Automated Responses

So, I’m a bit of a nerd. I admit it. When I first got into this sugaring thing several years ago, I was lost. I stumbled around, was taken advantage of several times, I had lots of dates blow up in my face (pun intended). And I really got nothing out of it. So, this second time around, I wanted to make sure I didn’t waste my time.

My solution? READ
I purchased lots of books (on my Kindle) on sugar babying (if that’s a verb). Taylor B. Jones’s book. The Liedra Lawson book (even though it’s now laughably dated). The Ho Tactics book (personal favorite). Among others. I read this shit out of these last summer and go back to them frequently.

And one of my favorite tips from all of them, specifically Taylor’s book, is automated responses.

Before, I used to spend so much damn time answering messages and talking all about myself when most men would NEVER put that much effort into responding to me. It was exhausting! It made searching for a sugar daddy even more of a job than it already felt like. I was not having it. So, I came up with a system.

1) On my profile, I specifically state that men must a) tell me their name, b) must share their private photos with me before requesting mine, c) must state why they think we’d be a good match based on my profile. If they do not do all three, I simply send back a message stating “Hi __blank___. Please see my profile for tips on messaging me and requesting my private photos. Thank you and have a happy __whateverdayitis___.” That is #AutomatedResponse1.

2) When they do follow instructions –Keep in mind, those that don’t, will NOT get a response from me. If they won’t take the time to do three simple things, I know they won’t take the time to be good SDs. Very easy way to weed out fakes! –anyway, I respond with a more lengthy automated message. A) I tell them thank you for their message. B) I write something person from their profile that caught my attention. C) Then I ask 5 questions that I expect them to answer. My questions are i) what are they looking for in a relationship/how many arrangements have they had? ii) what’s they’re relationship status. iii) why did they want a sugar baby in the first place iv) what are their likes -sports, movies, food, etc.. And v) what is their budget for an arrangement. After all, if their budget is too low, then I don’t want to waste anyone’s time here.

Also note, those men who don’t want to answer question 5 about budgets, have always consistently ended up screwing me over. So now, if they don’t answer or say “Let’s talk about it in person”, I write them off. Fuck anyone who won’t take the time to answer my questions, number one. And number two, if they don’t have a budget in mind or don’t want to tell you what it is, they don’t have one. They just want to fuck you for free. Which I’m not about.

I’ve learned a lot with these automated questions. A guy might seem really nice and then as soon as I send this message, he’ll call me all sorts of names simply for trying to get some basic info from him. Or likewise, a guy will seem on the cheap side but when he answers, will pleasantly surprise me with his ideal arrangement budget. It’s a quick way to get info. I keep these questions in a Google Doc and simply copy and paste them into messages and change only subtle things, depending on what I read in my POTs profile.

I’ve found this really helps streamline the process of messaging guys back and getting as much info with the minimal amount of effort. Please feel free to take my questions! Remember, if he won’t answer the questions, he’s not worth your time!


How 6 Axis Industrial Robots Work

6 Eksenli Endüstriyel Robotlar Nasıl Çalışırlar?

6 farklı dönme eksenine sahip bu robot kollar endüstride insan gücünün de yapamadığı büyük kapasiteli, tehlikeli ișleri yüksek hassasiyet ile yapmaktadırlar.

Bu 6 farklı dönme eksenindeki motorlar sayesinde kontrol ünitesinden programlanarak veya manuel kontrol ile istenilen iş yaptırılabilir.

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Liked on YouTube: Supergirl 2x12 - Kara Confesses She’s In Love With Mon-El (Full Episode)

Supergirl 2x12 - Kara Confesses She’s In Love With Mon-El

i have some followers that only ever like/reblog something from me on occassion, and the things they like/reblog are almost always a few posts back and dont even seem like theyre in the persons interest

Two trends that keep me up at night

I casually follow two ostensibly distinct sets of current events that I increasingly fear are related. I hope I’m wrong, I hope this is just a silly conspiracy theory.

1 - Automation and AI

The profound changes coming to every aspect of our society, especially jobs, because of robot automation and AI. But it isn’t just about mass production, self-driving cars, and McDonalds checkout counters. Google and China are said to have AIs that can write pretty good press releases and news articles. Some experimental AIs are already outperforming doctors at diagnosing illnesses and injuries. Google has two AIs that just started collaborating on creating their own algorithm, and its engineers don’t know what it does. This stuff is going to affect everything. Everything.

2 - Trump and the GOP’s warmongering

On the campaign trail, he casually threatened to nuke countries. In office, he’s picked utterly senseless fights with some of our oldest and closest allies. It’s become apparent that nearly his entire cabinet, and likely Trump himself, either have ties to one of our largest adversaries or are blackmailed by it. Many GOP politicians have deep business and personal relationships with companies that power the war machine. At the absolute least, it certainly seems like none of them are speaking up or pushing back.

If automation and AI are about to fundamentally change or wipe out so many aspects of our society that require human beings, what is one grotesque, terrifying solution to that “problem?” What solution would allow these billionaire, authoritarian, kleptocratic usurpers to avoid things like universal basic income or taking on the actual challenge of what to do with humanity in a post-robot and -AI world?


Teaching the Workers of Tomorrow

“In the future, if you want a job, you must be as unlike a machine as possible: creative, critical and socially skilled. So why are children being taught to behave like machines?”

“There is, as Graham Brown-Martin explains in his book Learning {Re}imagined, a common reason for these perversities. Our schools were designed to produce the workforce required by 19th-century factories. The desired product was workers who would sit silently at their benches all day, behaving identically, to produce identical products, submitting to punishment if they failed to achieve the requisite standards. Collaboration and critical thinking were just what the factory owners wished to discourage.”

The Guardian, February 15, 2017: “In an age of robots, schools are teaching our children to be redundant,” George Monbiot

“Politicians routinely bemoan the loss of good blue-collar jobs. Work like that is correctly seen as a pillar of civil middle-class society. And it may yet be again. What if the next big blue-collar job category is already here—and it’s programming? What if we regarded code not as a high-stakes, sexy affair, but the equivalent of skilled work at a Chrysler plant?”

“Among other things, it would change training for programming jobs—and who gets encouraged to pursue them. … These sorts of coders won’t have the deep knowledge to craft wild new algorithms for flash trading or neural networks. Why would they need to? That level of expertise is rarely necessary at a job. But any blue-collar coder will be plenty qualified to sling Java­Script for their local bank. That’s a solidly middle-class job, and middle-class jobs are growing: The national average salary for IT jobs is about $81,000 (more than double the national average for all jobs), and the field is set to expand by 12 percent from 2014 to 2024, faster than most other occupations.”

Wired, February 8, 2017: “The Next Big Blue-Collar Job Is Coding,” by Clive Thompson


XCMG ET110 and ET111 Mobile Walking Excavator

Zeki ve güce bak! Firmanin çalışanları robot dans sanatı üzerine çalışıyor ancak vücudunu zorlukla taşıyor. Ekskavatörü uzaktan kumanda ile kontrol ediyorlar. Eğlenceli ama güçlü.

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When everything is automated

When everything is automated
Our leisure will be a prison
And the sages will warble
This is just like that episode in Black Mirror.

When everything is automated
Everyone will be an entrepreneur
With animatronic workforces
Selling cats on decorative wall plates.

When everything is automated
Punks will righteously rail in earnest
Until their rebellion is an algorithm
And destruction is accounted for.

When everything is automated
The rain will drum unceasingly
And survival will depend on
An amusement park ark.

Quiet! Our Noah speaks.

“Alexa, teach me how to fish.”