Ghost Quartet asks (created by @shotbyafool) SEND ME A NUMBER (OR NUMBERS) AND I WILL ANSWER THAT QUESTION (OR QUESTIONS)!!

1. Favorite character?

2. Favorite timeline?

3. Favorite song?

4. Favorite performer?

5. The live album or the recorded album?

6. How much of the plot do you think you understand?

7. Least favorite song/song you most often skip?

8. Favorite spoken/non-sung line?

9. Favorite lyric?

10. Do you have any ships for the show? (If so, what are they?)

11. What’s your favorite non-confirmed theory?

12. Have you any produced any artwork/content for Ghost Quartet?

13. Which role would you most like to play?

14. Which Usher song is your favorite?

15. The Starchild, Roxie, Rose, or Rose Red?

16. Subway or The Photograph?

17. Four Friends or Any Kind of Dead Person?

18. The Gelsey/Brittain dance in Monk or the Dave/Brittain dance in Midnight?

19. The Astronomer or The Telescope?

20. Fathers & Sons or Lights Out?

21. Tango Dancer or Hero?

22. How did you first get into Ghost Quartet?

23. When did you first start listening?

24. What’s your favorite moment (musical or vocal) in the show?

25. Are you going to/have you seen Ghost Quartet live?

26. What’s your favorite bizarre connection in the show (e.g. Edgar telling the story of Pearl and the Pusher in Usher Part 3, Shah Zaman becoming the “man in Iran” in The Astronomer, etc.)

27. What moment would you love to see live most/what moment did you love most live?

28. If you could ask Dave Malloy one question about the show, what would you ask?

29. Have you read either The Fall of the House of Usher or Arabian Nights?

30. Have you read the show on Genius? (If so, what’s your favorite annotation by Dave?)

31. What part of the show disturbs you the most?

32. What part of the show confuses you the most?


i love this movie so much.


Marques Toliver - Step Back & Remember (Live)


I saw this monstrosity today sitting proudly by the entrance to Really Good Stuff. The sign says it’s an “Authentic Frankensteinway,” and Google can’t find me any reference at all to any such instrument, so I presume it’s one of a kind.

It has to be the most cumbersome and outright absurdly designed musical instrument I’ve ever seen. I don’t think you could possibly get it into any position where it wasn’t extremely uncomfortable to play. Some of the keys didn’t work because the levers simply didn’t reach all the way to the strings, and the keys that did work made incidental noises that were louder than the notes they produced. As you might expect from the look of it, it sounded like a giant autoharp. It was also terribly out of tune, but presumably that could be fixed.

I kind of love it. There’s a strange, perverse beauty to its clunky inelegance. I wish I had thought to ask the shop owner what its story was. Next time, I guess - even if it’s gone on my next visit I expect he’ll remember it.

If any interested Portlanders are reading this, you can stop by Really Good Stuff and get your very own Frankensteinway for $300.