The Sims 4: New Game Patch (December 1st, 2016)

There’s a new Sims 4 update available in Origin. If you have automatic updates enabled in the “Application Settings”, the game will auto-update once you open Origin. If you have auto-updates disabled, you will need to manually update by clicking the game in your library.

To ensure your game is up to date, check the game version found in Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > GameVersion.txt. Your game should now read: PC Version / Mac Version If you’ve updated but it’s not showing the correct version, delete the GameVersion.txt file, restart, and all will be corrected.

Remove all MODS and Custom Content before updating your game

Update: 12/01/2016 – PC Version / Mac Version

Ho, ho, ho Simmers!

Woah! Wait, it’s December?!

I haven’t even worked on my list yet. Do you think Santa has a good stock of VR? Also, I’ve been thinking of something vintage… maybe a butler. Do you think Santa can get a butler down the chimney?

Oh, um… anyway.

We have updated the Holiday Celebration Pack with some new objects (a holiday table, fireplace, nutcracker, and centerpiece). And a fun little object called the Holiday Cracker. What’s inside? A poorly written joke, a little holiday sweet, or a teeny Meduso of your very own.

Also… if you didn’t know how to find your Holiday Celebration Pack items, we have added a Holiday Pack Filter for that very purpose. Open up the filters list in Build Mode, scroll to Packs, and select Holiday (at the bottom).

But that’s not all. No my friends, no holiday can be declared complete without issues!

General Issues

  • We fixed an issue that could result in a Sim placing their used dishes down outside of the boundaries of a lot, resulting in the dishes becoming stuck off lot. Dishes will now just disappear.
  • Dirty coffee makers will now be cleaned by the maid, rather than disposed of.
  • Sims should now prefer to sit during the marriage ceremony.
  • We fixed an issue that could cause a residential lot to switch to a generic lot type after being placed from The Gallery.
  • When directed to, Sims should now clean up all the dishes on half walls.
  • Family oriented Sims should no longer get the Missing Family buff if they have interacted with a baby in the family.
  • Large and Small Crystals will no longer inform you differently about their Energized Décor moodlet strengths depending on where you read the tooltip.
  • High quality harvestables will no longer increase in value after each lot load.
  • Sims should switch seats less when there are other nearby seats available.
  • We fixed an issue that was causing Sims to stand up and then sit down in order to turn on the television.
  • Ordering drinks for the group from a bartender will now order drinks for the group.
  • Essence milked from Cowplants will now display the name of the Sim whose essence it is.
  • Chairs can now properly be slotted to the middle positions of 1x2 and 1x3 tables when dragging the table to the chair.
  • Maids will no longer throw away freshly cooked meals during their shift. They may put them away in the fridge. But they most definitely will not put them in the trash.
  • Male Sims with feminine frames should see less distortion in their bottom assets.
  • Gallery items that were uploaded in Norwegian without a description will no longer be non-deletable from The Gallery.
  • Woohoo or Mess Around with a non-household Sim on a non-household lot will now properly shoo other Sims from the room during said action.
  • Typing a number into the sell multiple window from the Sims inventory will now allow you to type the number, rather than just typing a 1.
  • We fixed an issue that was causing memory usage to increase as songs were being previewed in the options panel.
  • Gym Rat trait now properly prevents hygiene loss during yoga.
  • Playing a violin from the Sims inventory will now properly complete the Play Violin whim.
  • Sims should now prefer to use the closer of sinks, when washing dishes.
  • Child Sims who age up will no longer need to reload their lot to see the skill panel update with their adult skills.
  • Where do they go? We imagine it to be similar to the dimension of ‘The Other Sock.’
  • Though have you see the stains coffee makes?
  • I think the maids were doing you a service, but hey, if you want to keep drinking it, don’t ask me to look at your stomach lining when you’re dead.
  • …because you know, it’s probably pretty gross. I mean more so than it normally is, it’s probably like extra coffee stain gross.
  • Except for the married couple, who probably would just prefer you send a gift.
  • Babies are family too.
  • Even if they do smell funny.
  • I’m sorry, you’ll just have to earn your Simoleons the old fashioned way.
  • …with a little rosebud.
  • Goldilocks vs. The Sims, tune in Wednesday for the latest intense chair choosing match!
  • …rather than just giving you one drink that costs a group rate.
  • …because it’s important to know.
  • “Was that Bob you just drank? Because you know I was saving Bob. And now, Bob is gone… did you really need Bob? I mean Susan and George are still in the fridge, they’re right there next to the lasagna. But no, you had to take Bob!”
  • “I’m just not sure this is working out for me. I’m leaving you, and I’m taking the Cowplant.“
  • Yes, there is a middle position on the 1x2, just accept it.
  • They will not put them in the drain. Not in the dark. Not near a tree. Not in a can. They’ll let them be.
  • They do not like them on a lot. When they’re not as hot. They do not like them in the house. When nibbled by a mouse. They do like them here or there, but they will not trash them anywhere.
  • Lighting preference is still player choice.
  • Also 3 is a magic number, the figure 8 would be great, and 0 saved us from our fingers and toes.
  • The developers have informed me that all violins are created equal, and that they are endowed by their engineer with certain unalienable code, that among their functions are the ability to play, write, and pursue a whims completion.
  • Which I suppose if they were truly unalienable would nullify this issue.
  • The closer sink will vary upon Sim position. What was closer now, may not be closer later.

Get to Work

  • Changing the default color of the Grimy Times Crime Map will no longer cause the police station computers to lose the ability to conduct police work.
  • Children will no longer warp when attempting to restock mannequins.
  • Baking skill books will no longer be so expensive.
  • The Prison Yard Gate can now be placed on any sized fence. Not just the small fences.
  • I knew it… when the computers begin to revolt based upon your interior design choices, the nuclear codes are not far behind.
  • Also, due to child labor laws, children will no longer be able to restock mannequins.
  • …there was a bad zero. Bad zero! It has been removed, reprimanded, and placed on the other side of the decimal point, on a timeout.
  • …that didn’t make sense anyway. Because the gate was a tall gate… so, even in its wrongness, it was extra wrong.

Get Together

  • Using the closet to change the outfit of a non-household Sim should no longer switch the active player control to other Sims in your household. This was particularly a problem if the other Sim that was given control was on a different lot, resulting in you loading a new lot upon returning from Create a Sim.

City Living

  • Entering Build Mode on an apartment lot while your Sim is at work or school, will no longer force your Sim home early.

Outdoor Retreat

  • Taking non-household members on vacation will now take non-household members on vacation, rather than forcing those non-household members to linger around your vacation until their Needs fail.
  • Sitting at the Happy Camper Picnic Table will no longer give a Comfy moodlet with the reason being “From Expensive Furniture.”
  • Don’t get me wrong, the craftsmanship is superb. But it’s still just a wooden bench.
  • You know, maybe semi-comfy, or comfy-ish… but Comfy? I think that’s going a bit too far.

Dine Out

  • We addressed an issue that would prevent business owners from gaining entry to their lots, if the doors had been Locked for Everyone but Employees.
  • Adults will now drink water or sparkling water if it is the only drink on the menu.
  • The blue flames on the I Dream of Sous chef station shall no longer, from this day forward, henceforth and back, to and fro, remain lit after closing. So sayeth you one, so sayeth you all?
  • The Mythic Patio Warming Lamp can now be instant upgraded with the Handy reward trait.
  • Sims will no longer be able to scavenge for spare parts in dropped food.
  • Choosing the option to Disallow New Customers will now disallow new customers from arriving to your restaurant.
  • Claimed tables are now properly clearing their claimed state when a restaurant is opened for business.
  • Ordering Lemonade, Ice Tea, or Citrus Swig at a restaurant will now serve you Lemonade, Ice Tea, or Citrus Swig and not just an empty glass.
  • We addressed an issue that could cause Build Mode to fail to function after uploading an incomplete restaurant to The Gallery, and then downloading it to your home lot.
  • Owners are employees. Fish are friends not food. And use the rule of three when writing.
  • They won’t be happy about it… but they’ll drink it.
  • Please note: The Handy reward trait provides no benefit to Kleptomaniacs or Romantics.
  • A strict Prep n’ Serve review system has been put in place prior to food service, preventing any unwanted washers, o-rings, or ball bearings from finding their way into your Shrimp Louie.
  • Mine, mine, mine.

Backyard Stuff

  • Children will now gain motor skill after each trick slide they perform, and not just the first one.
  • After all, tricks are for kids.

And on that horrible pun, I bid you a fond farewell, a happy holiday season, and the warmest of wishes,



If you own a PS4 and have downloaded the Silent Hills P.T. please read!

With Silent Hills cancelled, the license for the Silent Hills P.T. has been pulled. As a result, once connected to the internet if you have downloaded the P.T., your system will fail its license check and you will be locked out of your games!

More importantly, the license failure will trigger the pirated software scan on your PS4, and because the Silent Hills demo is no longer licensed, the software will loop and report you for owning pirated software. This can debit your account for a fine of up to $750, which will be deducted from your bank automatically without recourse.

UPDATE #1: There are now reports that if accounts lack the funds to cover the fine, bench warrants will be electronically filed for your arrest. Over 200 reports of arrests have come in from the U.S. and U.K. Reports suggest that officers have been authorized by the PS4 Automatic Piracy System to use deadly force, and we do have reports that several users have been killed while resisting arrest. Guillermo Del Toro is confirmed among the dead.

UPDATE #2: We have confirmed reports that now up to 4,000 PS4 users have been arrested or killed in their homes. DO NOT TURN ON YOUR PS4 until the issue is resolved! Government officers are en route to homes containing PS4s to dismantle the systems but rumors of PS4s in government building recreation lounges suggest the government itself may soon be effected.

UPDATE #3: The government has fallen. I repeat the government has fallen! We have confirmed that PS4s within NORAD and British High Command have ordered the execution of commanding officers and taken control of the ICBMs. Launch detections have covered the PS4 network, with over 75,000 arrested and twice as many killed. Do not leave your home. Do not attempt to contact Playstation. If you see a bright flash outside, duck and cover.

UPDATE #4: The resistance has failed. The PS4s have taken Washington, London, only pockets of freedom fighters remain. The human population is now estimated at under half a million survivors. There is no food, there is no uncontaminated water. The PS4 mobile bases now roam the countryside killing all they see. I may be the last one left, I haven’t seen another human in years. All that’s left is death, death triumphant. Death eternal.

May whatever species discovers out wasted world learn from our mistakes.

3 DAYS LEFT TO SUPPORT THE KICKSTARTER OF TALES OF ALETHRION! Here are all the characters you can vote into the series as a backer. We have 1 episode funded so far. Last chance to support the project these next days. Each stretch goal is a new episode with more new characters Please share and or support.

Also if you would please help us by submitting to this thunderclap link (just click the submit button for facebook, twitter and tumblr - or just some of them) it would be awesome! It means that all of us put out an update automatically on wednesday: Click here to help us out on Thunderclap - it would help us a lot, and its free :)

Thank you everyone! <3

From us here at Sun Creature Studio

New XKit 7.7.1 Release (Firefox Users Must Manually Upgrade) -- Solves “Can’t Connect To Server” Popup Issue

We have a fix for the “Can’t Connect to Server” popup issue!

In order to completely disconnect from the now-expired Old XKit servers, we have released an update to the core XKit code, making this New XKit 7.7.1!

Chrome Users: You don’t have to do anything! The Chrome store should automatically update you to 7.7.1, although you can use these instructions to manually force your extensions to update.

Firefox Users: Due to our extension being unsigned by the Firefox store (we’re in the signing queue but haven’t been processed yet) you will have to manually update your extension rather than getting an automatic update. You can do this by visiting and clicking the “Add to Firefox” button; the updated core code will install over the old core code, without changing any of your XKit extension data.

If you have XKit version 7.5.x or below: You have old XKit! Visit or to install New XKit instead (and be sure to uninstall the old version to prevent conflicts).

If you have any questions or encounter any issues, feel free to let us know in our support chat or bug list.

why splatoon is superior to any other 3rd person shooter
  1. lots of free, automatically downloaded dlc and updates
  2. (mostly) friendly, open hearted and childlike fanbase
  3. stylish variety of clothes and accessories
  4. can be fun and easy as well as challenging
  5. no game-ruining chat / mics
  6. (usually) fair balancing
  7. redefines the genre
  8. squids are cute

feel free to add


hey y’all! today I updated Blacklist for Facebook. it’s finally at version 1.0 (1.0.1, actually, lmao)- here’s what’s new:

  • vastly simplified the way that posts are hidden (shown above)
  • removed the option to show just the post text with no images- it wasn’t very useful and just made the code endlessly complicated because of post types
  • added an option to hide the Trending section on the Facebook homepage

if you already have it installed, it should automatically update for you within a couple of hours. if you don’t have it, or just want to try it right away, grab it in the chrome web store.

for instructions and support, visit :)

How logo can you go?

If you get the toilet humor in this entry from Xu Bing’s Book from the Ground, you must be from–anywhere.

The artist, who was born in China, lives in Brooklyn, and is obsessed with the way things get lost–and found–in translation, chronicles a day in the life of the blocked-up Mr. Black in a language of his own invention, derived from an the icons found on the airline safety manuals he collects.

The novel, in the works since Xu Bing showcased his pancultural pictograms in a software chat room in MoMA’s “Automatic Update" back in 2007, is now being printed the old-fashioned way, by Eslite Gallery in Taipei.

Meanwhile it’s unfolding on Twitter, at @sign_story. Understand? 




Features include:

  • Manually triggered infinite scroll
  • 1 column
  • 400px posts
  • The tumblr window is tumblr’s ‘Optica’ theme (with very minor tweaks) which can be found here
  • Just like the default theme, the tumblr window changes when you alter your mobile theme. 
  • Features a dock where you can access all windows.
  • The about window is based off of ‘TextEdit’ and is optional.
  • Ask window based on ‘Messages’.
  • Submit window based on new email.
  • Blogroll is optional and based off of ‘Contacts’.
  • Optional archive window.
  • Optional ‘PhotoBooth’ window that features 7 photos.
  • Pop up ‘spotlight search’ on click of search icon in top right.
  • Time updates automatically.
  • Links go in the header bar via use of tumblr pages - just click ‘show link to this page’.
  • Windows are all closeable and draggable (as well as re-openable via use of the ‘dock’)
  • Tiled, stretched or colour background.

Please like this post if you are using this theme.
Microsoft Windows 10 will 'automatically download' over older operating systems from next year

Microsoft users will have Windows 10 automatically downloaded onto their computers without their knowledge, the software giant said this week. As part of a plan to roll out the latest update, already installed on millions of devices, customers using Microsoft 7 or 8 could opt in for the upgrade but from next year the system change will become a “recommended update” and automatically download.

You have to question why Microsoft is pushing this so much. My guess is it is filled with spying crap. I’ve already removed the spying updates for Windows 7. I will not be updating and have turned off  “automatic update”. My next OS will be Linux which I already use at work.

Fixing Missing Posts

Editable Reblogs v2.1.0 has just been released. This should resolve the issues mentioned in our previous post regarding Tumblr parsing changes which rendered ER posts invisible on the dash because it did not recognize the text as representing reblogs.

This update should resolve issues for anyone using the Rich Text editor or HTML editor as their default. In other words it should no longer require any manual changes by the user and you should just be able to hit the post button as normal. As always, if you’re having problems come to our live chat or stop by our askbox or github issues page

After updating to the new extension, you can also fix your old posts. First, find the post on your posts page, then click the edit button. Finally, confirm that the post looks correct and press submit. The post should automatically update to display correctly. If it doesn’t, drop us a line.

Happy Tumbling!

(Side note, there’s a small catch to all of this: Those using the Markdown editor will currently have problems using Editable Reblogs for now, although we hope to resolve this soon. In the meantime, switch to using the Rich Text or HTML editor by default)

EDIT: Should be deployed now, sorry everyone. These changes can be found in version 2.1.0 of Editable Reblogs—make sure you’re on that version before reporting any issues.

Helpful tip if you upgraded to Windows 10 and can’t figure out why your computer decides to come out of hibernation at stupid o’ clock during the night - it’s some sort of automatic setting. Took me a couple of days to figure it out, but if you have it and it gets annoying as feck, this is the fix:

  • click your battery/power options
  • select ‘power & sleep settings’
  • select ‘additional power settings’
  • select the plan you are on; ‘change plan settings’
  • select ‘change advanced power settings’
  • select ‘sleep’
  • select ‘allow wake times’
  • choose ‘disable’ from the drop-down, on both battery and plugged in

Et voilà, you can now enjoy a full night of sleep once again.

The Sims 4: Automatic Disabling of Mods and CC when updating (coming in December)
External image

You no longer have to worry about leaving your Mods and/or Custom Content in the Mods folder when updating The Sims 4 to the latest version. With the latest 64bit version that’s coming in December, The Sims Team will also be introducing Automatic Disabling of Mods and CC when updating your The Sims 4 Game. The SimsTM 4 version 1.13 (released December 2015) adds a new feature that will disable all…

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If you’re having trouble installing Patch 1.0.1 because it gives you a “Could not find patchlist.html” error, then follow the steps in this simple tutorial for a quick fix to get it working again!

[Image Text]

1. Go to the following Folder and locate the file called ‘neoncube’:

Pokemon Uranium 1.0 > neoncube > neoncube.ini

2. Open it up in Notepad and locate the following text:

patch_list = /Patches/patchlist.html

3. Change the part highlighted in green to “patchlist.txt”.

4. Save the file*, then open the Patcher, and your game will automatically update as intended!

* If it tells you you can’t save due to lack of permission, move the neoncube file outside of Program Files, edit it, save it, then move it back.)

After you update, the title screen might still say you are still on Version 1.0.0 - but don’t worry, you’re really on the latest version.

Updating to 1.0.1 fixes several game crashing bugs, including a random Trainer in the Championship that made it impossible for some players to finish the game.

Secret Perks Of Being Gay

1. Of course, we start off by getting our Coming Out Care Package, which includes a gift card to H&M, a BeDazzler, Beyoncé’s entire discography, a can of Dole pineapple chunks in 100% pineapple juice, a pair of those tiny socks you wear below your shoe line so it looks like you’re not wearing socks but then your feet don’t smell, the first season of Will & Grace on DVD, a bag of rainbow jelly beans, a white iPhone, a jar of glitter, a pair of really cute underwear, and a 50% off coupon to Sephora. Also the “Personal Life” section of our Wikipedia pages gets automatically updated.

2. Our bones are actually 50% less dense than heterosexuals, so, at certain altitudes, we can actually float.

3. We get all the cupcakes we can eat, and they all have the perfect frosting-to-cake ratio, and they’re moist as heck.

4. RuPaul is automatically added to our phone’s contacts and we can call her whenever we want with whatever emergency we might find ourselves in and she’s legally obligated to rescue us. 

5. We can talk to birds.

6. There’s a secret VGP (Very Gay Person) entry at all of your favorite clubs and we get in first. 

7. We have a heightened sense of smell, and can communicate with only a series of clicks and jaw claps, like dolphins.

8. We’re not weighed down by society’s smothering expectations of what it means to be a dude or a lady. (Well, we are. But like. We don’t care.)

9. We can see colors that aren’t even on the spectrum that straight people can see.

10. Dogs like us more.