ€“ they become animals, because they are driven by their obsession to be competitive.
—  Eric Boullier about Seb (Autosport)ย 

No more Audi @ Le Mans by Rob Blank
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“He has the general things that each great driver has – he’s focused, he’s into detail, all his life is more or less focused on racing. He can get out the maximum [from the car] – knowing [he has] just one lap he can still hit the limit. All the others have a few more laps [to build up]. He sits in the garage, waits, then bang! Delivers. You don’t win so many races by just having a Newey car, which some people think.”

- Helmut Marko about Vettel (Autosport)

So Seb didn’t deserve 10/10 in Autosport’s ratings because he didn’t get pole.

I just…he admitted he wasn’t sure he would have made quali since his neck hurt so bad. He almost had pole but ofc the Merc was faster. They’ve not even mentioned his amazing start nor how good he was all race to win it. They even seem sad they can’t criticise his race. It’s like they’re petty they can’t give 10/10 to someone else…..