Henri Regnault (French; 1843–1871)
Automédon ramenant les coursiers d'Achille des bords du Scamandre = Automedon Bringing the Horses of Achilles to the Banks of the Scamander
Oil on wood
Musée du Louvre, Paris

The brave Automedon (an honour’d name,
The second to his lord in love and fame,

In peace his friend, and partner of the war)
The winged coursers harness’d to the car;
Xanthus and Balius, of immortal breed,
Sprung from the wind, and like the wind in speed.
Homer, Iliad, Book XVI (translated by Alexander Pope)

Henri Regnault, Automédon et les chevaux d'Achille, 1868.

At his (Patroclus’) bidding then Automedon led beneath the yoke the fleet horses, Xanthus and Balius, that flew swift as the winds, horses  that the Harpy Podarge conceived to the West Wind, as she grazed on the meadow beside the stream of Oceanus.

Homère, Iliade, 16.145ff.

aau major players ➝ automedon diores

Things you know about Automedon: he’s the only sophomore on the varsity football team, he is taking more AP classes than anyone else in his grade, and Achilles thinks he’s clingy. He’s also, quite possibly, one of the few genuinely good people at your school.

tsoa high school au
  • patroclus meets achilles when the school band provides the score for the school play patroclus is working backstage on
  • (chiron directs the band, phoinix leads drama club)
  • the school play, of which deidameia is always the star of
  • achilles is probably the only guy involved in both the arts and athletics
  • quickly pat and achilles become best friends and steadily venture into boyfriend territory
  • even though they keep it somewhat lowkey (at least in their minds) everyone knows what’s going on between the two
  • as patroclus’s childhood friend, briseis was patrochilles’s third wheel until automedon showed up
  • the four of them become a squad
  • automedon is patroclus’s neighbor and just as awkward and anxious, they get along really well
  • he’s the first one to get a license and drives everyone to and from school
  • achilles’s dad’s house is the designated afterschool hangout spot, because peleus pelides is rich and his house is huge
  • and even though achilles is a mama’s boy, he acknowledges that thetis is a huge bitch to those she doesn’t know, aka everyone except her son
  • not to mention the underlying homophobic tendencies when it comes to patroclus
  • and then there’s pyrrhus, achilles’s younger–brother? cousin? it’s never explicitly stated to his friends 
  • which they attribute to the fact that they don’t see him often, he lives with thetis
  • but he’s annoying and pesky and always asking to play games on the squad’s phones
  • agamemnon is the biggest jock douchebag to walk the earth. constantly competing with achilles even though they’re on the same team
  • agamemnon is also the reason why briseis has suddenly become so popular
  • after she dumped him he created a bunch of rumors and now she’s constantly either slut shamed or hit on
  • one of the reasons why everyone else tolerates him is because they desperately need his athleticism to beat their rival school in troy
  • also, he and menelaus throw the best parties
  • menelaus and helen have had the longest standing relationship in town
  • but menelaus is constantly beating up the hordes of guys who send her anon dick picks
  • along with agamemnon and achilles, the dynamic duo of diomedes and odysseus make up the other half of the big guys on campus
  • why? they’re fucking hilarious even though they almost always end up drunk at every function
  • (odysseus usually spikes the punch while diomedes drinks it)
  • they’re total bros
  • “brodysseus”
  • “di-bro-medes”
  • ajax often turns the duo into a trio because he lives for having a good time but draws back a lot because surprisingly, he’s openly straight-edge
  • as a freshman, he weighs almost 200 pounds and his body is a temple
  • aside from agamemnon, who else does achilles hate?
  • well he’s sure that he’s caught hector, achilles’s equivalent on troy’s track team, eyeing patroclus in the stands
  • more than once
  • you cannot convince him otherwise
  • patroclus wears school shirts from the plays he’s worked on and the occasional beanie
  • sometimes patroclus walks in to school wearing flannel but when he leaves he doesn’t have it because it’s tied around achilles’s waist
  • it helps keep achilles modest in his tiny, tight running shorts
  • briseis prefers messy buns while achilles makes sure his are perfect
  • there are always times when it’s just achilles and patroclus (achilles makes sure of this) and whether it’s at school or in the streets or at home, it’s full of hugs and kisses and maybe more than that