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The Impossible Astronaut
>>Amy Pond, Rory Williams, River Song and the Eleventh Doctor receive a mysterious summons that takes them on an adventure to 21st century Utah and Florida in 1969.Along the way they meet Richard Nixon, president of the United States of America, and former FBI agent Canton Everett Delaware III.

Maybe the reason Rory doesn’t ever break up with Dean and ‘strings his feelings along’ is because everyone CONSTANTLY tells her how wonderful he is and how lucky she is to have him, and how awful Jess is and that to break up with Dean would be a mistake.  So then she feels all this guilt about being attracted to Jess and feels that she owes Dean her love.  



Featuring Sophie Hunter
2008 | Television Film | BBC

In the early 1960s aspiring stage actor Harry H. Corbett jumps at the chance to play junk-dealer Harold Steptoe in a television comedy show ‘Steptoe and Son’. However, the show’s success proves to be a poisoned chalice for him, type-casting him and thwarting his stage ambitions. Wilfrid Brambell, the actor playing his father, is marginalized in a different way. He is a gay man in an England where homosexuality is still illegal. The show runs for several years, incorporating film spin-offs but both, in their own way, feel that they have invoked the curse of Steptoe. 

Directed by: Michael Samuels
Roger Allam as Tom Sloane
Jason Isaacs as Harry H. Corbett
Zoë Tapper as Sheila Steafel
Burn Gorman as Ray Galton
Rory Kinnear as Alan Simpson
Philip Davis as Wilfrid Brambell
Sophie Hunter as Maureen Corbett

*In May 2009, the BBC Trust concluded that the programme had been inaccurate and unfair by implying that the child of Maureen and Harry had been conceived as a result of a casual relationship.

**Maureen had two children with Harry: Susannah and Jonathan. They remained married until his death in 1982.

Marissa: It’s not suppose to be that color, is it?

Marissa asked Liam, who looked down at the bowl in her hand, containing the pureed brown mush that she just cooked. He snickered slightly but caught himself quickly.

Liam: I’m sure it’s fine.

Lola: What the hell is that suppose to be?

Lola asked of the two as she walked in the kitchen and saw the contents of the bowl Marissa was holding. Lola was nice enough, but she was as outspoken as she was outgoing. 

Liam: Marissa wanted to surprise Rory with lunch and made him macaroni and cheese for lunch.

Marissa: I might have over cooked it just a tad.

Lola: A tad? I didn’t even know mac-n-cheese could turn that color.

Liam: Be nice Lola. I’m sure it’ll be fine Marissa.

Lola: You could just make him a sandwich and give a him a blowjob under the table if you want to do something nice for him. 

Liam: She makes a valid point. In fact, you could probably just skip the food completely in that case.

Marissa: I hate you both…